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Spy leaks Egypt conspiring with Uganda, South Sudan to sabotage Ethiopian Dam

The day foreign ministers of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan traveled to the United States for what Ethiopian government described as “discussion” over the Ethiopian Dam, South Sudanese news source reported, citing leaked sources, that Egypt has been conspiring with Uganda and South Sudan against Ethiopia. 

Egypt _ Ethiopia row over dam _ Uganda _ South Sudan

November 6, 2019

Egypt seem to have managed to lure Uganda and South Sudan to sabotage completion of Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam, according to South Sudan News Agency report published on November 5, 2019.

The source cited former Uganda spy as a credible source who said that the three countries have joined hands to put pressure on Ethiopia through diplomatic and military means, and the two countries are to provide a military base in the event that Egypt is attacking Ethiopia.

What is in it for South Sudan and Ugandan authorities in return? South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) says Egypt will support the leaders of the two countries in their bid to remain in power.

SSNA claimed to have received three pages of document from the alleged former Ugandan security agent who claimed to have worked in External Security Organization (ESO). The document “exposes what seems to be an extensive campaign to put more pressure on Ethiopia through diplomatic and military means…” as reported by SSNA.

The report went on to state what the person who is leaking the document, he is identified as James Moises, said “We have a situation where my country [Uganda] has become the number one ally of Egypt in the region. There is no problem of being an ally of a sovereign nation, but it is wrong when you do it to cause harm to other countries.”

As well, the report talks about Egyptian delivery of weapons to South Sudan in two forms. “El-Sisi always delivers weapons and ammunition to Juba in two different ways. He delivers them in the form of medicines or agricultural products, or he uses Uganda as an intermediary. These are all cover channels,” James said as quoted by SSNA.

The conspiracy of the three countries is not verified by other sources so far. If it is true, it means that Uganda has changed its position in relation to Ethiopia.

In 2013, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni clearly supported Ethiopia’s dam project. He was even furious about Egypt’s move to bully Ethiopia. He said, “It is advisable that chauvinistic statements coming out of Egypt are restrained and through the Nile Valley organization, rational discussions take place,” as reported by the African Report.

Back then Museveni was speaking from Black African perspective for he was saying that “No African wants to hurt Egypt…, however, Egypt cannot continue to hurt black Africa.”

With regard to South Sudan, there have been talks of “rift” between Salva Kiir and Ethiopian leaders when TPLF was in control of the Federal  government. As well, Egypt has been toiling to secure a diplomatic influence foothold in South Sudan at least for four or five years now.

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  1. Hard to belive fiction that does not make sense strategically nor as military expedition. It is probably one of the rubish propogada seeded by ODP empty head strategists. So Egypt will use as proxy South Sudan against their war against Ethiopia? The how do the think to provision logistics to their bases? Via North Sudan then that does not also make North Sudan at war with Ethiopia? Do you really thing neither of the Sudans will take the risk of such date? And at what cost? Specially South Sudan that have always counted Ethiopia as their second home for decades during the civil war. And it even ridiculous of reaching out to Uganada as the have to pass another country just to get the gate. I bet the only ones Egypt can buy are the current PM and the ODP/ ADP banda’s instead and the news probably if a feed from themselves. First they should come clean on who killed Engineer Simegn and what is the status and budget of the project as today?. As for Egypt they can only negotiate and come to their senses if they actually are negotiating for Egyptian people basic need and not for perpetuating their no sense to have a tropical farming in the desert. So Egypt want to come to Ethipian dam, how Egypt will be safe that Ethiopia could go against their and Sudan’s dams. And if the really attack the Ethiopian dam not only the could loose their dam but the Blue Nile for ever. Next dam we Ethiopia should build alternate path for the river so the whole Nile stajys in Ethiopia dying in Ogaden desert. We will make farming in the Ogaden desert instead. Be careful what you wish for. The God rule is equal water quantity for each one. So if Ethiopia has 100 millions and Egypt 100 millions and Sudan it millions the water had to be partitioned equally and not given to Egypt 80 percent while they are growing rice in the desert and Ethiopian are dying of hunger and thrust.

    • SLW, ebakachihu betimona megenzeb yasfeligal. Ye Alemin huneta bememelk, yewishetim hone yewnet mereja yiwetal eko. bahun gize, bizu ityopia lai gichit memtatu aykerim bewistim hone bewich telatoch selalu, yeityopia eta fanta yalekelet yimeslal. ene debub sudan eko ityopian yiwedu neber gin tplf /shabia ena ye nesu alekoch ityopian enditelu aderegu. yeteleyaye zede eko niw yemitekemu ityopian lemewgat. endene sudan tinanish agerat, eshi enji akim yelachewim.

  2. We all know and understand about the phenomenon called Al-Qahirah psychology. One dreamer classmate used to tell me how the late Field Marshal Hakim would send just two fighter jets to wipe out the late Emperor and his entire armed forces. You may be wondering how Hakim achieved that top military title. How battles he fought and won? The answer is none. I used to hear that threat up to the first day of the 6-day war. The most powerful air force of Field Marshal Hakim was all nothing but ashes in just a matter of less than an hour. The gossip in the slums of Cairo tells a story how Hakim’s pilots were having all night long orgies in their officers’ clubs with fresh imports from the Caucasus’s brought in by their Soviet pimps. By the dawn every jets was turned into dusts by Israeli pilots. That was all about Hakim’s jets that were supposed to wipe out the entire Ethiopian armed forces including the late emperor himself. Thanks to Moshe I never heard that threat ever again.

    I don’t believe Egypt would have any success with either Uganda or South Sudan. Sooner or later both these two countries will start gazing at the Nile River that has been passing by all by. They will eventually have a ‘wait a minute’ moment. That is a dead giveaway. But what we should all be watching is our own ‘republic’ mongering bigots. They will sell their mother if that will facilitate their objective. There is no such thing as pride in them. You have seen what they were doing and who they were cajoling with for more than 20 years. You hear them already saying that the dam should never have been a project. They give you this thinly veiled reason that the resources could have been used somewhere else. These are the ones the people of that country who poured billions of their hard earned money into this project should worry about.

    I ain’t worried about el-Sisi threats. It is no more than a speakeasy gossip.

  3. Fact is Uganda had been telling Ethiopia to take the Ethiopian illegal immigrants back. Thousands of illegal immigrants from Ethiopia are imprisoned malnourished in Uganda with Ethiopian government not responding to Uganda for more than a decade.
    Not only Ethiopia but anyone would make it happen to fix this issue even other neighboring countries willing to accept them immediately need to step up.

  4. any ways we have 100%the right to use and manage our water! whether Egypt like it or not !
    we Ethiopians are always ready to sacrifice our lives to defend our right against any kind of attack!
    Egypt should know this! but we are not arrogant like Egypt or those who stand behind arrogant Egypt!!
    So that we can still talk peacefully &find a solution if and only if Egypt behaves!
    Ethiopia first

    • Mognu, ye Meles setanawi wendim neh meselegn. Yewist ager gichit enkuan maskom alchalkim enkuan ke Gibs gar lemewagat. Lemin, TPLF 100 yeonutin enkuan mekotater alchalkim. Yihe gichit demo, manniw yametaw bileh asib. Tplf ewnet wedajih kalhone, tplf niw gidibun lebego sayhon, ityopian gichit wist amarwen lemascheres yetezegaje niw. gidibu lemin yigenebal malete sayhon, be tplf yetegeneba lebego aydelem. selezih strategy mekeyer niw. Ityopian ketita lemewgat alem selemiyawk, be gidibu asabew ityopian lemewgat yetakede alama niw.

      • lulu you are not right. This is the most common national agenda. It is this kind of attitude that drags ethiopia behind other countries . We tend to critise and blame eachother other than working together. He just shared his comment and idea. You can simply say it is wrong but not calling names and saying TPLF , Neftegna etc it is not necessary here.

        When someone get promoted , we donot like that . We love watching our own people dying and then planning to take thier properties and land. We habesha are always envious, suffering from jealousy.

        We steal ideas, books, researches and other resarch outcomes. We also go futher to detsroy the lives of hardworking and smart people.

        That is why most of us prefer to lead a miserable life in an alien country.

        Stop doing that . This is what we develop as a part of our culture and identity. It manifest itself in various ways such as cultivating civil war at home in an attepmt t gain profit in the arena of politics and other sectors.
        Shame on you

        • Eshi yene Shabia, ityopianochin enkilf kastegnachihu eko 55 amet honotal, ityopiawi meslesh, lesu yetekorekershiw, enkilf endemastegnat niw. Ityopianoch ahunim ke enkilfachew alnekum.

  5. These people are rutheless , I remeber some one saying that egptians are the best model for the wester world in torturing prisoners . You could confirm this from various sources.

    G. Bush had adopted several torture techniques from egypt. This might seem rubbish or irrelevant but it is to underscore the fact that could implement any possible means to starve , divide us and wage war eventually.

    whether you swallow it or spite it out it is the truth cannot be destroyed or reversed.

  6. I personally consider this article as crass. We can’it simply distort the reality or force people to accept your favoritism just because you are celebrity or famous author, journilist, or even a president of a certain organization or a country.

    Repetition, long narration is not where we find the truth. It is politically right to award him, but he is reponsible for the chaos and killings here in Ethiopia. He made a televized speech recently revealing the ethnicity of the victims died in the ethnic based violence. They will certainly create another potentional conflict among citizens;

    He and his fans accuse TPLF to create ethnic based genocide by diving people among tribes which is not true.

  7. I agree Egyptian instead of leaving the water to red sea, they should saving by brain mide, Ethiopia it’s starvation , Egypt they didn’t help us , so ,, Egypt weak up make use brain how to get waters inside dessert,,,,sample that, ,

  8. Wededachihum telachihum, Gibs becha ayedlechim. Simiminetim yedresu mechereshaw Abay Wenzin ye tikur Afrika aydelem, ye Arebina Merabawian becha niw yemile alama niw. Hulum abrew niw yemiserut. Beteley zena awititewal, lik migibin nigd endaregut Merabawian, yalem wana wana bekutitir sir lemadreg niw. Beteley Abay wenz, ye Gisin seletane misikir selehone betam hayalan yefeligutal. lezih niw ityoopia lai yihe torinet. ageritun aferarsew, beteley Amaran Abayen/Afarin kutitir sir lemadreg niw. Meles Setanawi, Ityopian ke Gibs gar lemagachet awko yaderegew gezuf gedeb, minim aytekmem! Gizuf gidib yaderegut, gidibu simeta, endale Amaran yatefal. Meles setanawi, lezih niw le ityopia aznagn yimesil tilik Gidib yesera yalew. Gidib beye darichaw becha meserat neberebet. Lelaw demo alasfelagi Hayaln ayn wist endigeba yetederege alama niw. endemitawekew ityopia enditadeg selemayfeleg, Abayen lemaskom memtatachew aykerim. Zare Gibsin bemazez niw, Gibsim eko mejemria eza akababi yeminoru ye Gibs seletane gize ye ityopiawian, sudan sumali enji ye Areb alneberem. engliz kign gezi sitihon yashnefechibet neger, hezben wede lela ager eyewesedech ageren tasyzalech. Hendin kign sitiyez, wede afrika, caribean yezachew le ingliz neber yemiserut. Arebochinim yihew wede Afrika endimetu endiyazu yaderegechiw.

    Oromo tsinfegnoch kehadi nachew wey aydelum, Musllim selehonu bicha le Gibs ityopian kedu, j-war ORomowoch Ityopian endikedu asderege, behuala ye Areb giridinan felgew ityopian kedu. Ye Oromo mahbereseb tarikun yastawis, Pakistanawiw Aba Jifar, lik zare endametut zemenemesafint gize Debubochin, Oromowochin le Areb yeshet neber barinet, temenja tor sewin eyeshete temenja yekebel neber. Guragewoch melke melkam selehonu, yenesu waga wid neber yemishetachew. Zare already wedeza agezaz temelisenal. Already yewich hail ageritun yezewal.

  9. Awaj!
    Ityopia already satisebaber atikerim, Shabia already East Afrika integration bilual. ye 5 amet ityopia mesebaber already jemrual. Engliz ager englizoch ke Nesawchiwoch gar be 90wochu propose adirgual, East Afrika integration malet code word, ityopia yelechim. Shabia leadershipun already wesdual meknyatum Shbia ityopian maferares kejemere ke wich hailoch gar eneho 55 amet niw. le Shabia niw siltanu

      • Shabo, awo ahun eyewetash niw ewnetun. esest meslo kememtat, eraseshen meslesh ney, lemin tiferialesh hayal negn kalsh? lemin be Tigray sim tedebekyalesh weyem be Oromo sim, zare demo Gondere negn bilesh bik alsh, setan kiristosin endatalelew malet niw. lead ema taregyalesh enawkalen, kehualash mann endale enawkalen.

  10. No one should stop or have a right to stop Ethiopia from building this dam. I would advice Egypt to behave sensibly, reasonably, responsibly and look this situation from different angles. Considering Egypt acts sensibly, the Nile river is more then enough to satisfy the need of this three East African nations. Half a billion people’s life would be at stake so sensible action is quiet important in resolving this issue. Bullying, intimidating and scaremongering is not acceptable in todays world. If push comes to shove Ethiopia has enough military power to use proportionate force and cause havoc in the neighbouring countries including South Sudan and Uganda. Our history speaks for itself.


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