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An Eyewitness talks about hijacked Ethiopian Airlines plane,Walleligne Mekonnen

December 2, 2019

On December 8, 1972 Seven Ethiopian students including Walleligne Mekonnen tried to hijack Asmara bound Ethiopian Airlines plane with 94 passengers. At least six of them, includinng Walleligne, were killed. A hand grenade was also thrown. Several passengers were also killed. Despite all that the Ethiopian Airlines pilot managed to land the plane back to what was then Emperor Haileselassie I airport,now Bole International Airport. Derebachew Mohammed, a lawyer by profession, was one of the passenger and was an eye witness to what transpired in the plane. In this second part interview of “Who is Walleligne Mekonen,” Arts TV shares the Eye witness account. Watch the video below.

At the time the New York Times reported about the hijack, although with some inaccuracy. You could find the report here.

Apart from plane hijack story, this second part interview also explored important questions about Walleligne and the revolutionary fervor of the time. Among other questions, would the question of “nations and nationalities” happen had it not been for Wallelign Mekonen? The video has answer to all that.

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  1. In 1989 thirty plus years ago when EPRDF was conceived in the jungle EPRDF initially was conceived by only two parties TPLF and Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement EPDM with Shabiya being the matchmaker overseer of their Union.

    Right after the two parties TPLF and EPDM formed EPRDF, the TPLF Shabiya convinced EPDM Ethiopian People Democratic Movement to become an ethnic party and takeout Ethiopia from it’s name making EPDM change its name to ANDM (Amara National Democratic Movement) now known as ADP, then OPDO got created by taking Oromo fighters from Shabiya from TPLF from Derg from ANDM, that’s how OPDO joined EPRDF it continued like that with ethnic politics spiraling out of control until now. Currently TPLF is negotiating with Gedeo people to continue EPRDF with ethnic Gedeo party and TPLF together .TPLF is blowing it up the mouth claiming TPLF can lift up every single Gedeo person out of their current situation and help them reinstate their values. If Gedeo people accept EPRDF with so much weight loss will probably still continue living, what is not clear is what would be the stand of the Prosperity Defence Minister in regards to the union of ethnic Gedeo people and TPLF.

  2. Wallelign Mekonnen wasn’t a bright individual to say the least, it never failed to amaze how anyone considered him as a leadership material.

  3. EAL is the base where Oromo cadres are currently getting tips from TPLF cadres on how to control an organization under one ethnic group rule. TPLF are currently showing the Oromo cadres how to be oppressing other ethnicities and how to loot.

  4. I would like he leaved to now but I ‘m sorry he died exist of young years old. he is proud of Ethiopia Specially for Amhara Region.


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