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Gedu Andargatchew held talks with European Union Parliament members

Gedu Andargachew _ European Union
Gedu Andargachew holding talks with members of European Union Parliament. Photo credit: MFAE

October 30, 2019

Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Minster, Mr. Gedu Andargatchew met European Union Parliamentary members today (October 28) in his office. The parties discussed the holistic reform that is going on in Ethiopia and consulted on strengthening the strategic relationship between Ethiopia and the European Union.

Mr. Gedu offered his gratitude for the European Union’s efforts in providing continuous development and humanitarian assistance that promote lasting peace and stability in Ethiopia and the Horn. Mr. Gedu also called for the European Union to encourage investors of member states to extensively invest in Ethiopia. Mr. Gedu briefed the Parliamentarians on the home-grown economic reform Ethiopia is undertaking; the political measures taken so far to build a democratic system, and Ethiopia’s effort to ensure lasting peace in Ethiopia and Africa too. The Minster also urged the European Union to continue helping Ethiopia in its effort to build peace, development and democracy, and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

European Union parliament member and leader of the delegation, Mr. Thomas Tobē on his part appreciated Ethiopia’s determination in ending the stalemate with Eritrea and in striving to achieve lasting peace in the region. He also congratulated Dr. Abiy Ahmed in winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Mr. Tobē also appreciated Ethiopia’s economic growth; the Government’s efforts in widening the political sphere for building a democratic system and its disposition to help refugees live a better life in Ethiopia. He assured Mr. Gedu that the European Union will continue to assist the holistic reform Ethiopia is undertaking.

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  1. Hopefully now with pressure from EU and other entities , METEC will cough up the $70 Billions of Birrs it owes the Ethiopian public.



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