EthioTelecom operation director for west region killed

EthioTelecom operation director for west region _ Gemechis Tadesse
Gemechis Tadesse, EthioTelecom operation director for west region

Ethiopia’s state owned telecommunication, EthioTelecom, operation director for west region is killed, it was reported on Monday.

According to local news sources, the director, who is identified as Gemechis Tadesse, was killed in Nekemte town, in western Ethiopia in Oromo regional state.

EthioTelecom head of executive office, Cherer Aklilu, has confirmed the news of the death, as reported by Addis Maleda Amharic News paper.

However, the circumstances under which he was killed, or who killed him and why he was killed is unexplained at this writing. EthioTelecom confirmed that an investigation is underway to determine all those.

The town he was killed in, Nekemte, is close to an area where the militant wing of radical Oromo ethnic nationalist organization, Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), operates.

Social media sources allege that Gemechis was killed by militant groups but that is not verified.

His death came as a shock to his friends.

Petros Jirata, apparently a friend, wrote the following on his Facebook page:

“I don’t know the reason behind and who killed him overnight. We lost brave person. Gemechis Tadesse, high scorer in high school, top student of jimma university in late 1900, CEO of west division of ethio telecom, who made possible alot of things in the region despite thousands of difficulties, my role model and advisor. You are not one for me. I felt dead when i heard your death.”

Oromo region of Ethiopia experienced one of the worst security crises this past week. More than 67 civilians were reported dead, as confirmed by government sources, after a radical ethnic Oromo nationalist  activist, Jawar Mohammed, wrote on his Facebook page that government is withdrawing security details in the middle of the night.

Of those killed this week, over 50 of them were brutally massacred. Except few, majority of the victims were either stoned to death or clubbed to death by a huge mob group that calls itself as Qeerroo. 

A communication affairs office of the regional state has issued a statement on Monday saying that normalcy is restored in the parts of the region where there was a security problem.

On the other hand, the Ethiopian Defense Force has disclosed on a social media page (see screenshot image below) on Monday that the contingent of the forces deployed in the areas where there was security problems  are authorized to take measures on individuals and/or groups causing the death of innocent civilians.

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