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Shocking,violent killing of an eighty years old man triggers outrage

A picture purportedly showing body of eighty years old man who is allegedly killed by radical ethnic Oromo nationalists who call themselves qeerroo has outraged Ethiopians on social media.

Violent and shocking death of an old man _ Ethiopia

October 30, 2019

Pictures that are in circulation on social media showing victims of the latest massacre in Oromo region of Ethiopia, and sometimes the manner in which they were killed, have been shocking.

But not as shocking as a picture purported to be eighty years old who was violently killed and then his arms were amputated. Borkena is unable to share it on grounds of the shocking nature of the killing as shown in the picture. If you would like to see it on the social media page where it was shared, click here. The identity of the person, exactly where and when he was killed is unclear.

Ethiopian government has disclosed recently that it has caught Al-Shabaab and ISIS elements as they work on terror plan.  But it seems to be clear that last week’s massacre in Oromo region are not related to these terror groups.

There is a widely held belief that radicalized ethnic Oromo nationalist youth under the leadership of Jawar Mohammed, they call themselves qeerroo, at times motivated by religious agenda too, are behind the killings. And it seems that way too.

The government has claimed that it is investigating the matter. Oromo regional state has claimed that it has arrested hundreds of suspects but there are rumors that those arrested are rather Ethiopians who were trying to protect themselves from organized attack from qeerroo. But this has to be verified yet.

Ethiopians are now increasingly demanding for an answer from the government why leaders of such carnage are not held legally responsible.

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  1. The eight year man was killed by so called government force, not Qero. Borkena you bark like a dog at Jawar. By disseminating false info you lose, it backfires!

    • If the govt killed him, it would just be bullet wounds. The man was stoned and arms were cutoff. That looks like a mob action.

  2. Jawar is an idiot playing with fire He know it’s all that he is putting in harm way the very people he claim to fight for. But he is too narsistic and self interested in power to admit it. He is using these headless youth and uneducated and clueless self appointed Abba gedas to commit unthinkable attrocities as barraging chip. Even if these criminal gangs ever evade justice post traumatic stress will make live in hell in this very life. No human can have any mentally healthy life after they committed such crimes. EPDRF and TPLF thugs know this very well. The only way for them to even continue living is to keep killing and that is what is why the Ethiopian people should stand up and arm itself with what it can including arming themselves with guns, bows and arrows like old school and neutrilize them and those who pushed these youth over the cliff and into the abyss. Those politicians, pseudo activists and pseudo intellectuals that have been vomiting hate for the last decades just to amass land and turn themselves rich overnight based on fake truth. Ethnic killils, federalism and land allocation to ethnic elites while murdering and displacing other equal citizens. The falsication of history and ignorance of their own historical injustice in the past both recent and remote of eliminating entire cultures like Ifat and the Gaffat and uprooting many others when they expanded from Borena to Raya in the north through forced assimilation after the Abyssinian-Adal war. The savage behavior that the Jawar dogs showed recently was actually what Minilik wanted to avenge for 300 years of carnage they have caused when he marched south. Even though before he marched with the command of Tulema he did offer them an olive branch to pay tribute and enter in the kingdom peacefully preserving their status like he did with other Oromo clans in the West. But the Arsi went for blood letting instead and there were heavy casualties but a Christian kingdom with law encoded in it’s core would never have done at least officially what these fake historians, politicians, activists and pseudo empty head intellectuals are preaching today .But in the other side today’s Oromo youth barbarism including cowardly mutilating and skinning off women and elderly and killing children and bystanders actually it does even more credit to what Minilik used as a reason to control or hammer all Oromo clans before they do hurt others surrounding them because they were hurting each other and their neighbors brutally for hundreds of years. If today’s Abba gedas iin Bale Robe and and their digital Abba gedas Jawar with their keroos can commit the brutality we have seen in past days one can imagine what we’re doing the Abba gedas and the then keroos 300 years ago for the Oromo to expand from Borena to Raya in just 300 years. Today they are using the same system where keroos or bachelors get the respect and recognition in the Oromo society for how much crime they commit against others. This can only be stopped with counter strong detterent force to actually make them reason for the sake of their own safety. Ethiopians including Oromos who believe in equality of all Ethiopians can not tolerate any more this threat with “Yerasuan yematset yeseu yematneka” approach as they will not be willing to reason ever once they have started their bloody path. Only a strong hammer that threaten their existence will stop them .
    I am affraid due to the composition of forces and the government farce that Ethiopia is heading yet to another gorilla warfare both in urban and rural areas in near future between the forces of good Ethiopians and demagogue ethnic extremist barbarians. Unless ethnic zealots and their apartheid kill system is buried for ever with it’s fake one sided claims Ethiopians will never have peace and equality.

    • IT IS MOGASSA stupid!
      Thanks to the Oromo’s Mogassa and Gudifecha systems and other mass assimilation campaigns by the Oromo, many distinct ethnic communities have lost their past identities, territories and they have forced to become Oromo.
      Thanks to Minilik we have nations, nationalities and peoples in Ethiopia now.
      It only took 80-100 years of Oromo migration 20+ languages were lost.

  3. Can you just remove Ethiopîa from your site any report.

    I felt we have no more unified country called ethioipia , land of humane and hospitable people but rather killers and amputators and hitmen !!

    sad story !

    • chauvinist and radicalist amhara elites he call himself “Mik” is writing as follows:
      Coped from youtube:

      il y a 1 jour (modifié)
      Tigray ye leboch hager neww khulhm aktacha menged mezegat alebet …ezaw ke anbeta menga yigafetu ❤️


      Love Peace
      Love Peace
      il y a 8 heures
      Mike, ANSEBA SLAVE if closing the board benefit you, you can close it forever we have nothing to loss but refugees.

  4. Oromo,Somalis,and others had been subjected as inferiors while Amhara as masters for censuries.
    ithiopia must change it’s culture of governance ,rule of law,rights of marginalised communities

  5. What the government should also investigate is the sources of revenue for these so-called media outfits be it those that advance ethnicity in its rawest and angering form or others with blurred line between news broadcasting and activism. They should be asked to provide the origins of their capital and on-going sources of revenue and that should be the requirement to obtain the required permit.

    We should not be standing up just to blink at the facts that those 60 or 70 citizens dead(now 78 by official count) now were alive and kicking just a few hours before someone went on the social media and told everyone what happened that night. That is the source or the instigating factor for those savage mobs to go out and commit such barbaric acts on innocent citizens. Who knows how many are now just hanging on their last breath? Who knows how many of the wounded will be disabled needing caretakers the rest of their lives? Who guarantees in absolute terms that such barbaric acts will not happen tomorrow or will not be instigated once again at any time in the future? I hate to say this. The federal and regional governments have failed their citizens. This is going to be a defining moment for both. They have to prove that they don’t condone it or even they were NOT part of it by dragging the behind of everyone who is responsible for this shameful act. Those victims didn’t just drop dead from natural causes. Those who clubbed, stoned and hacked the victims didn’t decide to do that just on a whim. They must have been incited by someone. That young man, the president of the Oromia region should never move his poison spitting jaws ever again. He should know better that holding such highest office comes with responsibilities, protecting the safety of residents of the region at all time being the utmost priority. Every word that comes out of his mouth should be guarded and thought twice. He should know that thanks to the irresponsible social media warriors the atmosphere there is so charged up all its needs is a small spark to turn it into a raging fire. And stop making excuses that the carnage was beyond your ability to contain. That was just bovine scatology.

    It also shows the very poor relationship the regional government has with community elders. Our fathers used to stop any fracas even before they erupted. And they did not have a ‘special force’ toting fully automatic rifles to make themselves heeded. They were not magicians either. They did not go to ivy colleges to learn how to stop mob actions. There could have been just 10 police officers armed with bolt action rifles for the entire large districts. They were the ones the local government counted on. It relied on them. That was true for Oromos, Issas ad Afars. And when they handed down their justice they did not discriminate. If the instigator was one of their own, he is gonna get it!!! They grabbed his rowdy behind and would hand him over to the government. I will wait and see if everyone over there in the regional government has the guts to do just that instead of defending someone who lit up this shameful barbaric act. Who knows? The real perpetrators of these killing may be able slip away to find refuge in the neighboring countries and show up somewhere in DC, Minnesota or some joints in Europe as political refugees still thumbing their noses at justice. That is because, according to the Facebook warriors of our days, the victims were the ones to blame for their own demise because they were the ones who instigated it or started the fight. It is just beyond disgusting. .

  6. @t

    Thank you for reminding me about my stupidity. I will try to educate my self more but never from the drink of ethno Nazis of today. I would rather be stupid than subhuman and savage like we have seen them these days. I have found for you a good reading that may give you some light in your obscure world

    The above is an act from an Oromo. But there are much more writings by independent writers right from when Oromos stated their move north from Borena. Southern people have quite a knowledge about the brutality of Oromo expansion as the modern day Gedeos and Amharas experienced it. It also have been documented this brutality as far as by Europeans and Arabs. So what do you think is the point of continuous ethnic Nazis vomiting absurdities about the past to cause havoc in the present and guide the youth to aliving hell. Just self interest. I hope the youth wakes up one day and decapitate and cut the Young’s of these ethnic snakes. From the begining the gada system has been built to orginaze and attank non Oromos there is nothing romantic about it neither today nor in the past. If you organize to resist and defend your self and your community that is virtue, if you go on to help other in risk community is a virtue,. But organizing to kill others to have their livegoid is inmoral. The stupid intellectuals want to glorify even the most gory aspect of it. The prefer to idolize their conquests including war mutilations with symbolic signs rather to pay respect for the old heros that fought to have the black race unchained from colonialism, facism and nazisim. If it is not for those who have their lifes for the country, the people and green, yellow and red flag your ethnic dogs so much hate as they are mostly descendants of banda today you and me would chained slaves and if lucky alive at our ages. Keep eating your burger and do not have even a remorse for the thousands of family lines destroyed by the Oromo expansion warfare and genital mutilation as you will enjoy it in hell together with your symbol.

    • We should start the second Menelik campaign to restore law and order. The so-called Oromia is nothing but stolen land from the old kingdom of Axum/Ethiopia.

  7. And to add more these Oromo raiding by Oromo clans did happen even as recently as three generations as I can hear ioral traditions passed even under the watch of Abyssinian Kings right every where they lived .vWhy do you think Oromos had the largest community of slaves right until the 50s and beyond. These is the history of Bale, Jimma and Wollega and in modern times their victims were mostly small tribes. Today they are doing the same way except holding a slave. The are ganging at state kevel uprooting and claiming someone else livelihood. Tell me what is romantic about it? Gedeos and small omotic tribes and tribes of Gambela have been pushed to almost extinción fue to the ethnic prosperity developers and warmongers. What is glamorous and avitrue on it when you are anihilating your smaller brother? . This “ethinic awakening” and alienation us being used by few banda’s to plunder the country and eliminate all those stand against them. No wonder the ethnic poisoning writers do not mention ever why all the languages, cultures tand livelihood hat was preserved during the king’s times are actually at more risk today we’re the supposed ethnic federalism would gurantee their rights.

  8. Borkena, your life time is as long as this hypocrite PM Abiy is in power, you always misinform your audience. it doesn’t matter borkena or ESTA and the likes are dedicated propaganda machines to berry the truth about oromo people. We’re sorry for your pity visiters. you can’t berry the truth, Now, the time of Abiy is up.

  9. Becareful, OLF be shabia/tplf bemeseretim, hedo hedo ye Oromo mahberesebenem ende amara lematfat azmamia yemeslal. Islamic groups be Oromo sim, Oromon/tikur atfetew Areb yemimesl melk eyemeta niw: Jawar/Dr Aby/Junedin sedo/Muslim activistoch be weyane yetaseru eskezare siw sichefechif zim yalut/ye adp demek hussein/ ye oromo gudifechawoch/Egypt yalut president mame mame youtube lai bik yemilew ena ya siltew. Yihe hulu Oromia wedet aktacha endemihed yetaweke niw. shabi/tplf yasadeguachew somalia wist Oromowoch. bahun gize hulum mahbereseb ityopia negn yemilew eyetegoda niw.


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    የመከላከያ ሚኒስትሩ ለማ መገርሳ ::


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