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Ethiopia arrested 13 suspects in connection with Woldia University killings

Clam restored to Woldia University as task force launches investigation to determine the causes of the clash that led to the death of students.

Woldia University _ suspects arrested
Photo credit : Woldia University page

November 11, 2019

About thirteen people are arrested in connection with Woldia University killings that claimed the lives of two students on Saturday this past weekend. 

Identities of the suspects or their affiliations is not disclosed at this writing.  But the identities of two students who were killed during the clash is established but not released. 

Communications Director of the University, Tefera Asnake, peaceful atmosphere is returned since Sunday, and there have been consultations with students since then as part of the effort to calm students after the clash on Saturday, according to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC).

The University Administration,elders in the community and Woldia town administration were part of the discussion. Students demanded security forces to be stationed in the university premise, seemingly temporarily, to ensure security. And the University administration disclosed on Monday on its social media page that members of Federal Police and Ethiopian Defense Force have been deployed as requested. 

Eleven students who have been in Woldia General Hospital following the clash are discharge, the university added in its update. Two students who sustained wound are not yet discharged at this writing. Residents of Woldia town are paying visits to those who are in hospital, according to a report by state affiliated media outlets.

The university has also condemned what it called activists and some media personalities saying that the way they are distributing information about the incident is   far from the reality on the ground but it did not name names. 

The incident that escalated to a clash between groups of students started on Saturday around 11:00 p.m. as students were returning to their dormitories after watching soccer games. 

What exactly triggered the clash and the motives of groups of students are involved in the violence are to be established after task force completes investigation. 

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