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Is Merara thinking Addis Ababa is at the mercy of Oromo region?

Merera Gudina
Merera Gudina Source :

November 23, 2019

Part I Merera Gudina has been involved in Ethiopian Politics for nearly fifty years now. As a young man, he was a member of All Ethiopian Socialist Movement (Meison in Amharic) and was imprisoned for seven years. In the post Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam era, Merara immersed himself in ethnic based politics and has emerged as a leader in that political tradition. He is the chairman of Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC). Some known him as a wise politician with unwavering stand for the cause of Ethiopia even while leading an ethnic based political movement. For others, Merera has become a perplexing political figure to say the least. From the interviews he had at different times, it has become clear that he is more into ethnic politics. In an interview with Nahoo TV, he is clearer as to where he stands in Ethiopian politics. The way forward, for him, is to democratize existing ethnic federalism. He even went to the extent of saying that Addis Ababa should not he in a collision course with Oromo region. In essence, what he said is that Addis Ababa is at the mercy of Oromo region. Watch part I and Part II of his interviews below

Part II

Video : embedded from Nahoo TV YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. Ye Oromo poletikegnoch bemulu endowment bemil bewech hail niw yemiredut. Lene Orom bigezam tiru neber, gin, endewem ahun tiru edel niw ageren malmat. bezer kemenakor, ageren lelea kemeshet, eski Oromom hone lela k/hager mamret lai lemin endemayatekuru gira yemigeba niw. Hedo hedo, agerenem yememesret gudai lihon yichilal. Betam yemigermew gin, endet yewech aynet kign gizat/chikonan, ityopia kezih befit techekunenal yemil HASET kewent yerake niw. Ityopia endewem betetalebat yewech torinet, esua nech enji yetebedelechiw, ORomo poletikegnoch demo erasachew gezi honew tebedilenal?

    Selfin betemelekete Diasporaw: wend kehonachihu eko, ityopia hedo berasachihu mewagat, sidib eko mewagat aydelem! america ager tekemto, bemenga mesadeb torinet lai yaleh yimeslehal meselegn. Endewem ityopia leminorew hezb adegega eyehonachihu yalachihu enante nachihu. Nesawchiwoch 50 amet yakabetut hail aynachihu eyaye ityopianoch/diasporaw zim bilachihual, “poletika alwedim!” bemalet. yanin hezb eyascherese yalew, yaltederaje, discipline yelelewe Diasporaw /Ityopiawiw niw. Selezih halafinetu enante lai niw. Beteley demo wistachihu yalutin liyagachacheu yemichlutin Nesawchiwoch, abrewachihu niw yalut abrew yemisadebu Ityopianochin yebelete lemagachet.

  2. Baschequai yewech gazetegna megbat alebachew!!! Ityopian lemafres yazegajewem yewech hail, yewech gazetegna endaymeta selemiyaderg, Ityopianoch/Diasporaw min eyaderege endehone yigermal. Madreg yalebet, yewech gazetegnochin asgebito, ye Olf/shabia/tplf/jawar groupoch Ityopianochin eyegedelu, meret lai yemifeligutin eyaderegu eyebase enji ayeberede aymetam. Manniw yazezew ye Mettu temariwoch gidiya? Lezih niw Mengist team Lemma yemiyateratirut. Aby eko belual, ke Shabia gar niw yemiseraw eko alachihu. Shabia malet tplf niw, abrew niw yemiserut!

    Ahunim ayakomum lemin? Amara gidya sibesebet mecheresha lai erasun mekelakel aykerim. Lezih niw Nesawchiwoch torinetun yemifligut. Hailu egna gar niw bemalet, enashenifalen amaraw ketenesa bemalet, torinet amaraw lai lemekfet niw. lezihem torinet ketensa, meknyat endihon niw lemegentel.

    Ityopiawiw eyetebeke yalew Abyen niw. Aby eko niw Olfen /jawaren yasgebaw? Min mastemamegna aleh?

    • lulu ahhari zebzaba sira yelehim

      how long are you relying on alms ? you better work and help yourself and your family than queuing for alms in US streets

      Try to educate yourself as well.

      Adhari amhara weregna

      minnesota; benton

  3. This is sad. Here is a man who has no understanding of the basic outline of Ethiopia and yet is a professor of political science in an Ethiopian university. He reveals the depth of his ignorance when he shamelessly argues that that Ethiopia is a country created by Menelik (ደግሞ ደግሞ ኢትዮጵያ ስትፈጠር ክንጉሱ ጊዜ ጀምሮ ይላል). Yet that ignorance does not hold him back from claiming to know what the root cause of Ethiopia’s problems are.

    Shame on you!d

  4. He said ” Addis Ababa should not be in a collision course with Oromo region.” So what is wrong with this saying/ Should he say “Addis Ababa should be in collision with Oromia region?”. The negative interpretation the writer of this article has given to the saying shows that the man sees only negatives in other’s minds.

    • There is no collision course to begin with. Why do you have to fall for such narratives?
      The people of Shewa have lived with no problems before ethnic Amhara/Oromo came into effect.

  5. We the Gedeo people demand to be given a land within Ethiopia where we can establish our Gedeo state . EPRDF needs to listen to all of the Ethiopian people that are suffering. Being an Ethiopian is a right not a privilege EPRDF hands out to it’s chosen few. We the Gedeo people had been swept under the rug by EPRDF for way too long, it is time for us Gedeo people to stop dieing and start living with or without the politicians help .

  6. In some parts of the USA I encountered the same individuals that previously claimed to be extreme Oromo movement activists, currently claiming to be Baladera coordinators.

  7. I would like to ask all Baladera Addis Ababa people to come up with the list of things they assume will change to their disadvantage if Addis Ababa gets owned by Oromo?

    So far all I hear is that for some reason unknown to most Ethiopians the Addis Ababa people are against the PM Abiys plan and other Oromo people demands because the Addis Ababa people do not want Addis Ababa to be owned by Oromos, for a reason they the Addis Ababa people themselves seem to be having no clue. The people of Ethiopia deserve to be let known with clear explanations what some of the Addis Ababa people are fighting for , why they take the stands they are taking, what is it that worries them or what is it they anticipate will happen if Addis Ababa gets owned by Oromos .

  8. M. Alemayehu

    The Abyssinians wrote their own fake history to oppress . The rest of Ethiopia are finally using a free fair well balanced true history in open. Now is the time to find out the true history, you should learn how to read before you shamelessly try to antagonize the honorable Professor who is a treasure to all including for Nephtegna Abyssinians . The honorable Professor quoted his source of reference, you on the other hand got no reliable evidence to back up your claim .


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