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Oromo-Amhara intellectuals consultations forum in Addis Ababa

December 1, 2019

Oromo-Amhara intellectuals consultation forum took place at the Elilly International Hotel in Addis Ababa on Saturday this week.

According to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), the consultation focused on fostering national unity and “people-to-people,” relation.

The participants emphasized the importance of participation of Ethiopians for the unity of Ethiopia.

Papers regarding the role of intellectuals in nation building , and common values of Amhara-Oromo values were presented.

Among the speakers during the event was Dr. Gutu Tesso who reportedly said “we have to discipline those who based their politics on our differences.”

Watch the video below (in Amharic).

Video : Embedded from Andafta Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. Most ethnic/religious fanatics from olf /tplf misinformation that is leading the youth to wrong thinking is because There is no discussion about the topic those beneficiaries as advantage/propoganda that

    “one people, one language, one color etc”

    The demagogues use this term to mislead their supporters. Why?

    1. There is no discussion among all stakeholders what the term means and wheather that is the reality on the ground. This must be explained to the population! But not by ethnic fanatics! The reality is NOT. It is misinformation!
    2. If everything in the past had been only for ONE ethnic, today, Oromiffa/Tigrigna /guragina languages cultures would not have existed! Ethiopia in fact under her kingdoms have been most tolerant and coexist while still going through under wars, did not have the luxury to fix democracy which what was lacking in the past JUST LIKE OTHER NATIONS! Otherwise today we would have been top countries in the world in our own terms.
    3. As I mentioned above, what was lacking was democracy where everyone can develop their k/hager in terms of development/culture while still having one language Amharic to communicate and bring us together to exchange goods and services.

    4. The danger by ethnic fanatics talking about ONE type only: they are using this ONE type as weapon to force others not to see each other as ONE country like any other countries without national flag! Being ONE country and ONE national flag these two especially a nation must have as a country! A country is called a county when it has a /ONE national flag to identify itself under the UN. These demagogues are creating confusion, useless, fake identity the people even naturally they never experienced, to the people they claim they represent. Olf itself has 30 different flags even though it is currently holding anti Ethiopian flags calling it geda and kilil flags. In fact one of them is Arab league flag! The olf kilil flag is in fact pro slavery flag because the Ethiopian stripe flag that which Ethiopia defeated pro slavery/colonization! This flag has been symbol not only to other African countries but you can see it in other countries Bolivia, Kurdistan, etc. What can you say when you promote slavery? We all know that Shabia/tplf have studied very well with procolonialist masters to introduce deliberately to Ethiopians against their values, and the pride of national flag is one of them. At the same time introducing every slavery nature their masters like, the Shania/tplf would get and have been getting full incentives and rewards. Thiamine reason Liberation Fronts introduce everything unnatural to the gullible people in Ethiopia, to destroy their values.

  2. What kind of discipline do you have on mind? You don’t look dscipilined yourself, adire bye opportunities like you shouldn’t be listen to. Your program is archaic, Oromo people don’t have time those loser surrender ideology. You should be ashamed of yourself, you must have descended from Gobana Dance.

  3. Hamote bis lifisfis Nephtegna kederg gize behuwala diresuligne motkulachihu malet honwal tsebayu

    Yewega biresa yetewega ayiresal

  4. hi meseri you are right let us boycott amhara media , youtubers and others who are deluding us to accept thier flim flam , lies;
    They invent stories after another story which doesn’t hold water.

    Amaras are using zehabesha , borken and other sites to fart and get through thier hateful message close to nonesense by garnishing thier article with borrowed words which is not gonna spice it up and turn it into trustworthy article.

    Let us stick to the Gospel truth. The naked tyruth is that Woyane helped you to enjoy your freedom and speak up publicly and express yourself via medai etc

    Schools , hospitals , bridges, the Great dam were launched and went under construction by TPLF, YOur Masters.

    Time will tell, if amhara elites will bring peace and stability on this old country!!

    Your kids will cry , mark my words!!! Bigots , you hide in the church where you worship your colonial masters and stone your fellowmen to death. Is that the tenets of your church ?? Amharas are accustomed to go to thier church just like a habit . But, they have no a sense of moral ethics at all. Chruistians donot stone to death innocent youngsters who donot know anything other than playing and chatting with thier peers.

    Let me tell you my real experience in amharing speaking people , they were telling me that they will kill and mutilate Tegaru if they find them on thier way . They were saying so cuz, since they count me for speak amarigna like an mahra man,. But, When I was in tigray as a disguising myself as an amhara man, people were helping me and mothers were whispering “kidmmeka tsitih yebileni showing thier unfathomable mercy compassion and hospitality.

    Tegrau are kind while mahar are brutal monsters .

    • “When I was in tigray as a disguising myself as an amhara man”

      Sure Tplfite/olfite you were doing your usual spying on innocent peoples to instigate with one another amhara vs tigray whom ever they are. Why don’t you use your talent for development, and peace for the country?

  5. Another plot by Neftagna to control the already marginalized Oromo people.

    Dr. Gutu Tesso said “we have to discipline those who based their politics on our differences.”

    This kind of statement is not very helpful if you want to build bridges.

    The Oromo people were never the problem but victims of oppression by the so called “Solomonic dynasty”. Go discipline the oppressors rather than the oppressed.

    Oromo people will never again let history repeat itself. You can fool us once or twice but never again.

  6. Excellent news!!! In unity, these two glorious ethnic groups guarantee peace and prosperity and in mired disunity they usher nothing but mutual destruction. They were never glorious when they were alone but they were always achievers and a force to recon with when in unison. Their togetherness is the ultimate insurance for peace in the region. The patriotic participants of this blessed forum deserve nothing but kudos and encouragement. All the best!!!

  7. Ethiopians must focus on their unity and capitalize on what promotes their centuries old commonalities instead of dwelling too much on trivial differences which are of no help to see a growing, peaceful, prosperous, strong, united , great & proud country and people. our differences if any are our beauties which must be used to highlight our cultural & linguistic riches and should not be a cause for division. the Oromo-Amhara intellectuals consultations forum in Addis Ababa is a step in the right direction and i wish to see continuous effort on the part of intellectuals not only from the two big Ethiopian groupings but it is my long felt desire also that other Ethiopians from the north, south, west & east joining the effort.i would like to praise the initiatives taken by conference organizers, all speakers who used the forum to present their papers & among others i want to thank Dr. gutu teso for his lively discussion on this topical issue.

  8. Everyone loves to hate Amharas. They conveniently forget that it is mostly Amhara soldiers and students who destroyed feudalism and imprisoned or killed the old feudal class. Amharas imprisoned their own king. The TPLF made sure that this history is not taught to the younger generation. Instead the Oromo youth were taught only about the old elite Amhara feudal class, they are never taught about the the revolutionary Amhara youth and soldiers of the 1960s and 1970s who imprisoned or killed their own elite for the sake of all Ethiopian peoples. There battlecry was Land to the Tiller, MERET LE ARASHU!


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