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23,000 condo units clandestinely transferred in Addis Ababa, says a report by Wazema


Condo units are transferred to children and grandchildren which was not what was decided by the Addis Ababa cabinet, as per Wazema Report. And the transfer process was clandestine.

November 4, 2019

23,000 condominium units are transferred to individuals in Addis Ababa and its outskirts clandestinely, according to Wazema Radio report on Monday.

Koye Feche, Tulu Dimtu and Kara Kore are parts of the city where the condo units were distributed.

Wazema said that it has confirmed from individuals who have been given these condominium units.  The units were given to farming communities, or their descendants (children or grandchildren) whose land has been allegedly acquired by government for public use on grounds of what is known in the US as “Eminent domain.”

The source added that a raffle draw was scheduled to be held at the Millennium Hall several weeks ago but it then got cancelled, and the draw took place clandestinely.  The source did not say anything about why the raffle draw was cancelled or why it was held clandestinely.

However, Wazema cited what it called credible sources that the distribution and transfer of the housing units was not in line with Addis Ababa city administration cabinet decision. Initially transfer of the condo units, as compensation, was meant to be to head of the family whose land was acquired for “public development” purpose. 

The implementation is a whole new story. In addition to the family head, children, no matter how many they have, are given condominium units. And it is unclear why the cabinet decision was reversed.

It is to be remembered that transfer of condo units in Koye Feche was halted after a draw was administered as individuals who claim to be activists for ethnic Oromo incited a protest calling for the delay of the transfer until Addis Ababa and Oromo region border issue is settled.

For more information about his report, check out Wazema Radio report (in Amharic.)

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  1. Nephtegna is trying to divide OLF hoping it will make OLF weak if some fighters of OLF are moved to Addis Ababa by giving them condos so Nephtegna attack the ones left behind.

    All four zones of Wollega had been under command post state of emergency for more than four months due to OLF activity and this latest solution to.move some to Addis Ababa was what was found to be a solution by command post to win a very OLF. Nephtegna is calculating things as if he is dealing with another nephtegna , he don’t know OLF.

  2. This news made so happy I am overjoyed as all Ethiopians should be jumping up in the air with joy. Mark my words within a few years from now Ethiopia will be self sufficient with food just because this farmers got the proper support and recognition , soon for the first time in a very long time foreign food aid will stop being needed to feed Ethiopians ,this is Medemer at it’s best.

  3. Abiy with Isayas and whoeverelse they got on their sides are extremely weak.
    Badme is for Tigrai people, if they beg us peacefully we might consider it, otherwise Badme is for Tigrai.

  4. Somali , Oromia , Amara and Tigrai regions are about to be covered by locust infestation. The planes deployed to spray chemical got called off the next day for cost budget shortage reasons.

    The emergency reserve disaster fund of the country for civilians is almost empty with the man made disasters the country constantly experienced fot the last two years, not to mention the fight with OLF right now.The only two options left are be said to be to ask South Africa and Kenya for help or to close all schools until all locusts are chased away by students as our ancestors did using smokes.Ethiopia got 75 million people who are at school age.

    • The Human Developmental Index (HDI) rank for Addis Ababa is 0.698 higher than anyother City or region in the country. The HDI rank Amhara region is 0.443 .
      Amara district’s HDI rank is slightly better than Eritrea’s by only 0.003 points, since Eritrea’s HDI is ranking at 0.440 .

      The HDI rank for ethnic Amaras in Oromia is in the negative .

      At the same time the Human Developmental Index (HDI) rank for the Gambella region is 0.539 better by 0.096 than the Amara region’s HDI of 0.443.

  5. The victims of the recent and prior attacks in Ethiopia are giving up any little hope they had , now almond St all are begging for transportation money, to go in exile to foreign lands rather than suffer a slow painfully death in their own country .

    Some are even willing to go to Somalia a country where just recently locust infestations and flood made more than half a million Somalian people displaced from their homes rendering them in need of urgent international humanitarian assistances.

  6. Is there any ocular proof for this report and serious accusation? It is just too general and possibly with no merit. It is a serious accusation. It will not be fair even to the ethnic group itself which the new home owners belong to. Let’s say just for the sake of argument that these beneficiaries are all Oromos. We are told that they number about 23,000 and Oromo population there is estimated to be more than 35 million possibly 40 million. Whoever did this handover, again if that is true, he/she will be swarmed by at least 25 million Oromos who barely have a roof over their heads. It might have been done just to look a hero to the punk rocker and the people at large but it is going to come back and bite him in the rear soon. How about me? How about me? How about me? 40 million of them! I won’t surprise me though if this story is all true. The way I see it now is that there is nothing standing between the ‘republic’ mongering bigots and dysfunctional regime. They can declare their republic today and there is no government to stop them. The young PM by his own admission has revealed that he had worked for the band of criminals and he may still be paying homage to them.

    I also think that he is talking too much unguarded. We just read a story which tells that he had apologized to el-Sisi during their recent sideline meeting in Russia. He apologized to el-Sisi for telling him that the people our gem of the colored will be ready to defend itself. I don’t think there was/is one head of state in history let alone ours who apologized for telling his people have the right to defend themselves.

    The other snafu we all read in a news was that he had promised the Israeli PM to avail his assistance to resolve the issue about the Eritrean refugees currently held up in that country. He had promised PM Nathan that he will work out a solution between the refugees and President Isaias. How can he? Was it a slip up or something worse than that?

    I am one of those who applauded this young PM for many things done since he came to power in April 2018. I never thought he would align himself and hard worked for a band criminals. These two latest founded stories have started to erode away my confidence and trust in him. I hope he will be able to redeem himself very soon because he is it. He is the last gasp for the old country before it goes belly up and asunder. And that will not a pretty sight. Every bigot will declare a ‘republic’ as his own fiefdom just to march the youth into a waiting inferno never seen before in the history of that country. So don’t be surprised if we hear a proclamation bearing the founding of ‘The Republic of __ ‘ soon. May The Almighty Our Creator Save Those Innocent People Who Produced Us All!!!


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