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Ethiopian people will not continue to be ganged up by “neighborhood gangsters”

Berhanu Nega _ Ethiopian People
Chairman of AG 7, Berhanu Nega

October 29, 2019

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice party leader, Berhanu Nega, says that transitional government is not timely issue as an agenda. “If transitional government is important, I think that time has passed now,” he said.

With regards to what unfolded in Ethiopia in the past few days, Dr. Berhanu says that the intent is to make things ungovernable to Dr. Abiy Ahmed so that his government will appear as if it is weak.

He also spoke furiously that government has to stop lawlessness, and he seem to believe that government has power to do so.

He used the word neighborhood gangsters and hooligans in reference to those who are closing roads and causing chaos. In light of the ongoing massacre by this group and in light of hate ideology that is effecting ruthless and barbaric behaviors , it remains a question if relegating the group to a mere “gangster and hooligan” is an accurate understanding of the level of political problem in Ethiopia.

Watch video below and share your thoughts.

Video : embedded from Andafta media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video.

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  1. Is he running to get elected and maintain power or just concerned for the people dying ? He was the one fuled the killings in 1997 and left to US after letting others dying with the fire that he alreday ignited.

    All people who enter the political arena are stone-headed and donot worry for the life of innocent ppl if it helps them to ascend to the throne.

    Most powerful criminals outside the bar, jails. This is including all people , Melese, mengistu , Abiy and all other diasporas in and out who were killing innocent people

  2. BeItyopia sim yeminekaneku erasachew metenkek alebachew Tplf endayasgediluachew. TPLF hone telatoch eyetefcherecheru selehone, teftom bitefam gid selelew Ityopianoch metenkek alebachew. Ene dr berhanu hulunim enqulal aand kirchat wist endayketu metenkek alebachew, bewist ena bewech telatoch hail ke dekamaw Ityopia hezb /Ityopia partioch selemibelt, beteleyaye zerf Ityopia partiwoch honem civil beteleyaye zerf mesatef alebachew. beteley be wich diplomacy Ityopia betaam metenker alebet.

  3. Yes..! I, as an Ethiopian, have unwavering stands towards all the “Welbings” of all my people, and am pretty good at “calling a spade a spade”, if those “brutal”and “extreme-cannibal” agents do not spare from their Nazism ! Each ethnic group is equally benefited from its own “Motherland”! The fact “willy-nilly”, is to that matter ! They must be halted from their idiocy !

  4. As the country is going through manufactured turmoil, Prime minster Dr. Abiye , need to nip the issue in the bud before starting affecting the entire base. These problems are manufactured by “old criminal TPLF gangs”, the Jawar Mohammed and the likes who are funded by GOV OF EGYPT. Thus, – he needs to issue ULTIMATUM to Indicted TplF old gangs to surrender to federal Police within 24hr and INDICT the Jawar Mohammed and the likes who are funded by GOV OF EGYPT based on TREASON

    When Gang leaders had garnered support from the local population not only through fear and intimidation but also by providing services and assistance unobtainable from the government, it is a failure with respect to leadership. There is no possible mediation between democratic law and disobedience and unlawfulness. Even though “The old criminal TPLF gangs” are ostensibly criminal in nature, were an inherently political phenomenon and somewhat powerful elites for their crib, with their instruments of political warfare, with arms, funding, and protection from arrest, the government need to challenge and act by violent, with heavily armed obstructionist elements, with well-trained military and police forces to bring them to justice. The notion pronouncement of an ultimatum, the barometer of political temperature may shoot up is another issue but losing a control is devastating. The “old criminal TPLF gangs” are given a consideration more than they deserves.

    He must take action now – gauge the level of tension “No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it.” – Theodore Roosevelt .Dr. Abiye in several occasion has made abundantly clear, all indicted criminal including “old TPLF gangs needs to surrender” and be treated according the constitution (Article 19) Dr. Abiye must demonstrates, mounting assertive operations to defend and enforce the constitution and capability of leadership- if not “kerro the anarchist” Old TPLF gangs and other political organization funded by EGYPT will take over.

  5. Sam, speaking your mind is the nature of freedom of speech which is the corner stone of democracy and here I challenge you by responding to your premature, stereotyped and nothing but wrong assumption about TPLF members orchestrating the killing of innocent majority christian citizens by siding with so called Jawar mohamed . First of all, Dr. Abiyi is the front figure for fueling hate, general discrimination and blackmailing of Tigraway soon after he took office. His National intelligence office lacks the qualities let alone to protect citizens in remote areas of different states, but also right in Addis Ababa and yet you are calling for the surrendering (which will never happen) of by far the best and effective national intelligence director . second, in the cover of restoring democracy the prime minister opened the door to every extremist such as Jawar, Behanu, OLF leadres. Unfortunately almost all of them are filled with hate and with no courage or potential to be part of a solution to Ethiopian politics and this has already been made clear by their agendas and yet with not enough preparation, risk assessment they were granted full access to manipulate Ethiopian politics. TPLF has been calling for restoring law and order since the beginning and yet people like your self who are filled with mysterious hate has been ignoring the issues. in the process if this innocent citizens are being murdered and stoned because of their ethnicity and religion the government has no answer to any of this barbaric killing by extremities. you should face the facts instead of labeling TPLF for problems our nation is facing. look at your self your prime minister, and all the extremist opposition leaders.

  6. Stop blaming Tplf for everything that’s unfolding.Haven’t you seen the viral video in bale where people met in masses to push out non promos?Was that Tplf’s doing too?if you keep blaming that party for every bad thing happening in this country then the government won’t take responsibility for its failure to protect.We are tired of being lied to like kids

  7. ‘Manim’? ‘Yemender Goromsa’? Yemender ‘shimagile! He can teach you politics. Please you better listen to the person you are saying about. You are outraged because our activist is not rescued. Amazing!

  8. Your Reporting is extremely biased and absoulute ethno nationalist garbage I do not belong to either group but I have seen destruction on both sides. I have been a visitor to the three metioned towns namely Adama, Robe and Dodala for the last three days and I am stuck in one of the town due to security concerns. Please do not make a religious issue to advance your course. The so called upper class people have always used poor people for their own greed and ethnic prejudices, it has nothing to do with religion it has everything to do with hatred created by people at the top from both sides. It has everything to do with so called activists from both sides. They use uneducated and less privileged to advance their twisted ideology. Many innocent lives have been lost . So sad ! ! ! . Keep up with your nonesence one sided amhara nationalism and we will see how far you can go. The distraction of the country will affect all. GOD FOBBID.

  9. Peace,

    Don’t take me wrong, I have no problem with tplf and people of Tigray. The African Union described, PM Meles tplf- leader, “one of [Africa’s] greatest sons” and central to “pioneering a new era of hope and growth in Africa”. David Cameron, UK prime minister, described him as an “inspirational spokesman” who had lifted millions out of poverty.

    How in the world, I will assassinate the character of Melse, original thinker and 60,000 tplf members who fought and died for freedom and democracy for Ethiopia? tplf was the reflection of the Ethiopian people who are diligently working to make poverty history.

    My problem is with the new TPLF’s resentment / failure with respect its leadership protecting selective criminal prosecution of its past and current officials mostly on grounds of extreme crime , violations of human right and corruption.

    This manufactured turmoil unequivocally is the work of Getachew Assefa, who has picaresque experience on clandestine operation, as to protect himself from prosecution and the work of Jawar Mohammed and the likes, and incitement created on social media funded by GOV. of Egypt. (

    Dr. Abiye in several occasion has made abundantly clear, all indicted criminal including “old tplf gangs needs to surrender” and be treated according the constitution (Article 19). He must demonstrate, mounting assertive operations to defend and enforce the constitution and capability of leadership- if not “kerro the anarchist” Old Tplf gangs and other political organization funded by gov. of Egypt will take over or destroy the country.


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