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Dr. Arvid Hogganvik school in Debre Tabor inaugurated

November 5, 2019

Five blocks of school building initiated by Arvid Hogganvik in the town of Debre Tabor is inaugurated on Tuesday, Arts World TV reported.

To know the story of Dr. Arvid Hogganvik who was born and raised in Debre Tabor, check the link here. He said his father told him in his death bed that he has to do something for Debre Tabor. Take a listen to Arvid in the video below.

Video : embedded from Arts World TV YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. In Ethiopia in most family gatherings if there is one person who is a University Professor and another uneducated but rich wealthy person, both trying to make their ideas heard at the gathering, the one that gets attention of the entire people at the gathering is the uneducated rich wealthy person with the University professor being told to shut up .

    This comes to show it is the rich wealthy regardless of their intellectual ability that are inadvertantly promoting Amara’s genocide. the intellectual are tired of being given no attention with all the attention going towards the rich and the wealthy .


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