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Is it appropriate to report the identities of the victims on the basis of ethnicity and religion?

November 4, 2019

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed gave a televised statement on Sunday. Putting the death toll from the recent violence, many describe it as massacre, as 86, the prime minister reported the identities of the victims on the basis of ethnicity and religion.

Abiy Ahmed’s solo press statement has caused widespread criticism from Ethiopian activists.

What is the take of politicians? Take a listen to three politicians.

Video : embedded from Andafta media Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. Ethiopia is a failed state in all measures, the country is being led towards a path leading to a cliff because federal leaders don’t care about the country .

    The federal political leaders care about only their own cliques (the Oromo extremists).
    The rest (except the brave Tigrai ) are being chewed up and spit out one by one like a used chewing gum just because they tried to Medemer. Medemer means being chewed up by Oromo extremists Querro only to be spit out like a used chewing gum when the Oromo extremist is done with you.

    To the whole country the Medemer pill got serious side effects, just to name a few

    1. Medemer may lead to the loss of social values to the majority of young generation .

    2. The economy collapsing beyond repair.

    3. The politics being none relevant to the reality of the people’s lives.


      This speech was warning by Oromo extremist symphatizer directed at reporters journalists not to report the truth about the dead people’s identity to international medias, locals know the truth .

      Few of those ones who the family members picked their dead bodies up, took home to bury avoiding paying bills for medical examiner ambulance or other medical costs were the ones reported as 50 dead Oromos.

      Those bodies picked up with public or Street cleaning took to where paperwork about their identities was documented are not called Oromos.

      Many others who perished are not even counted in his report.

      If PM Abiy was not a fraud about the so called reform and if he sides with the truth he should make available to the free journalists presses Or other concerned bodies the addresses of the victims/family members , the victims full name , the victims age and maybe after that their ethnicity too, all these should have been done for each of the people he reported dead now .It cannot be difficult for him to know their name age addresses while he knew their ethnicity.

      His job as a PM now was to make sure information is available for journalists not to be INSA agent info distorter just like old times, old habits die hard.

      Even some picture and their life story would be appropriate for reporters journalists to have access to so they can report the legacies of those lost, reporters should have free access to interview by contacting the families at whichever shelter they are hiding in since their homes were burnt.

      How many homes burnt should be reported too, along with to who the homes burnt belonged to should be reported by the free press. All that got video camera should try to document the victims story , victims both who died or who survived still alive to.tell their stories deserve their stories heard by the world more than they need material help or food.

  2. Jawar vs. Abiy!

    Jawar has already announced that those burned down places of worship were torched by the victims themselves just to make his ‘well disciplined’ army. According to his well conducted investigation there are more Oromo victims which means the other victims created their own demise. So what is your problem with the PM for using ethnicity in describing the savage act? He was just using the lead by Jawar. He is doing his assigned job. I tell you Jawar is the most feared person now over there. When the very capable president told the nation and the world that the red line has been crossed, Jawar told her off and to stick it!!! Now he announced that the ‘neftegnas’ are after him and his media outfit. I tell you he is the most feared person in the country. It seems that he knows very damaging skeletons on the PM and he is ready to spill the beans on him at a moment’s notice.

    So I don’t see any real conflict between these two individuals. One claims to have the support of more than 50 million people. That is right, 50 million and those 50 million are not from diverse background but from one. The other one is allegedly the leader of 100 million people including the 50 million already claimed by his challenger. From the recent revelation I am not sure why and for what these two act out for us to be adversaries. They both have skeletons in their cabinets. So I tell these two to take their ‘siyasas’ somewhere else. I will not believe the bone the ‘leader’ of the 100 million people has with the OLF now or in the past. What was all that negotiation about in 2018 in Asmara? It was a charade? How could that be? How and what do you negotiate with someone you worked for? I think we all have been had by the slick willies!!! What is the world coming to? As far as I have always known, those who claim to be guided by the Holy Scriptures they are not supposed to do or never do things behind your back. These two are sitting on soiled chairs.

    That was why exactly I opined about the leadership before. I had made my conviction very clear that from now on no one from the three ethnic groups, Oromo, Amhara and Tigray should be given the top leadership position. Anyone from these three is guaranteed to bring along boatloads of undesirable baggage along all the way to the palace. That is if the country is desired to continue in its present day status. All the indications show me that its fate already sealed. And it is becoming too difficult for me now to believe in what the young PM is saying. He said 86 citizens were butchered and more 400 were arrested. I scoured all over the web and could not find a single mug shot of those who committed the savage act or the list of the deceased. He did not say anything about those members of the security who were allegedly just watching the carnage from the safe distance. This accusation was made by the Oromo survivors who fell victims because they refused to join the massacre. I did not hear a single word from him about these government paid by-standers.

    So folks!!! Don’t be surprised if you hear a rash of new ‘republics’ in the near future.


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