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Jawar Mohammed returns to the United States after 86 were massacred in oromo region, Ethiopians call for action 

Jawar Mohammed _OMN
Jawar Mohammed, Photo source :

November 14, 2019

Jawar Mohammed is an activist who has mastered ways of manipulating unemployed and radicalized ethnic Oromo Youth group,who are now known as Qeerroo, to achieve his political motives.

In the past, he used to paint himself as a moderate Oromo activist and was accepted that way by a considerable number of Ethiopians – especially in the Diaspora. That is now a bygone story. He now is posing himself as a radical Oromo nationalist to radicalized youth who proved to be gullible tools for his political aspiration.

In a country of 110 million population, he has managed to have over 1.5 million facebook followers ( including in the diaspora) with whom he communicates with Oromo language- as the age group he communicates with mostly do not seem to speak or understand other Ethiopian language.

He considers himself, he as declared it openly during an interview with a local media outlet in Ethiopia, as the second government, and influential person. 

On the night of October 22, 2019 he published a facebook update telling his supporters that government is withdrawing security assigned in his residence in the capital Addis Ababa. 

Hours later his Qeerroo crowd in the Oromo region of Ethiopia, not in all parts of oromo region, was mobilized, and started closing roads. Then this same group of radicalized ethnic Oromo youth triggered a massacre which many Ethiopians described as a massacre that was motivated by ethnic and religious identities. 

In 48 hours, 86 people were killed- that is Ethiopian government official figure. While 10 were members of law enforcement units in the region, the rest were barbarously massacred.

Credible sources have confirmed that Jawar Mohammed has arrived in the United States on Wednesday November 13,2019. He has plans to tour several cities in North America and Europe. 

And Ethiopians are seizing the moment calling for countries in North America and Europe to rescue Ethiopia from impending large scale ethnic violence that could even escalate to genocide by holding him accountable. 

Borkena has received a letter written to Attorney Generals of several countries.  It’s available HERE.

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  1. The Fact is the first phase was to break the arms and spirits of the Nephtegnas, as Shimeles at the Irecchaa in Finfinne announced , the breaking was done by finishing the Nephtegna’s leaders armed forces head Asaminew , Ambachew , Saere , Fano , Baldera and alike.

    Now the second phase is being implemented, by dismembering the broken Nephtegna just in time before the Nephtegna’s broken spirits and the Nephtegna’s broken arms begin to heal back, phase two is being done swiftly with the signature slick methods, since Church cannot exist without the elder leaders they will not even feel phase two, until phase three or above is implemented.

    • Borkena,

      This Namon (shabia-Egypt foreign agent) is spreading hate against Ethiopian Chrisitans turning this website the hate-mongering Ethiopian Review run by the so called Elias. As I have been saying Ethiopians themselves are the tools against Ethiopia.

  2. The Amara Orthodox Christian priests extremists are responsible for perpetrating these two Evangelical Pastors death.
    The Amara Orthodox extremist Christians must be put in jail right away to ensure the safety of the Ethiopian people .

    • The Liberation Fronts: Shabia/Olf/Tplf are today responsible crimes against Ethiopians leave alone Ethiopians whom ever they are. When is your Jihadism stops?

  3. Juwar vital contribution in changing transformation in Ethiopia.So we support him,due to his hero and father of transformation and also we sacrifices for Juwar.
    Please don’t hear mis information there isn’t ethnic conflict and religion conflict in Ethiopia but few groups that loses power and naftanga try to create violence.

  4. The writer of borkena is naftagna and he is always against qeerroo, oromo people and Jawar. The name of your script should not be Borkena, but should be changed to “The Naftagna “. Better this way!
    It is time wasting to comment on your Borken’s script because it is one-sided, tasteless and far from the truth and completely below standard.
    I’m sure anybody who went to school can easily loss interest while reading.
    It seems as if a high school student wrote it. Please go back to school and study journalism. Don’t write your naftagna’s illusion! Anyways,the neftegna’s orthodox religion followers killed both protestant religion pastors.
    I think you are trying to be popular(trying to get more fans) by blindly blaming Jawar. Be informed that you don’t have adequate courage and moral to blame him. He is not such an ordinary person to be blamed by a guy with rubbish thought. You better find another job or else don’t work for your gut… you don’t have passion for the noble profession. I’m sure I never read and comment on this cheap script any more from now on.

    INJUSTICE has a way of coming back to haunt the VICTIMZER.
    The Oromo People were victimized for seemingly infinite period of time.
    But JUSTICE — slow as it may be — has it own way of revealing itself to correct the INJUSTICE.
    And THAT is what we are seeing TODAY in Ethiopia– PAYING BACK FOR AGE-OLD CRIMES.
    I am not an Oromo but — in my own Prism — I have deep understanding of the crime that was [and still] perpetrated against the Oromo People.
    In doing so, I hope my extraordinary friend will miraculously read these words in HEAVEN — BLESS HIS SOUL.

  6. Awaj!

    Beharer wist Christianochin eyatsedu mehonu yemidersilachew endelele taweke! Mekelakeya mejermeria mengawochin yilik ena keza gebto demo yikotaterewal. Ye Giragn Ahmed midir niw bemalet, be Hewahat/shabia/tplf/jawar yetekenebabere zede Harerin akrari islam lemadreg tezegajtewal.

    Aby/Lema Harere hedew alneberem? Aby/Lema fit yemiyawerut Sheikoch komew sinageru wishet niw malet niw! be Oromiffa yalut, egna Muslimoch Kerestian wendemochachin nachew alu, le Jawar kuami honew Jawren atinku alu, tadya lemin Sheikochu le kerestianoch alkomum? lemin b/kiristianen aladenum? hezb eyaleke niw. Ahun Harerin islamawi lemadreg eyasasaku, eyadenageru, ityopiawiw eyaleke, b/kiristianu eyetefeje niw. ye ityopia hezb/ diasporam hone ityopia wist tesebasbo le ityopia wedaj lehonu agerat abetuta, teseno madreg alebachew. alebelezia hezb yalkal.


    October 13, 2019 / 2nd Ṭəqəmt 2012 ( 2 ጥቅምት 2012 )

    A Statement by His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias SahleSelassie HaileSelassie, President of the Crown Council of Ethiopia.

    Ethiopians around the world share with joy the news that our Prime Minister, Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali, has been named the recipient of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.
    The Award was specifically to recognize Dr Abiy’s “efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and in particular his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea”.
    We recognize that he took a vital step in the reconstruction not only of Ethiopia,but of our entire region of peoples of our common family. Dr Abiy’s gesture toward restoring familial relations with Eritrea was a genuine and spontaneous act of reconciliation between the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea. It was immediately reciprocated by the Eritrean People and leadership. It was a gesture based on the restoration of justice for individual people of our family of nations, and, as such, certainly merited recognition by the international community.Dr Abiy’s action restored the unity of many families, and restored hope to so many people. It was, indeed, a vital early step in the reconstruction of the dignity, history, and mutual respect of all of the peoples of our great family.
    The Crown Council not only applauds Dr Abiy and congratulates him for the Nobel Peace Prize, but urges that we all see this as the start of the restoration of the mutual respect with which all Ethiopians – and those of our extended family in Eritrea, Djibouti, and the Somali peoples – greet and treat each other. We join in urging respect for the great traditions and languages which make distinct each society
    of our family, knowing that we all share a common value and identity – our Ethiopianness, formal or informal – under which we can value the distinct pride of our various regions and their respective governments.

    God Bless Prime Minister Abiy!
    God Bless Ethiopia!

  8. It is time to get ready for the worst , the Ethiopian civil war is inevitable, what we can do from now on is , figure out how to fight this civil war with minimal sufferings. The historical era of the Amercian USA Civil War is a good example of the stage where Ethiopia is now.

  9. Hate, lies & Brainwashing are tools that demolished European cities in both 1st and 2nd world wars. There is nothing to be gained from it only destruction.

    Ethiopia’s 105 Million population is a huge number, 70 Million of the population can stand against atrocities and bring peace. There is hope

  10. It is all a victory lap!!! That battle was fought and won!!! Centuries old social fabric of harmony and togetherness has been successfully made to start tattering at its seams. The regime is tamed to a complete and total submission. That Wahhabis are standing at the gates ready to come in with their deep pockets. The usual sponsor el-Sisi has given out a signal for ‘Meet me in Europe’. The gullible youth is primed to the rim to go out and fulfill the wishes of the ‘infallible’ leader by all gory means imaginable!!! Above all the dysfunctional government(If there is one after all) has been effectively tamed and left incapacitated after being infiltrated by bigots from top to bottom. This is prime time for the only and next job to do: The declaration of the ‘republic’!!! First extensive PR must be conducted to prepare the West for the upcoming declaration!!! All it takes is to convince just one foreign affairs official. We all remember the now ‘retired’ junior state department official in 1991 and 1993. It is all a victory lap!!! It is all victory lap folks!!!

  11. What a rubbish and one-side of the story!! Do really say Ethiopians CALL FOR ACTION? Why do not say the Amhara (Naftegn) people are fighting the TRUE leader of the 50 million plus of the OROMO people? You do not have the moral and ethics to be journalist. Think like a human with your brain NOT with your rear. The more hatred you go for the more things will get worse. This is the reality!!!

  12. The law is not being fully enforced because Azeb Mesfin is free to go about her business with not a single charge filed against her , the people of Ethiopia remember the huge sacrifices she paid to free the oppressed people of the country from the Nephtegna colony, so we the people owe it to her not to enforce the law while she is around.Noway we let anyone touch her.

  13. First thing Jawar wasn’t returned to US. He has gone there to prepare the next road map of Oromo politics, that must be working with the current situation, with other oromo’s diaspora. Second, oromo youth (qerro) are not gullible as you think. what
    I advice you is, if you love Ethiopia try to respect and understand the oromo youth and people. other wise……

  14. Wasyihun Kebede

    Go away . We don’t need this nonsense of “his highness” who is he? We don’t need this in 2019. He is no better than a common man on the street. People like you elevate people like him and we have autocrat and dictators.

    Ethiopia will never be a monarch again. Their will be blood if that happens.

    The Oromo, Tigrai,Somali, Afar and other minorities will never accept it.

    We have been there, done it and it never worked except for the AMHARA people.

    He can congratulate Dr. Abiy all he wants but the moment the prime minister associate himself with this man that will be his downfall .
    So please stay out of ethiopian politics and enjoy your comfy house in Washington DC. Your ancestors have done enough damage.

  15. Actually, I suggest both Eskinder and Jawar have to leave the country for the safety and security of Ethiopians and Ethiopia! Jawar and Eskinder both stir up things that have never existed in Ethiopian History. They both have to find a job somewhere outside Ethiopia! Case closed!

  16. I understand that Jewar is the criminal that all Oromo people needs fight. Since we have lost our acceptance from all Ethinic group living in Ethiopia. We are losing our work, life and learning from all Ethiopia. Bekirbu be Abiy mikiniyat ye Oromo tewelaji kibir agignito yenebere bihonim ahun gin besu mikiniyat sirachininim hiywetachinim timihirtahinim eyatan newu.warri ala teechanii nuratti murteesitani qalbii qabaadhaa malee lubbu namaarratti tasuuma murtesuun boru oolee buleeti isiin dhaqaba. Nuti idoo iddootti sochoo’u hin dandeenye kunimo sababa isaatiin. Kanaafuu harka isaa uummata Oromoo irraa haakaasu nuti Prof. Mararaa Gudfinaa nu gaya.

  17. Personally, I like Dr Merara Gudina , and I respct him as a true patriotic Ethipian and Oromo. I gave me a true image of Oromo. But, when it comes to Jawar , I see oromo as agressive , because he is trying to display Oromo as a killer and someoen who want to take revenge against his old time Enemies .

    So please try to change your music .

    However, I still donot condemn the rest of innocent Oromo who are our borthers and sisters.

    Love fromAmharan Patriotic Etrhiopian diasporated recently and live in Oklahoma

  18. Shame that one man has to divide Ethiopians from working for a better future, yes the past is the past, but look at America, it has moved on to build a land-based on the rule of law. Ethiopians should unite to enforce the rule of law and equality for a better future. Everyone wins when Ethiopia prospers. Stay away from a man that cries wolf and he himself is the wolf!

  19. Ene betaam yigermegnal. Wetu saywetewet niw negeru. betinish declaration activist nen, yemilu ityopiawianen enkilf eyaswesedu niw. ahun demo yemeta akakir ale, ewentaw meret lai eyetaye lalemenekaken, “positive” mehon, ityopia egziabher alelat, aby mussie niw, bla bla. hayalan lemin seketama endehonu takalachihu, even alemin eyetekotateru lante minim alamachewen aynegruhem, betinishu neger ayfenechum beteley ityopiawiw minim chirawn enkuan yemayiyaz neger lai yes, aby endih liyaderg niw. egziabher yitebikenal bilo atatfo mekemet, yigermal.

    Jawar ye Oromo telat niw, Oromon liyasbela niw. beteley ityopiawi negn yemil, Oromo menkef yakumina, ende wenfit bego yalhonutin bicha menager. Somalia wist Shabia/tplf hetsanat ityopian kidnap adirgo Somalia wist asadigual lezih al-shabab mission. teteyakiw tplf/shabia. ye Oromo mahbereseb ende derow jegninetihen asay telatochih le Oromo aydelem yekomut OLf/jawar/ aswegidu, ke akrari wahabi bale/ arrsi yasgebutin akumu. Oromon yemitekmut yalut ityopian lemafres enji Oromo yesemai kokeb enkuan enesteh biluh mechereshaw tifat niw.

  20. Court employees including judges are doing severe harm to the nation ,just like the Alamoudi used to do in the past now the OPDO/ ODP youth league members are ordering all court employees what to do, including ordering judges .

  21. Planu endezih niw, ityopian afrso, ke Addis Abeba betach eslamawi lemadreg niw, ke Amara belai eske Ertra Ayhudawi lemadreg yetesera zede niw. Ywichiwochu yihen zer/haimanot chikona bemadreg, ityopian matfat yifeligalu lemin:
    1, Ityopia ketekefafele ena kemote, ye Ityoopian meret/Abay Wenzen/Afaren/Axumin lahunu “agazian nen” yemilu be ertra/tigray/tikit amara yalu yenesu agelagyoch, Abay Wenazen/Afaren/Axumin/Key Baheren bekutitir sir lemawal niw. “agazian nen” yemilu isayas/Sebhat nega kewech hayalan gar teferarmewal asalfo Abay Wenzen/ Afren/Axumen lemestet. Oromo Muslimochin demo kalkidan bemegbat, erasachuihu kililachihun gizu bemalet, ORomow ityopian endikeda lesiltan bilo Jawren siltan lai bemamtat Islamia Oromia lemadreg ekd niw. Debuben betemeleket, Moferiat muslim nech, endemiweraw Debub latihon tichilalech Oromo tihon yihonal. Debub gin ke akrari Muslimochen ende areb nen bemilu tikit Siltewochin siltan bemestet, Debubin le Oromia mestet malet niw. Lezih niw Jawar askedimo yemiferawen, Sidaman hedo yababelew. Sidama hone Debub, Yizegaj, Areboch metew endmigezuachew ergetegna negn. Lezih niw OLF eko ye Areb/Egypt bandiran yizo yejegnochachin Aba Geda/Borena niw yibelen? Borena besikai eyenore yenebere niw beWeyane gize be ityopianetu yemayderader, zarem bene Jawar/OLF eytesekaye niw.

    Yam hone yih, lezih niw Ertra/shabia Miniliken/shewan lemebekel tikit dersewal. OLF ataye sigeba ena sigedil, Shabian asibu.

  22. bemeketel….

    Isayas/shabia already team Abyen asheblilual, ketilo demo ene Gondere negn bemalet Isays turinafawen jemerual, Isayas/shabia kegonu yewech hailoch alamah yegna alama niw silalut, amaraw embi kale torinet kewich yilakibetal. beteleyem, shewan lematfat alamaw selehone, amarwen bemekefafel welo, gonder, gojam yegna nachihu bilual isayas, yihe haset niw. Ertrawianoch endewem beityopia mahbereseb wist bedenb siletewahadu kemegentelachew befit, ityopiawiw, ertrawiw yetegnaw endehone yaschegiral. silezih, ityopia wist sirsirew silegebu amarwen, ityopiawianun eyasamenu enkilf eyastegnu niw. begon demo, Jawaren azegajtewal gira lemagabat.

    Ityopia wededkim telahim too late niw, gin, wistim hone wich lande ena lemecheresha gize mederajet alebeh. gena bezu gif yimetal. party tewahade bla bla, hule endih aynet taktik yemiyametu ye poletikachew silt niw, hezben astegneto, keza yemifeligutin yaregalu, oooooh bileh demo tinesaleh. bedenb ye ityopiawiwen sime libona awkewital, bedenb ye ityopian erakutachewen eyaskeruachew niw. yihe ewnet niw. telatehen, wedajihin leyto yemayak.

    Ye weyane memtat demo, andand zeregnoch endewim miskin balehabt Addis Abeban lai merz /tikat bemistir adirgewal begil kimbekel. yemigermew demo bekinat yikatel yenebere yehone Gondere neber. silezih mann telateh mann wedajeh endehone yemayatawekibet 8gnaw shih dersenal. ityopiawiw selamawi ityopiawiwen bekinat siyatefa, serto, giro benorebet. saylemin.


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