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Kenya vows to cooperate with Ethiopia in tourism sector

Kenya _ Ethiopia _ Tourism

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle
November 13, 2019

(ADDIS ABABA) – Kenya’s tourism minister, Najib Balala, on Tuesday said that his country is keen to work together with Ethiopia in the tourism sector.

Nairobi’s pledge for tourism cooperation comes after the Kenyan Minister hold talks yesterday with Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Kenya, Meles Alem.

Discussions focused on ways of cooperating on the sector through promoting tourism potentials of the countries.

During the discussion, the Minister noted that Ethiopia and Kenya have different potential for cooperation in tourism.

Ethiopia and Kenya should also benefit from the sector by promoting each other’s tourism destinations and establishing links between their tour institutions, Najib Balala said.

He added that they would like to establish a link between the history and culture of tourism in Ethiopia and that they should work in the field of tourism in order to benefit the people of the two sistery countries.

Ambassador Meles Alem to his side said that Ethiopia has a number of tourism options, adding that the daily flight services the Ethiopian Airlines does to kenya will help greatly.

Joint cooperation in capacity building was also part of the discussion between the two sides.

“In this regard, both sides have agreed to cooperate on capacity building as Kenya has better experience ” Ambassador Meles told Borkena in mail exchange.

Ethiopia and Kenya have diplomatic ties for more than half a century, the Ambassador said.

According to Ethiopia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a delegation led by Kenya’s Tourism Board will soon pay an official visit to Ethiopia for bilateral talks.


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  1. Kenya’s Human Developmental Index HDI rank is amongst the African countries with medium Human Development being the 16th best HDI ranking in Africa mostly because of tourism.

    While Ethiopia’s Human Developmental Index is amongst the African Countries with the lowest Human Development being the 38th best HDI ranking in Africa mostly because tourism is low except for the diasporas touring.

  2. Subject: “Kenya vows to cooperate with Ethiopia in tourism sector, by Tesfa-Alem Tekle
    November 13, 2019”

    Let me ask a harsh question >>> WHICH ETHIOPIA????
    If Ethiopia is disintegrated into various ethnics and religion groups, then ‘oromai, adio’ to Ethiopia, and Kenya will have to extend its cooperation to the multitude of mini-countries next door.
    Is this a gloomy scenario? YES, if Ethiopians refuse to be sober and come to their sanity. It is — it should be — the choice of the entire people of today’s Ethiopia, which of course includes the highly educated Ethiopians with their Doctor of Philosophy Degrees, bestowed upon them by renowned universities around the Globe. THE END


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