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Azeb Mesfin interview with Walta Television

November 8, 2019

Azeb Mesfin interview with Semeneh Bayferes of Walta Television. She is Widow of the late Meles Zenawi and was once considered as one of the powerful TPLF figures. She was the CEO of TPLF conglomerate, TIRET, and director of Walta TV itself, among others.

With regard to the existing political crisis in Ethiopia, she remarked that “it is the leadership’s lack of competence that aggravated the problem.”

Three series interviews of Part I are featured below.

Part I A
Part I B
Part I C

Video : embedded from Walta TV YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. Wr/o Azeb berswo anegagerna agelaletse TPLF enkuans lemelaw ye Ehtiopea bheare-seb leafrikam balewleta sllehone kasa ygebawal lemalet eyedeferu slehone, ebakewon seken ybelu . kehulum belay demo tgsutu saychers ezih dereja lederesahcuh ye ertra hzbna mengstn bynekakut ybejal. kalhone gna zaream endetlantu gze ydanahcu. kehulum bebellete gna smeneh bayfersn kelb mamesgen enwedale. srah ende bealu grma oromay yexafe derasi wetru bedmts teqertso ysemalna lezelalemayselechem.


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