Jawar Mohammed returns to the United States after 86 were massacred in oromo region, Ethiopians call for action 

Jawar Mohammed _OMN
Jawar Mohammed, Photo source : change.org

November 14, 2019

Jawar Mohammed is an activist who has mastered ways of manipulating unemployed and radicalized ethnic Oromo Youth group,who are now known as Qeerroo, to achieve his political motives.

In the past, he used to paint himself as a moderate Oromo activist and was accepted that way by a considerable number of Ethiopians – especially in the Diaspora. That is now a bygone story. He now is posing himself as a radical Oromo nationalist to radicalized youth who proved to be gullible tools for his political aspiration.

In a country of 110 million population, he has managed to have over 1.5 million facebook followers ( including in the diaspora) with whom he communicates with Oromo language- as the age group he communicates with mostly do not seem to speak or understand other Ethiopian language.

He considers himself, he as declared it openly during an interview with a local media outlet in Ethiopia, as the second government, and influential person. 

On the night of October 22, 2019 he published a facebook update telling his supporters that government is withdrawing security assigned in his residence in the capital Addis Ababa. 

Hours later his Qeerroo crowd in the Oromo region of Ethiopia, not in all parts of oromo region, was mobilized, and started closing roads. Then this same group of radicalized ethnic Oromo youth triggered a massacre which many Ethiopians described as a massacre that was motivated by ethnic and religious identities. 

In 48 hours, 86 people were killed- that is Ethiopian government official figure. While 10 were members of law enforcement units in the region, the rest were barbarously massacred.

Credible sources have confirmed that Jawar Mohammed has arrived in the United States on Wednesday November 13,2019. He has plans to tour several cities in North America and Europe. 

And Ethiopians are seizing the moment calling for countries in North America and Europe to rescue Ethiopia from impending large scale ethnic violence that could even escalate to genocide by holding him accountable. 

Borkena has received a letter written to Attorney Generals of several countries.  It’s available HERE.

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