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Tribe of Levi Saga(Dr. Karen Sloan-Brown)

A 3000 Year Journey Through History Transports a Megachurch Pastor from Failure to Faith to Freedom!

Tribe of Levi Saga _ Karen Sloan-Brown

November 09,2019

Nashville, Tennessee, ––Historic fiction author Karen Sloan-Brown takes readers on a whirlwind journey back in time to explore the explosive history of the tribe of Levi, Beta Israel, and Jewish Christians. A mysterious stranger leads megachurch pastor Priscilla Sinclair on the quest of a lifetime in the epoch Tribe of Levi saga from Jerusalem to Ethiopia, to Kenya, to Jamaica, and then Richmond, Virginia in the United States.

The experience of black people in the history of religion is rarely focused on in contemporary literature. This series of books brings their role back to the forefront while highlighting the religious wars and the migration of black Hebrews from Yemen to Ethiopia during the era when Axum was among the top four super powers on the globe. 

The history represented in these books goes back over 3,000 years. In Part 1, The Designated Ones: From Jerusalem to Ethiopia, Priscilla’s story begins with Aaron, Moses’ brother and God’s chosen high priest during the Exodus of the children of Israel, and explores the line of designated ones through the times of King David, King Solomon, the exile in Babylon, the crossing of the Arabian Desert into Saba, the migration across the Red Sea into Axum, the birth of Christ, and the lives of the generations that have followed.

Part 2, The Struggle: From Kenya to Jamaica, picks up in the year ad 490. Members of the tribe of Levi are fighting a series of religious wars, which last for 1,000 years. Then during the transatlantic slave trade, they are sold as slaves and sent to Jamaica to work on a sugar cane plantation. Two hundred years later, Adam is sold and moved to a tobacco plantation in Virginia.

Finally, in Part 3, The Last Tribe of Levi: Richmond, Virginia, Priscilla’s ancestors gain their freedom in Virginia. Her paternal great-great-grandfather, Thomas Freeman, begins to build on the legacy that she hoped to continue; but her father won’t accept her calling to preach God’s word. What happens when a person has lost it all? Priscilla discovers that she is one of the designated ones and that her history connects her to the biblical tribe of Levi. Her story is one that uniquely and intricately links Bible history and the African American experience and leads her on a journey that just might save her life!

The Tribe of Levi saga is available at

  • The Designated Ones: From Jerusalem to Ethiopia (
  • The Struggle: From Kenya to Jamaica (
  • The Last Tribe of Levi: Richmond, Virginia (

Dr. Karen Sloan-Brown, a native of Philadelphia, is a prolific author, having written several historical fiction novels, including the two-part saga The Fortunes of Blues and Blessings, and the Tribe of Levi series. She is passionate about connecting her readers with the rich tapestry of African American history that is interwoven into her books, a history that reaches from the mountains and deserts of Africa to the shores of the United States and beyond. Dr. Sloan-Brown is available for media interviews and can be reached via email:

More information can be found at her website:

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