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The way police force organized highlighted as one of the key problems in protecting citizens

October 28,2019

Ethiopia’s long distance legend Haile Gebreselassie, along with Tewodros Shiferaw, appeared on Nahoo TV to discuss the situation in the country .

Among key points raised during their discussion in connection with the damage, in life and property, is the need to rethink the way the police force is organized.

Haile also says he has questions to PM Abiy Ahmed. Four parts interview with Nahoo TV is featured below.

Part II
Part III

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  1. Abiy indirectly or directly promoted the recent events. Arabs corrupted Abiy to sellout his dignity for oil money. , infact Hailemariam wasnot promoting religious conflicts as Abiy is.

    Abiy is getting more and more destructive each day just so his extended families keep benefiting. .He is only elevating the profits of slave owners business owners that degrade Ethiopians..

    The whole world knows that both Abiy’s regime and Hailemariam’s regime are pro one ethnic group superiority over other ethnic groups,.They both are liers and thieves that slaughter Ethiopians just like Mengistu White terror-red terror was.
    For half a century since Girmame Neway’s and Mengistu Neway’s death the country turned into a quicksand type hell whole that kept swallowing the people depper and deeper.

  2. The cause of death of the CIA agent in Ethiopia who was named AGENT Gregg Wenzel is under scrutiny since he routinely did many works in Oromia right before his death in Ethiopia.

    Gregg Wenzel the Monroe man was under cover CIA agent working as a political adviser for the United States State Department.


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