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A policeman gets only 9 years without parole for sodomizing street boy

The boy who is allegedly sodomized by the police man in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa is said to be a street boy who was taken by force from the street.

November 4, 2019

A member of police officer in Addis Ababa is sentenced to nine years in prison with no chance of parole for reportedly sodomizing a street boy in the city who is believed to be between 14 and 15 years of age. 

Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Attorney General shared the story on its social media page on Monday.

The case by the Federal prosecutor says the police man committed the criminal act around 1:00 a.m. local time against an underage boy in Lideta Sub-city, district 9. An act of Sodomy itself is a criminal offense according to Ethiopian criminal code.

However, it cited article 631 section 1 A of the Ethiopian criminal act code. The policeman, whose name was not disclosed, intentionally committed the crime on March 12, 2019 at Woreda 9 zone 2 community police service office.

He forced the street boy from where he was sleeping and took him to the police office saying that he is detained. And then, he forced him to take off his cloths and committed sodomy – something that is not morally accepted in the Ethiopian society.

Prosecutor reportedly provided medical evidence from Paulos Hospital and witnesses as evidence said the report by FDRE attorney general report on social media.

The defendant did not confess nor file an answer to the prosecution.

7th bench of the Federal First Instance Court in Lideta considered the ruthlessness of the policeman and abuse of his police power to sentence him to nine years without parole, according to the update by FDRE attorney general.

99 percent of the Ethiopian society is believed to have a religious faith and an act of Sodomy is morally unacceptable. When Toto Tours planned a trip for homosexuals to the Ethiopian Holy place, Lalibela, Ethiopians opposed it vehemently and the trip was cancelled.

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  1. The police and military trainers sodomize recruits promising them good grades throughout their trainings. Gays climb through the ranks quickly as well.

    Military court Marshall had took a stand saying it is out of my jurisdiction to prosecute gay military members, as long as sodomy happens with two concenting adults on their days off outside military properties..


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