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State Minister Dr. Markos held discussion with UN Delegation

Photo credit : MFAE

December 2, 2019

State Minister H.E. Dr. Markos Tekle today exchanged views with a UN delegation led by H.E. David Kaye, UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

In the discussion co-organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Attorney General, Dr. Gedion Timotiwos, the Deputy Attorney General of Ethiopia and his colleagues briefed the UN delegation on the status of freedom of expression in Ethiopia.

Highlighting the sweeping political and economic reforms that are underway in Ethiopia, Dr. Markos said a significant improvement has been witnessed in protecting the rights of freedom of expression in Ethiopia.

After Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s ascent to power, the State Minister said, the Ethiopian Government has released political prisoners and journalists, and the media landscape has expanded.

Mr. David Kaye expressed his satisfaction with the explanation presented by the Ethiopian side.

He said UN will support Ethiopia to keep on walking in the positive trajectory in further safeguarding its citizen’s right to freedom of expressions.

The UN delegation is expected to have discussions with high level Government bodies notably, the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority, the Ministry of Peace, the House of People’s Representatives, the Federal Police Commission, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the Attorney General and representatives of various civic institutions.

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  1. UN recently accused PM Abiy Ahmed of fanning instability in the horn of Africa.–S–Sudan/3126394-5368636-vy13g4/index.html

  2. Subject: “State Minister Dr. Markos held discussion with UN Delegation”

    Humble Commentary, 5 Dec 2019
    a) Good Photo
    b) A number of well attired personalities — a reflection of Exemplary Diplomacy
    c) Taking Notes to be filed in Archives and Waste Baskets
    d) And All have done their daily work, commensurate to their stratospheric salary.
    d) What will be the END result to the ORDINARY AFRICAN??? Let the almighty God, way above in Heaven, take care of the wretched people on Earth.
    e) So goes the French saying >>>> c’est la vie !!! THAT IS LIFE to the ORDINARY AFRICAN.




    Abiy Ahmed is a faithful man to his Press Office. Abiy Ahmed does not give interview unless Billene Seyoum tells him to do so, Billene Seyoum the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s office Press Secretary is not only the PM’s Press Secretary but she is also a specialist in international relations with a personal ambition to become the Foreign Minister of Ethiopia one day.

    That’s why anyone that want to interview PM Abiy, have to go through Billene Seyoum first, if she say no then it is a no, Abiy won’t go against her decision. Plus Abiy Ahmed’s security details are scared of hecklers after Abebe Gellaw heckled Meles Zenawi.

    Eritrea and Egypt military are performing strategical studies on how to retrieve Badme from Ethiopia. So much for “Abiy’s signature peace” .


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