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“All Black” massive peaceful demonstration called in Addis Ababa

All Black Protest _ Addis Ababa _ Ethiopia

October 28,2019

Activists on social media are calling for a massive demonstration in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa this Wednesday to commemorate citizens who were condemned to brutal death because of their ethnic or religious identities in their own country. 

The campaign which is using the hashtag  # AllBlack is calling for residents of Addis Ababa to dress in black for the demonstration. Social media organizers have also disclosed that the demonstration will demand the Ethiopian government to hold those responsible for the death of at least 67 citizens, as confirmed by police in Oromo speaking part of Ethiopia where the killings took place, accountable.  

Out side of Ethiopia, Ethiopians living in the United States have organized a demonstration to take place in Washington DC to oppose the recent horrifying carnage in Oromo region of Ethiopia and demand that Jawar Mohammed, believed to he the cause who also managed to stop road closure in the single update, be held responsible.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed issued a statement on October 26 saying that his government will take decisive action on those responsible while predicting the problem could get worse before it gets better. 

However, reports about a meeting between the prime minister and “Abba Geda,” ethnic Oromo elders that seem to be theoretically considered as measures of “moral compass for the ethnic Oromo community,” a meeting attended by the Defense Minister Lemma Megersa and Oromo regional state president, Shimeles Abdissa, suggest that the prime minister is not consistent with the statement he issued on October 26. The topic of discussion was seem to be rather the concerns of Abba Gada regarding the “reversal of the Federal arrangement”  to which the prime minister reportedly said that his government will not make changes to the federal arrangement.

Also, the prime minister allegedly advised the elders to approach those “displeased” by his government which is unclear if it is a reference to Jawar Mohammed. 

The latest string of violence in the Oromo region of Ethiopia which seemed to have targeted ethnicity and religious identity was triggered after Jawar Mohammed wrote an update on his Facebook in the middle of the night on October 22 claiming that Ethiopian government withdrew security details who were on duty in his residence.  

Activists like Abebe Gelaw are openly calling the Ethiopian government to bring Jawar Mohammed before law and face justice.

Jawar Mohammed _ Violence

Meanwhile, Ethiopian Opposition groups are urging Prime Minister Abiy’s government to act decisively to protect the security of citizens and enforce the rule of law. Some opposition groups have, in fact, criticized the government for inaction in the face of the death of civilians. 

All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) issued a statement condemning the government for what it called  “aggravating the security crisis in the country.” The party said that the government failed to protect citizens while they were killed in their own place in broad daylight. Failure to take legal measures against individuals who have committed crimes in the past has encouraged another round of violence, as reported by DW Amharic. 

Similarly, the Amhara Intellectual Council is calling for legal measures against those who are responsible for the violence and the death of citizens. In a press statement on Sunday, Gebeyaw Tiruneh, who is president of the council, said that lives have been lost and properties created through years of hard work have been destroyed due to the violence that seemed to have an ethnic and religious character in different parts of Ethiopia. If the situation continues as the one witnessed in the past few days, “our country could find itself in an irreversible condition,” he said. 

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  1. abiy should also be brought to Justice. If not this could be a race-based discrimination.

    Amahra clothings should not prevent criminals escape it

  2. I am not sure why Abba gedas have to say anything in political scene anyway. Are we in Ethiopia in secular with religious freedom or are we in a caliphate of abba gedas. Who cares of what they have to say unless one follows their customs. Is the Orthodox or any other institutions allowed to interfere in political decisions like these so called Abba geda are doing it. In any case did any of these Abba gedas did prevent ever the massacre and desplacement of non Oromosninvtge past? Or did they actually encouraged it? One now’s from the past all what the did including the Gedeos biblical mass exodus. And yes the federalism as it is now has to go as if is true federalism the current entitlement and kilil boundaries does not represent all Ethiopians nor was consulted never with Ethiopians. It was backdoor deal between TPLF, Shania and OLF. You can not throw or make second hand citizens, millions of citizens that does not alien with your fictitious kilils. And there is no moral reason for one ethnic group to have the upper hand on those kililis. That is why they should be turned down, period. And your claim that settlers did take away your land is as debatable as each piece of land that the abva gedas claim was also forcible subduing of entire populations all the way from Borana all the way to today’s Raya after the Adal musilm invasion. That is how recent is your entire history of claim. So only one thing is workable and that is to work with every citizen with fairness. DERG although brutal it did bring everyone to same level, specially with land to farmers proclamation with it’s weakness of forcing farmers to the state. That land ownership with probably giving full market value to the farmer and tilter not based in ethnicity is the only way out of the current mayhem. Do not expect to do ethnic cleansing and murdering othes to get preferencial benefit or will make you and your decendats live in prosperity. That in fact is your destruction and that of your decendants.

  3. his days are numbered and before he seeks refuge at the US embassy, he should be tried for the murders, lootings and dispacements he perpetrated.

  4. Genocide is intentional action to destroy a people (usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group) in whole or in part. The hybrid word “genocide” is a combination of the (“race, people”) (“act of killing”).[1] The term genocide was coined by Raphael Lemkin in his 1944 book Axis Rule in Occupied Europe.[2][3]

    The United Nations Genocide Convention, which was established in 1948, defines genocide as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such” including the killing of its members, causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group, deliberately imposing living conditions that seek to “bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”, preventing births, or forcibly transferring children out of the group to another group.

    Prime minster Abey Ahmed and sheik jihad Mohamed should be responsible. it is every true Ethiopian responsibility to protest and report this inhuman killing that was committed by the Oromo people .

  5. The PM administration should press the US officials to restraint their citizen. A government that is kind to provide personal security has every right to call it off at any day if it arrives at a decision that it is not needed anymore. It has all the indication that the wanton violence instigated by the very irresponsible individuals and groups was clearly ebbing. But Woe! Woe to our flesh and blood who were savagely chopped up and bludgeoned to death. Woe!!! Woe!!! Woe!!! Let’s join the citizens of Addis/Finfine in expressing our heart-felt sorrow for the deceased and sympathy for their loved ones by donning black bands on our arms on that day and the entire week that follows. Let’s have them in our thoughts.

    In the meantime, I call upon and down on my knees the editors of this esteemed website not to let hate filled comments and insults ride here for everyone to see. I also call upon them to pass along my desperate pleas to their colleagues who are also editors of similar websites. I know hits on your website are the bread and butter for sustainability. It is the days of commodity sold in bits. The largest companies today in terms of market capitalization are not those that manufacture widgets but rather those that sell bits. The culture of that exemplary self censorship and restraint by mainstream media seems to be slowly being eroded by this new reality. I realize that this new ‘industry’ has helped millions to pull themselves out of abject poverty. But in our case where the citizens there do not have the maturity in this ‘specter’ and with no one there to help them prudently navigate through it all the consequences can be disastrous. Please weed out those who spew insults using derogatory terms such ‘neftegna’, the ‘G’ word instead ‘Oromo’ and other pejoratives from your websites. Consider such individuals Ted Bundy’s and Charles Mansons. They are good for nothing. They are menace to society and those glorious people who produced us all. Please! Please! Please!!!

  6. All history books have been saying of the Oromos “the majority group without a voice”. Now that we have raised our voice for the first time in 500 years, let’s use it constructively especially influential people like JM. There is no justification for a single life to be lost.

  7. Jawar mohammed is terrerist, moving to countries which hate Ethiopia and wants to stop Ethiopian peoples developmental projects ,he also collecting money from Arab countries and trouble Ethiopia peoples , he is at back of every massive killing in the countery, instead ,wolaita peoples in sidama hawassa, gamo peoples in burayu,differet peoples in hana-mursi and etc. Thus Jawar is not Ethiopian citizen currently.

    • it was one sided killing, terrorizing, one sided burning people alive.

      50 years of hate speech, BS story tribal stupidity have changed people to animals.

  8. People of Ethiopia Requesting Extradition of hate preacher jawar Mohammed, from the U.S.
    for me that is not enough. he should be shot where ever found. he is the the cause for the death of many ethiopians.

  9. Even if we are yet to conclude to the level of genocide, indeed almost the majority of what has been listed are observed in part; with a lot of messes and complications. The plan could be in the longrun. The first step seemed to be on religion which targeted races( such as say habesha, kush, etc) that come under; meant to attack ethnics such as Amhara and Tigree to my brain/knowledge/ with intention of attacking the most aware historically in the country. It seems ethnic cleansing. Avoiding inter ethnic sexual or marriage meant to detach or separate all in the longrun is one strategy.
    The system follows unbelievable strategies and tactics nearly above the ordinary human brain to achieve its objectives. Fear, terror, financial or economical attack, division within politics, disabling not to work, on education and research, taboo trajectories, sex related crimes, paving condition for corruption scandals, disabling from enjoyment and social participation, programmed robotically. This are all my long ago notes everyday that I am narrating. I feel many are innocent and not able to relate each and every event to conclude. By chance, God created me composed of a number of constituents ethnically with information and I have a complete picture of all religions in my country also in addition to my educational background. I do know the practical problems, doubts, pushes behind and confusion among all. Most of our people are innocent and driven as i understood. They mostly use weak points or sides of each individuals to accomplish attacks on one another hiddenily. Hope this might give a clue as to what is going on and serve as an additional information to clear our current problem in Ethiopia. Bravely provided by citizen for the sake of humanity.

  10. F*** all this let’s end this my cousin my friends are all harmed by this fight
    Jawar mohammed should be thrown in prison that mother f*** is all the trouble coming from
    He is the leader and those who is promoting to kill are his dogs
    Abiye bought so much attention
    And hope but he is him self criminal
    If he was doing justice then he would have ordered immediately to kill jawar he stand by his side f*** all this shit

  11. Denying is the last stage of Genocide, the whole world need to know what happened to poor
    defenseless Ethiopians.
    cutting breast, dragging dead bodies , taking eye out, burning people alive.

    OLF and Joywarin’s are blaming the dead, denying and hiding dead bodies.

    Joywar made millions of non Oromo Ethiopian extremist this week to have hardline view toward others
    we know hundreds have been slaughtered for get the 70 BS.

  12. Genocide Watch

    Classification Symbolization Discrimination Dehumanization Organization

    Polarization Preparation Persecution Extermination Denial

    The past 50 years this was the process tribal animals used it on Amhara.

    now Joywar and his bro’s are denying the body mutilation but admitting the killings.
    this fool at local police station in Oromia said only on person’s breast was mutilated .WORD.

    • I think it’s time we start Amhara liberation front and reclaim all our peoples that are stuck in the Oromo lands. The truth is those Ethiopians were largely native settlers of the land until Oromo migrated and occupied them during 16th century.

      • Chigiru eko esu niw. Hezbin behulet niw yemikeflew:
        1. Nesawchiwoch beShabia yetemeseretew bechawen ityopian megudat endemaychil silemyawk, becommunist /socialist sebeb Wetatochin (EPrp), tplf , olf aderaje. yemiredut arebochena merabawian nachew of course. lelaw sayker, somalia wist hulu eske zare dires hail yalew niw Shabia+tplf. Somalia ityopoian siwer be Derg gize, Shabia/tplf abrew yewagu neber ityopian lemegudat. TPLF siltan 27 amet sikotater, Nesawchiwoch (shabia, tplf, olf, onlf, etc) tikit yeneberut, zare milionoch afritual. Wanaw ye Shabia alama, anti ityopia groupochin memesret niw. Ergetegna negn, Amara wistim temesritual be Yodit Gudit meknyat.
        Ye Shabia alama, kim bekel yazele hono, shewan/minilien lemafres niw lemin be Talian kign gizat ertra teyazech bemalet yeweshet tirikt. Prof Larebo tenagrewal, Talian Mereb Melashen sitiyez, Minilik endewem yelem neber, bezan gize Ase Yonnes and Tedros negsina yeneberachewena, lesiltan fukikir lay neberu. Silezih yerasachewen ye tigrigna tenagari/ase yonesen weyem talian sigeba yeneberew meri niw meteyek yalebet, minilik shewam hone semen minim seltan yelewem neber. minalbatem betan gize ase tedros esir bet wist sayhon aykerem neber. Semen meriowch Ase yohanes hone tedros wedket ena alemekotater, lelelaw bota asgi neber. selezih mehal debuben bemulu mazegajet neber telatoch: Gibse, Sudan, Talian hulu semen gebtew ageritun amesuat. huletum meriwoch dekamanet, endezarew, ityopian /akababiachew engliz belakechachew gorebet ageroch sititames, abro endemesrat, ers bers neber yemiwaget. Tilk sihetet! Zarem endezihu niw endewim, selam/arko asabi yeneberewen ye mehal ena debub dires zare torinetun amtitewital.
        2. Dekama Ityopian hail.

        Yemigermew eske zare dires Ityopiawi negn yemilew hail, ageritu betelat endeteyazech le 40 amet beteley le 27 amet sayderaj bewistim hone bewich, lik dr Aby siltan siyez, yebelete wede zerachew gebu. yet neberachew lemin ityopia yemil tenkara hail altemeseretem bewich hail. endet begosa sibal ityopia negn sitilu wede gosachehu gebachehu?

        Ityopian yemitadegat lik be Minillik/H/selassie gize, ewnet yehonu ityopiawi nachew. demokrasy ametalehu malet zebet niw. kkkkkkk yeityopia huneta eko yemiwesenew, bewich hail niw. lelochim ager eyetamesu yalu, yehe hulu alama eko Adisun Alem dirijit lememsret niw. Selezih yeityopiam meterames enesu endemifeligut kalhone ityopia sikai ayalkim manim mann yehun. Elekunis bezih esat wist lik ende Minilik yemiyadinat strategist meri mefeter alebet. Lema Megersa tinish wed Minilik yemiyazig yimeslegnal. ewnet kehonu Team Lema, yediro gize silalahone, Ityopian aand yemiyaderg ena ewnet demokrasy yemiyameta sereat lemamtat, aydelem aand gileseb dr aby, huletim aychalim meknyatum tigilu kewich, kewist ena kegoretbet niw. Shabia endadregew, beteleyaye kinf Ityopianochin maderajet niw. manegnawem group enkifat yemiyadergu beteley J-war, esir bet keto, wede sirachew mehed. beteley bediplomacy betaam mesrat alebachew. Guyachew eko ene shabian, ene Gebeyehu? Igad Abyen yemeretew sewye wana kindegna eyeketeru Ityopian yemigodu yemigedlu enji minim lewt ayametam.

  13. Keep on advancing your course …. We will see how far you can go.

    Jawar Mohammed will never be charged just because some self-righteous amhara activist think. I dont think how jawar does things are the most smartest way to go but that’s my opinion only. The self interest of Amhara elite is mind blowing.
    The idea that this ethnic group is going to get control if this country is dangerous and backward.


  14. Jawar is a HERO to the oppressed Ethiopian ethnic groups, not only to Oromo people. There is no way that you hassacinate Jawar and and sit back idle. It’s not Jawar who is the cause but it is the illusion of those who want to bring back the previous oppressive neftegna regime. Jawar is not responsible. He never organized the demonstratio, though the demonstration was hijacked. Thank God he was saved. The worst bloodshed could have happened. According to the phone calls made between police officers, it seems it was organized by higher officials. Every ethnic group was killed in the demonstration, most of them by bullet injury shot by defence force. I condemn any killinng against innocent people irrespective of ethnicity, color, religion and race.

  15. Jawar is an idiot playing with fire He know it’s all that he is putting in harm way the very people he claim to fight for. But he is too narsistic and self interested in power to admit it. He is using these headless youth and uneducated and clueless sold appointed Abba gedas to commit unthinkable attrocities as barraging chip. Even if these criminal gangs ever evade justice post traumatic stress will make live in hell in this very life. No human can have any mentally healthy life after they committed such crimes. EPDRF and TPLF thugs now this very much. The only way for them to even continue living is to keep killing and that is what is why the Ethiopian people should stand up and arm it self with what it can including arming themselves with guns, bows and arrows like old school and neutrilize them and those who pushed these youth over the cliff and into the abyss. Those politicians and intellectuals that have been vomiting hate for the last decades just to amass land and turn themselves rich overnight based on fake truth. Ethnic killila, federalism and land allocation to ethnic elites while displacing other equal citizens. The falsication of history and ignorance of their own historical injustice of eliminating entire cultures like Ifat and the Gaffat and uprooting many others when the expanded from Birena to the north through forced assimilation aftevthe Abyssinian-Adal war. The savage behavior that the Jawar dogs showed recently we saw was actually what Minilik wanted to avenge for 300 years of carnage they have caused when he marched south. Even though we before he marched with the command of Tulema he did offer them an olive branch to pay tribute and enter in the kingdom preserving their status like he did with other Promo clans. But the Arsi went for blood letting instead and there were heavy casualties buy a Christian kingdom with law encoded would never have done at least officially what the politicians, activists and pseudo empty head intellectuals are preaching today .But in the other side today’s pOomo youth barbarism including cowardly mutilating and skinning off women and killing children and bystanders actually it does even more credit to what Minilik used as a reason to control or hammer all Oromo clans before they do hurt others surrounding them because they were hurting each brutally other for hundreds of years. If today’s Abba gedas iin Bale Robe and and their digital Abba gedas Jawar their keroos can commit the brutality we have seen in past days one can imagine what we’re doing the Abba gedas and the then keroos 300 years ago for the Oromo to expand from Birena to Raya in just 300 years. The are using the same system where keroos or bachelor get the respect in the Oromo society for how much crime it did commit against others. This can only be stopped with counter strong detterent force to actually make them reason for the sake of their own safety. Ethiopians including Oromos who believe in equality of all Ethiopians can not tolerate any more this threat with “Yerasuan yematset yeseu yematneka” approach as they will not be willing to reason ever once they have started their bloody path. Only a strong hammer that threaten their existence will stop them .


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