Shocking,violent killing of an eighty years old man triggers outrage

A picture purportedly showing body of eighty years old man who is allegedly killed by radical ethnic Oromo nationalists who call themselves qeerroo has outraged Ethiopians on social media.

Violent and shocking death of an old man _ Ethiopia

October 30, 2019

Pictures that are in circulation on social media showing victims of the latest massacre in Oromo region of Ethiopia, and sometimes the manner in which they were killed, have been shocking.

But not as shocking as a picture purported to be eighty years old who was violently killed and then his arms were amputated. Borkena is unable to share it on grounds of the shocking nature of the killing as shown in the picture. If you would like to see it on the social media page where it was shared, click here. The identity of the person, exactly where and when he was killed is unclear.

Ethiopian government has disclosed recently that it has caught Al-Shabaab and ISIS elements as they work on terror plan.  But it seems to be clear that last week’s massacre in Oromo region are not related to these terror groups.

There is a widely held belief that radicalized ethnic Oromo nationalist youth under the leadership of Jawar Mohammed, they call themselves qeerroo, at times motivated by religious agenda too, are behind the killings. And it seems that way too.

The government has claimed that it is investigating the matter. Oromo regional state has claimed that it has arrested hundreds of suspects but there are rumors that those arrested are rather Ethiopians who were trying to protect themselves from organized attack from qeerroo. But this has to be verified yet.

Ethiopians are now increasingly demanding for an answer from the government why leaders of such carnage are not held legally responsible.

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