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Conducting election under prevailing circumstances leads to disintegration of Ethiopia

November 11, 2019

With the ongoing violence and government inability to enforce the rule of law in the interest of protecting the safety and security of citizens, it has been a question to many Ethiopian’s if the ruling coalition’s decision to carry out the national election as planned is a wise move.

Zeleke Redi (Engineer) who was a key figure in the Ethiopian opposition goes further. He says Ethiopia will be disintegrated if the election takes place under the prevailing condition in the country. Watch his interview below.

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  1. The self appointed ethnic manipulators are at it no matter what. The are in their aim to destroy anyone that does not algún with them and bring the country to war. Every one including Amharic speakers, what they call Absynian or Northerners and all small ethnic groups are the target of their dreamed rule and someone that should be subdued. Read for yourself what else is the alternative that have any non full Oromo with the below proposition other than to be a second class citizen in own country. The call in the article totalitarian the Abysinians based mostly on past and fake historical narrative but they are proposing a cultural anihilation of anything different as a solution. The way did it 300 years ago.

    Ethiopian people should wake up and stand for their rights and forget about the current self appointed leaders as well as they are traitors to their own people. Only a corageoys selfless and diverse Ethiopian people can stop this madness as was fine in the past. Bandad will not have option when people stand for their rights.

  2. Let’s face the fact that it is too late to salvage the neighborliness and togetherness in many towns in certain areas especially in Tigray, Oromia and Amhara regions. It is just that too late!!! With administration’s ill-conceived policy of indifference, bigots have built up deep rooted foundations in many towns and localities. They have been building up unchallenged cult personality particularly in Oromia during the last decade making themselves filthy rich in the process. They have gathered up and regimented fanatic following in their hundreds of thousands possibly millions that can be sent to pillage anything insight at a moment’s notice. They have become the most feared psychopaths sending law enforcement folks shaking in their boots. They are striking fear in the hearts of the leaders and law enforcement folks so bad that it is the reason all of them have chosen to stand by and just watch when innocent residents were stoned, clubbed and hacked to death. To be very clear, there is no one or nothing that can stop these merchants of hatred from declaring a new ‘republic’ and yank away a territory just to make that their personal fiefdom. In fact, it seems to me that many of the administration officials from top to bottom are anxiously waiting to join such a ‘republic’ after its declaration. For these connivers there is nothing else left to do to delay such declaration. You’ve heard them out loud. They have lambasted that the demands of their people have not been met. So what does that tell you? It is the time to fulfill those demands themselves. They need to assert their authority over their ‘mother/fatherland first and they have to. Also just because they feel they can!!!

  3. Before election is held Amara must weed out all the Grand children Great grand children and even great great grand children of Emperor Menilik and turn them over to Oromo ORELSE…..

  4. All my life for more than five decades I know Ethiopia had been under dictatorship, I am still waiting to see a major political change. As far back as I can remember all I saw was one dictator being replaced by another dictator. The style of their dictatorship is different from one dictator to another, even in some cases the same dictator changes styles of dictatorship overtime, besides that as far back as I can remember, Ethiopia’s leaders are one criminal replacing another criminal, including until right now.

  5. ለኦሮሞ ተወላጅ ለሆኑ ሥራ ፈላጊዎች የአዲስ አበባ ነዋሪነት መታወቂያ ሊታደል ነው::

    November 12, 2019 –

    ለኦሮሞ ተወላጅ ለሆኑ ሥራ ፈላጊዎች የአዲስ አበባ ነዋሪነት መታወቂያ ሊታደል ነው!!
    ብሔርተኛ ሲባል “ራስ ወዳድ ጥቅመኛ ነው” የምላችሁ ለዚህ እኮ ነው። በአርከበ ዕቁባይ ዘመን የትግሬ ብሔርተኛ ከትግራይ ትምህርት ቢሮ ነቅሎ መጥቶ አዲስ አበባ መስተዳድር ውስጥ ከተሰገሰገ በኋላ የከተማውን ነዋሪ ግጦት ሄደ። በታከለ ኡማ ዘመን ደግሞ የኦሮሞ ብሔርተኛ የአዲስ አበባን ነዋሪዎች መልሶ ለመጋጥ እንዲህ አሰፍስፏል። የአዲስ አበባ ከተማ መስተዳደር ባወጣው ክፍት የሥራ ቦታ ማስታወቂያ ላይ “የታደሰ የአ/አ መታወቂያ መያዝ” እንደ መስፈርት ተቀምጧል።

    ከታች በምስሉ ላይ ያለው በኦሮምኛ የተፃፈ መልዕክት በተጠቀሰው ክፍት የሥራ ቦታ ለሚያመለክቱ የኦሮሞ ተወላጆች የአዲስ አበባ ነዋሪነት መታወቂያ ለማደል በስልክ ቁጥር 0921879712 ላይ እንዲደውሉ ጥቆማ ይሰጣል። የዚህን ስልክ ባለቤት ጨምሮ በዚህ ህገወጥ ተግባር የተሰማሩ ግለሰቦች በቁጥጥር ስር ውለው ተጠያቂ ካልሆኑ ከከንቲባ ፅ/ቤት እስከ ቀበሌ ድረስ እየተሰራ ያለው ወያኔን ለመተካት መሆኑን በተጨባጭ ያረጋግጣል። ለኦሮምኛ ቋንቋ ተናጋሪዎች ብቻ በሚስጥር ሲተላለፍ የነበረው መልዕክት የአማርኛ ትርጉም እንደሚከተለው ቀርቧል።
    No photo description available.የአ/አ (የፊንፊኔ ) ከተማ አስተዳደር በሁሉም የትምህርት መስክ አምስት ሺህ ሰዎችን አወዳድሮ ወደ ሥራ ለማስገባት ዝግጅቱን ማጠናቀቁን የሥራ ማስታወቂያ በማውጣት ገልጿል፣

    የምዝገባ ቀን 2/3/2012
    መመዝገቢያ ቦታ አዲስ አበባ ሲቪል ሰርቪስ ቢሮ
    አስፈላጊ መመዘኛዎች
    — በማንኛውም የትምህርት ዘርፍ
    — በ2010 እና 2011የተመረቃችሁ ብቻ
    — የሥራ ልምድ 0 ዓሠት
    አንድ ተወዳዳሪ ይዞ መገኘት ያለበት
    የ10ኛና 12ኛ ክፍል ትራንስክሪፕት
    የ8: 10 12ኛ ክፍሎች ካርድ ኦርጅናልና ኮፒ

    የተመረቁበት ወረቀት ዋናውንና ኮፒውን
    የታደሰ የአ/አ መታወቂያ መያዝ

    ይህን መሥፈርት አሟልታችሁ የአዲስ አበባ ከተማ መታወቂያ የሌላችሁ የኛ ልጆች 0921879712 ላይ ደውሉ

    -በውስጥ መስመር ብቻ ሼር ተደራረጉ።(በሚስጥር ሲተላለፍ የነበረው መልዕክት)

  6. Mircha, minamin, demokrasy belelebet ager becha sayhon, eyetetekach yalech ager, mircha enadreg yemilut awkew niw, torinet lemanesasat eked niw. Shabia and Co betaaam kuamtewal be Oromo ena Amara mehal torinet lemamtat.

  7. The Managing Director of The Vital Events of Ethiopia , Ato Mujib Jamal who also happens to be the main person overseeing, Immigration and Nationality of Ethiopia said ” This Sidama’s referendum voters registration is being done in a perfectly legal way.”

    Ato Mujib Jamal , also said ” This Sidama’s referendum voters registration is the first perfect , legal and fair voters registration of it’s kind to be held in Ethiopia . “


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