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Samora Yunis reportedly training 8,000 troops in Sudan (Andfta media)

November 8, 2019

A reportage by Andafta media says that former Ethiopian chief of staff and one of TPLF’s key figure, Samora Yunis, is training 8,000 troops.

Take a listen to the audio below.

Audio : embedded from Andafta Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : Screenshot from video

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  1. Interesting Inteligence reporting where you do not have to reveal your sources, that way there is no Verification of facts………Translation…….Pure Propoganda with no verifiable and Tangible Evidence………..For the record when you mentioned the Eritrean opposition Leaders you Mis-named 2 out of 4……..The former Eritrean EDF chief is named Mesfin Hagos and not Haile……The other opposition Leader that is in England is named Iyassu and not Isaias……..Just the facts to prove that your Credibility has already been Shot by its own Content……….Plus anyone that speaks in favor of the Second worst Dictator in the world that murdered Tens of Thousands of Eritreans is close to Insanity and a Hater of Democracy…………. Selah

  2. Selah:
    U r correct for correcting them about the Eri opposition Leadership but that other issue is Ethiopian business if u r responding as an Eritrean of at all u r one.You sounded tigretan and here as well.FYI:
    It is a pulic secret that the TPLF has remainaed the ONLY threat to the existence of Eritrea and Eritreans in all aspects by words and deeds; and as such,it should not surprising if Gen Samoyra is training a special Commando to augument the million strong Militia fully armed to its teeth with latest WMD against none but Eritrea and Eritreans.The PFDJ is well ahead about this.
    Your accusatoon is but a cover up of this Sinister move by the TPLF and tss elite and its supporters ,the Tigrai people.
    Plus,eventhough they reported it as a rumor,do not expect them to disclose the source when it comes to Intelligence and Security related matters.
    Granted Eritrea and Eritreans are READY than ever for any eventuality.

  3. Selah,

    Everything you said is based on reality. I don’t think there is anyone who will disagree with your comment.
    Isaias Afiworki is known all over the world for his dictatorship and mass killings. And, I do not think there is anyone who will disagrees with that as well.

    Also, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the opposition to have trained whether it’s in Tigray or Sudan to defeat the mass killer ( Isaias Afiworki). Actually, the whole Ethiopia should stand by them to have an indefinite peace with Eritrean people.
    I don’t think you Ethiopians really understand who Isaias is. I’m telling you, he is a deadly sneak.

    The other person who ever your name was who was disagreeing with Selah, first off all please put your real name. How much longer will you be hiding your self. Be a man! Soo, if anyone disagrees with your criminal leader do you have to call them tigrayan? That game is over. Please come up with something different.
    Shame on you!

  4. REALLY? President Isayas Afuwerki is a man of Integrity. He sacrificed 60 years of his life to save our lives. What you Tigray Ethiopians say is of when you lost the war and your wishful thinking of bashing a Hero Veteran of War Presdent Isayas Afuwerki.

    The world must not be fooled by tigray people and tplf leaders who destroyed Ethiopia, stole $50 billion American Tax payers money and murdered 100,000 people of East Africa for the last 30 years.

    President Isayas Afuwerki stabilized the Horn of Africa through so many ways.
    It is imperative to differentiate the information given online. Whenever one sees negative comments about President Isayas Afwerki, They are tigray people claiming to be Eritreans opposing the President of Eritrea.

    These tigray (Ethiopians) who lost the war of stealing Eritrean land — for the last 30 years. The tplf who represents the hoodlum group of the horn of Africa who partnered with Susan Rice and Obama to displace Eritrean youth by creating a refugee camp in tigray region in hopes of destroying a sovereign nation -Eritrea; need to be exposed about their lies. And the above 2 that are writing bashing President Isayas Afwerki are hoodlums of tplf who think they can still illegally obtain Eritrea through the refugees that are from tigray who came to America utilizing Eritrean identities claiming to be Eritreans.

    In reality, they are Fraudulent ethiopians (specifically tegaru) who are out to bash and claim that they are ‘Eritreans’ and they are against their own Government. This is absolutely the truth that the world must know.

    President Isayas Afwerki has built millions of stable infrastructure and people. We continually understand the need for self reliance and hate world bank loans and believe in hard work.

    President Isayas Afwerki is a HERO Veteran of War. He helped lead 3 million Eritreans to defeat a war against Ethiopians who set out to murder and extinct us Eritreans so they can get the Red Sea access.

    God though is on the side of the David of East Africa. David who defeated Goliath with one little rock.
    Eritreans defeated the Goliath Ethiopia because God is and Was on our side. 3 million Eritreans VS. 100 million Ethiopians. Who received all weapons and military assistance from powerful nations like USSR, CUBA and the U.K. back in the 60’s and still until today.

    May God continue to bless Eritreans, it’s Government and President.

    Meron is a regular contributor in the newspaper Haki NigerU.


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