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Ethiopian Airlines Airbus A-350 Airplane to Make Debut at Toronto Pearson Int’l Airport

Ethiopian Airlines _ Airbus A-350 place

November 7 ,2019

Addis ababa -Ethiopian Airlines Airbus A-350 will be making its first appearance at Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada, this Sunday, according to a press release of the airline.

Ethiopian Airlines is reportedly excited about the arrival of the Airbus 350.

Canada is a very important market for Ethiopia,Canada Country Manager Samson Arega said, adding that the airline is committed to provide customers with ultimate travel experience.

Ethiopian Airlines, the only African operator of the Airbus, flies direct from Toronto to Addis Ababa five times a week.

Since Airbus has in-flight Wi-Fi connection, passengers with smart devices can connect to the world, while others can use smart individual touch screens on their seats. With the state-of-the-art broadband satellite technology, passengers can enjoy reliable connectivity for sending email, shop online or even chat on social media while flying over the clouds, it was learned.

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  1. One more STAR to Ethiopian Airlines — the PRIDE of Ethiopia and Africa in general.
    In addition to the good news about the flight to Toronto, EAL Business Planners, no doubt, are aware that Canada is the second vast country in the World >>>> wink, wink, wink of a hint — of course, based on profitability.


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