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Abiy’s Rudderless Leadership in Ethiopia (Aman Awalo)

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed _ leadership
Abiy Ahmed. Photo file (credit : FBC)

By Aman Awalo
October 27, 2019

Although Ethiopia has survived for thousands of years though not with such weak leadership, it will despite Abiy’s rudderless organization and blind faith in humanity.

Dr. Abiy has become a figurehead without power to uphold the rule of law. He has turned Ethiopia into a lawless country by failing to follow known protocol of leadership. Rule of law is paramount in any society for the protection of life, liberty and property.

He knows that ethnic federalism is unworkable in the 21st century, mostly after recent bloodshed and displacement of millions of people simply on the basis of ethnicity. Such systems failed in the old Soviet Union, in Yugoslavia and other places without a strong leader at the center. Unfortunately, he is gutless or still believes naively in fairness and wisdom of humanity to bring the ethnic system to an end, ushering a democratic system based on principles applied in the rest of the world.

Dr. Abiy talks great, makes peace with Eritrea, in Sudan and everywhere, but not in Sidama, not in Tigre, not in Gonder, not in Wollega. Paramilitary forces or ethnocentric groups trample the rule of law without any consequences on a regular basis.

In Wollega, dozens of banks were robbed and there is no evidence anyone was arrested. When the first bank was robbed, one can understand absence of readiness or the surprise elements of the attack, but when over a dozen banks get robbed repeatedly, you would expect the government would put police or security to stave off more bank robbery.

When Asamnew planned to murder or organize a coup, there was no intelligence to stop him before undertaking his surprise assassination. When the gangs in Sidama burn churches, rob shops, kill innocent people, there was no one to stop them despite the fact that they were threatening and organizing all along.

When Jawar Mohammed stokes religious and ethnic division to make the country ungovernable or when he exhorts protection money from minorities such as Siltes, Adares and others against attacks from his own gangs or sometimes mistakenly called Querros, there is no consequences. 

When the Woyanes fled with all the loots or billions in gold, U.S. dollars and birr which is financing most of the current insurrection in the country, there was no plan to freeze their assets or arrest some of the culprits.

When Mengistu Hailemariam was in power, he organized a militia to counter any opposing forces. When the Woyanes saw a threat to their hold on power after the 2005 election, they undertook a membership drive by creating up to 6 million cadres and created 1:5 spy network, although for the wrong reasons, primarily to keep their minority and oppressive system. Although Querros, Zerma and Fanos were organized as an ethnic group to oppose the Woyanes, unfortunately there was no plan by Abiy’s government to co opt them under his wing or entice them to join the democratic process instead of letting them be captive or taken over by fanatic forces like Jawar and Asamnew.

One of Abiy’s resume that made him so attractive was his intelligence background making some people believe he knows what is going on and he is keeping a tab on potential rogue forces. When hundreds of soldiers arrived in the palace to assassinate him, he had no prior intelligence, though he was able to deflect it. When Woyanes organized to assassinate him during his speech in Addis Ababa, he again had no prior knowledge or intelligence, though he got the assistant police chief fired in protest.

This shows that Dr. Abiy has no idea what is going on in the country and he has no intelligence network to keep the country safe from rogue forces. In the past, when local forces were unwilling to keep security, it was the federal police that intervened to handle any crisis. Now if the local police failed to uphold the law or gangsters start killing or burning, Abiy has to get permission from local police or zone administrator before the federal forces can intervene. He has the whole system turned over its head. It seems local forces have more authority than the federal government instead of being vice versa. 

When TPLF started vetoing the federal government there was no action or again when OLF starting killing and robbing banks in Wollega, there was no action. 

 When Governor George Wallace refused to let black students to enter the University of Alabama in June 1963 because of their race, it was the federal government that took charge and enforcing the rule of law and gave protection to black students from an angry white mob. The same process took place in Arkansas. In Ethiopia when ethnic mobs and gangs burn churches, mosques, businesses and kill people, there is no federal force to intervene, as the local police have become part of the problem. 

Ethnic policing

In most cities like Bahir Dar, Nazareth, Shasheme, Jimma ethnic policies are in charge of policing, even if the population is diverse and is not dominated by any ethnic group. For example in Nazareth or Adama, majority of the population is non-Oromo, but Oromos are in charge of Mayor’s Office and policing and refuse to speak the official language, Amharic in dealing with constituents. This fact is true in other cities.  This put ethnic minorities at the mercy of local ethnic gangs because the police don’t seem to care about giving equal protection to other Ethiopians. This encourages mobs and gangs to act in wanton and reckless manner. This also leaves all Ethiopians in Nazareth or Debrezeit and other cities at risk and vulnerable to attacks and intimidation by organized gangs. 

In most places around the world, leaders or administrators are elected by the residents of their city, unlike Ethiopia. This alone is a major factor fueling lawlessness in the country. This inhibits investments because of high risk of looting and gang violence, exacerbating youth unemployment and gang activity. No one has representation because the mayors are appointed instead of being elected by their constituents. Historically most appointments even if tainted with nepotism were merit, not ethnic based.

Failing to hold election of local representation in Addis Ababa and other cities as promised by Dr. Abiy has brought about most of the problems and lawlessness the country is facing now. 

This is raising a cloud of suspicion about Abiy’s ability and legitimacy to govern, meaning, there has to be a change or some form of intervention before the whole country becomes ungovernable.

To prevent Ethiopia from unraveling, there has to be another social movement via social media and on the ground organizing the youth on common grounds. If Dr. Abiy was as shrewd as he wants us to believe, he would have coopted Fanos, Querros, Zerma and other youth movements under his wing by now.

Ethiopians should not put all the burden on Dr. Abiy instead start blasting Jawar in Facebook, distrusting his network and supporting and encouraging other Oromos to defy his destructive strategy. It’s also important to identify all Oromo agitators and their followers who are engaged in criminal activities by passing their name to the State Department and human rights organizations.

Dr. Abiy has to come out of his laurels as a pontificator, call an election in major cities to create a fair representation, and act as an enforcer of rule of law by coopting the youth from the likes of Jawar, Asaminow and slowly reign on ethnic and religious fanaticism that is engulfing the country.

While Dr. Abiy is letting the likes of Jawar and gangs associated with him run roughshod against the rule of law, Ethiopians need to document each and every incident and individuals engaged in such heinous act. Mayors, police chiefs and governors who are letting such act take place by abrogating their duty to protect innocent people and to apply the rule of law in the protection of all citizens in their jurisdiction should be identified so that they can face crime against humanity and ethnic cleansing in the International Court of Justice and their name to be blacklisted by U.S. State Department and the treasury.

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  1. Awaj!

    Ahun tinikniku, Ityopian wede demokrasiaw ager lemewsed sayhon, begara Nesawchiwoch (TPLF/Shabia/OLF) Ityopian yemegzat gudai niw! TPLF ende telat asmesilew Shabia/olf be Dr Aby wist eyeseru niw. TPLF/shabia til yelachewem! Adwan TPLF/Shabiawoch yeyazut Ityopia telatin dil yaregechiw Adwa selehone niw, lenesu endemashenef niw yekoterut. TPLF/Shabia/OLf zarem relevant nachew ityopia lai, yemiserut lewech hager niw. Yeityopia hezb betenkek abro kalhone kasfelege bemegenetatel, kefelegu korartew Ityopian lemegzat kewech hail gar niw. Shabia yewishet, Oromowen ende telat asdrgew, Amarawen mashkormem jemerewal. Lemanegnawem semenu bitalel, lemenor sil enkuan abro bisera, alamaw ye Shabia/TPLF/OLF, betechale meten Oromon ena Amaran torinet wist mektet. Wana dreamachew, Shewan (bego yehone mahbereseb, yeteleyaye yezer kelemat yalew hezben) lematfat niw. Shewa yesilitane maekel nat hulum befikir yeminor, lezih niw matfat yemifelegut, Semen negus endihon! Ya tilik helm niw semen aygezam lewech ager key baheren/Abay wenzen/afaren lemasrekeb niw. Semen demo nechoch/areboch linorubet niw, lezih niw Shabia/tplf wede debub torinet yemikeftut, bezeregnet gamon/oromon/debubun abaltew metew akababiwen lemeyaz niw. Oromo mahbereseb, OLf matfat alebet. Tigray mahbereseb TPLF matfat alebet. semen amara mahebereseb, tplf/shabia aleka yodit gudit alebet, enesun masweged alebelezia enesum lelaw mahbereseb lai torinet yihew eyekefetu niw be sime Agazian (tplf/shabia/yodit gudit), yewich hail lemerdat bicha ityopian lmasbelat ketenkesakesu 50 amet honual.

  2. Ityopiawi yehone Oromo, kehualaw Amaraw, Debubu bemulu yemiredut meri mefeter alebet! Siltan yemiwesdu be Shabia/TPLF wist bemulu, enken alebachew, zim bilew seltan be Shabia/tplf aysetachewem. Werkney Gebeyehu Eritrawi Igad president hono lishom niw, ye ityopian hezb yechefechefe. Dr Aby liyashomew niw. Silezih enezih meriwoch ende H/Mariam Desalegn, le tplf/shabia tegezi enji minim lewt ayametam. berasu merim bihon wede zeregnent Oromo-Umma mehonu aykerim. Selezih, Ehadeg wechi meri behezb kesemen eske debub degaf yemisetut meri mefeter alebet. Yihenen andinet fertew tplf/shabia already ke wech hailoch gar eyeseru niw. Ye Ityopia hail nen yemilu Arbegnoch/G7/Ezema, bemulu wetet ayametum be Shabia sir eskehonu dires. tigilachewen yadakemew eko Shabia niw Ertra wist. Enesun eyeyaze shabia bej azur tplf alebet, ityopia yemil tigil befesum wetetama ayhonum! Olf bezerem binkesakes be Shabia sir niw yemihonew. Amaraw binkesakes be shabia sir niw yeminkesakesew. Shabia bej azur enezih ityopiawianen le tplf masheblel niw. dr aby tilik sehetet argual wech hail serategna selehone eshi bilo ke shabia gar tareke. Wanaw zedew, Shabia ityopia wist gebto endeyez enji, tplfen matfat aydelem. denkoro ityopia sima! TPLF ena Shabia altetalum! endet yetalalu, Isayas+Sebhat = 1 dem nachew!!!

  3. Bahunu gize Shabia/OLf (yeshabia wing Dawit Ibsa), Oromo tsinfegnoch bene Team Lemma lai eyegalebu niw. Oromo tsinfegnoch ye Oromon /Amaran hezb eyasfeju niw.

  4. If Obbo Jawar has a common sense, he should have waited until the business hours and go to the HQ of the federal office and ask for answers. No, that was not his cup of tea. He likes drama. He likes publicity. He enjoys his grandiloquent image when speaking to a crowd. He has been spoiled by everyone including those in the media everywhere for not asking him tough questions and for not challenging him for hard and ocular evidence. When he claims to be someone with experience in international mediation between warring groups, nobody asked him for a proof. When he claimed right on an international media that Oromos used to be jailed en masse for speaking Oromifaa, nobody asked him for ocular proof. I wasn’t. My father wasn’t. More than a million my Itu Oromos weren’t. The entire Western Hararghe was buzzing with Oromifaa on market days. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to buy a single can of life saving grain. The whole area was buzzing in Oromifaa even when the late emperor’s motorcade passing through it all. But he was allowed to harangue such anger fusing diatribes unchallenged. Such unchallenged personality in a ‘leadership’ role has given him the wrong impression about himself in that he feels he can make that gem of the colored into anything he desires. He might have been led to believe that he can hand out ‘republics’ like candies to anyone he feels like it. You want a separate ‘Republic of Tigray? Just tell me when. I heard you want a new spanking ‘Republic of Sidama’. Say when! You want a religious republic? Let me talk to the Wahhabis first because they are the big buckets and I will get back to you with the good news. Remember I will be the only qualified persecuted punk artist to be the president of all new republics!!! Get it? Not you, Me!!! Anyone who has a center cut fillet mignon? I’m getting hungry here!!!

    Folks, this is the usual consequence when someone is left unchallenged as ‘de facto leader’ of any group. The late PM was left unchallenged once he was able to wrestle away a front that was founded for a noble cause. He wanted to form a party called Marxist-Leninist nobody in his entourage came out challenging him. He was allowed to puke that satanic verse by Marx that religion is the opium of people in that bastion of Christianity where Negash(Nejashi) saved Islam. He was led to believe that he was absolutely infallible. If he wanted to kill prisoner war against the Geneva Convention he gave a hoot about that and he sent them to be shot somewhere faraway in remote location. Nobody can tell you where their Allah created sacred bodies were buried or disposed. That must be a lesson to all those who are now there on the spot. No one should be left unchallenged for their follies. Spades should be called just as that, spades. There should be any tolerance for lies and exaggeration. Everyone should be aware of the fact that there is a significant section of any given society that does not possess the sophistication to look through what it is hearing or reading. And this section is potentially the most dangerous, the most destructive and the most deadly. This section is the one who was told ‘There were here to kill me in during the night and when I was in bed’. And we had this. We had such unimaginable act of savagery I now have to live the rest of sunset life ashamed with as an Oromo.

  5. Abiy government is not only hetistant but self interested in prolonging the mayham and innocens life sacrifice. That is what his party has done for the last 27 years. There have been zero punshiment in the last 27 years for ten of thousands of innocent life’s that have been slaughteed in the so called Oromia by ethno-radicals associated either with OLF or ODP. The only solution vis for the Ethiopian people to arm itself and defend itself. we have real internal danger to all Ethiopians and the only way out it to fight it. Even members of the army should forget about the command chain and make judgement on what they should do. The command chain is so corrupt that is bending to the Oromo radicals. The real slaughter in mass should be on those hateful ethnic based intelectualls that have pushed the Oromon youth into the abyss rather than on poor innocent people. It is a matter of time before the sword turns around.

  6. Selam Ittu,

    Thanks for the nice write-up here. I don’t believe you should feel ashamed for actions others have done even though you share language and ancestry with the people who committed “unimaginable act of savagery”, as you wrote. You didn’t do it; they did it. If anybody needs to go thorough remorse, it’s them and their enablers, not you. Unfortunately, the dog whistlers from afar and the local authorities close to the action, who should have stopped the mobs, are the last people to feel any sense of guilt. They have lost their moral compass completely – shame on them.

    But regarding the self-appointed ethnic capo who started it all, I assume there should be enough legal grounds to bring him before the court of law. It seems to me that this is a case of shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater and the ensuing chaos killing dozens (67 the last I heard) and injuring more than a hundred people. If the person, as has been reported, wrote, “I’m surrounded by the government police and my life is under threat”, without the facts not supporting him and that message motivated the gang groups the next day to murder wantonly, I think this is as clear a case as it can get for getting him prosecuted. Prosecuting him may cause more chaos, but I think letting such a heinous act go unpunished for “political expediency”, as I am afraid this will turn out to be, would be a real reason for national disgrace. It’ll have unforseen consequences too. If Abiy lets this one pass, the implications are obvious: people across the board will conclude that the PM values his image as “a man of peace” in the eyes of the West more so than the lives of his fellow countrymen. And ordinary Ethiopians will start to realize that they have no one but themselves for self-protection. Expect more illegal weapons to come into the country. God help us.


    • Obbo Tedla,

      I come to you in peace nothing but for peace!!!

      What we heard is a horrible destruction and murder nobody should condone. There should not be any justification or excuse. Innocent citizens were hacked, stoned and clubbed to death. Those victims have nothing to do with whatever happened to others now or at any moment in the history of that gem of the colored, the savior of both major religions.

      When I demanded the reasons why innocent peasants were savagely butchered in 1992-3 the first answer I got was it was not members of the ‘liberation’ front. I was told it was the ‘Woyane’ army who committed the massacre to make ‘us’ look bad. When I told them that I had my own relatives do the investigation that discounts their explanation, and then I was told that the victims provoked the incidence themselves. How a 78yr old bedridden elderly instigate any fracas with those armed to the teeth? That was the end of my conversation. And I knew it for the fact that they were inciting people on fighting the non-existing boogieman ‘neftegna’.

      I also know the founders of ‘liberation’ this and ‘liberation front’ that gallimaufry of groupings were once the red cubs of the blood thirsty Mengistu killing outfit. That was when they murdered one of my young cousins who they labeled as a ‘neftegna hugger’ and ‘neo-Gobena’. They came to his residence in a dead of the night and took him away not to be seen again after knocking out his screaming mother. His mother died many years later still wailing for her only son. I had a plan for that young boy to bring him here so he will pursue his education. I will never forgive them for that and I am not the one who has the right to do that. It was up to his mother to do the forgiveness and she is not with us anymore. For them now is my turn. You might have read their reaction to my various comments in which I extolled nothing but peace and harmony. You might have seen them accusing me of treason and calling me a traitor. You know what penalty treason carries in almost every country of the world.

      I tell you what. The media outlets here in our midst should also share the blame for such violent prone punk rocker to go unchecked over the years. You could have seen them smitten with him and these so-called leaders of ‘liberation fronts’ during interviews. I don’t know if you can call that appeasement or shaking in their boots in utter fears. No one was bold enough to put his/their feet to the fire. To me there is a parallel between the punk rocker and Ayatollah Khomeini during the years 1977-79. I am not sure how old you are but I still remember how he was with a convoy of prominent reporters including the late Peter Jennings on the flight back to Iran after more than a decade in exile. The cleric used to live in France for one or two years until his return to Iran and he was allowed to do the ‘coming home’ in style. In an exclusively chartered Air France jetliner that is! Upon arrival he was provided with a lavish villa and his own security detail. After that the rest is history. He and his successors have continued to be nightmares to the citizens of Iran and the freedom lovers worldwide. Remember that cleric was talking like an angel until he took the mantle of the sole leadership of that historic country. No one was challenging him and if there was anyone he labeled him a traitor not to him but to the faith itself. By the time he was dead there were more than 3 million Iranians dead and their economy in shambles for more than 4 decades now and surviving mainly on illicit trade.

      I know why the media outlets were so reluctant to ask tough questions. They were scared witless of being called the media of the ‘neftegnas’. What they over looked is the fact they have been deemed as such already by these bigots. Now I see them talking but it might be just too late. He is on location itself can call more than a million ‘mujahadeens’ to active duty at a moment’s notice just to victimize innocent souls. Now you have the hobo spider inside your house and deal with it. For this bigots it is ‘liberation or bust’; it is a new ‘republic or bust’. They are so determined to take that gem of the colored to smithereens. The only way they can go to bed peacefully is after the country called Ethiopia is shattered and gone to pieces because that is the only way they can carve out their personal fiefdom. They don’t give a hoot if you, I and millions are dead and butchered in the process. They really don’t give a damn!!!

  7. At some point in the history of the world there were those who concluded that enemies of their people were the people themselves. Nero condemned the residents of Rome to be their own enemies therefore they have to be torched into ashes in their own homes. Mussolini was said to have confided that the reason why the process he started to bring back Italy’s glory to the days of the great Roman Empire stalled or was dragging on him were Italians themselves. He was blaming the citizens of Italy for his miserable failures both at home and abroad. When Hitler found out that Germany’s defeat was imminent, he blamed the German for not fighting hard enough and ordered the torching of Berlin to the ground along every resident in it. Modern day terrorists who founded groups such as ISIS, Qaeda, Al-Shabaab and others alike were accusing Muslims themselves to be the enemies of the faith. And we have seen and see how they are indiscriminate in their massacre of civilian population in their own countries. And we should all remember all these demons were projecting images of angels and saviors to their targeted crowds before they achieved their objectives. Then no one will be safe including their own. If such individuals manage to yank away a territory they called, say, the Republic of Amhara and no one will come to their aid to rescue them from such brutes. They will be left to deal with it on their own. If the same fortune hit my own Oromos there will be no Amhara, Tigre, Somali, Afar or any other to come to our rescue. We have to deal with the Sheik Al-Bahr that was so methodical in latching on our backs all alone. We will be left to deal with it alone and to no avail.

    Well, we Oromos were told to be our own enemies which means every Oromo is expendable and can be used as cannon fodder to advance the agendas of reckless self crowned leaders. There should not be any blinking at the fact that they will turn their ire on their own citizens if they have the chance to found their own ‘republic’. That is because there will be seemingly insurmountable stumbling blocks in ruling countries. The economy will go south and people will start grumbling right away. Their going all alone will not create sympathy for them and every ounce of cooperation is already gone from the first day the bigoted ‘leaders’ founded their style of a republic(fiefdom). Internal opposition will be followed by brutal purges. You need proof on this one too? You should’ve known that already. I don’t think you are that academically challenged. Such scenarios are inevitable. Consider you are forewarned!!!

  8. Abiy’s psychiatrist said Abiy is on a verge of psychiatric breakdown since he refused to take the prescribed medications by his psychiatrist right after he finished writing the book TITLED MEDEMER he was writing.

    Now he is not himself anymore.

    • What a frightening story !

      What shall we do then please ?

      Can anyone help us to take him to Amanuel Hospital , a renowned public health center for those who suffer from mental disorder. A serial killer could still kill more unless he get treated soon. He is a blood sucker .

      He may find a distinguished place for him in this hospital; his illness might get worse and worse.

      I was his friend and I know him well , I helped him to write his thesis.

      I am really saddened sir!!

  9. አብይ አህመድ ኦሮሞ ነዉ ያለዉ ማነዉ?
    እናቱ 100% አማራ ናት፡፡
    የአባቱን ትክክለኛ ማንነት ከእናቱ ዉጭ ማንም አያዉቅም፡፡
    ተግባሩ 100% የአማራ ነዉ፡፡
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    ኦሮሚያን ለማዳከም ለማ መገርሳን ከኦሮሚያ ፕረዘደንትነት አስነሳ፡፡
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    የኦሮሞን ባህል አያከብርም፡፡
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    በመከላከያ ዉስጥ ያሉ ብዙ ኦሮሞዎችን አስረዋል፡፡
    በመሆኑም ከዘህ ወዲህ ይህ ሰዉ ለኦሮሞ

    • Correction –
      His mother is Ethiopian.
      His actions are pro Ethiopian.
      His wife is Ethiopian.
      He respects all Ethiopian cultures.
      He promotes all past Ethiopian kings including Menelik.

      Sorry he did not promote narrow ethnic agendas like you wanted.

  10. Good Quote – If Dr. Abiy was as shrewd as he wants us to believe, he would have coopted Fanos, Querros, Zerma and other youth movements under his wing by now

  11. Ethiopia got more than five million internally displaced people in need of humanitarian assistance and moral support.

    Ethiopia got more than 90 million people that are expected to get internally displaced within the next five to ten years , more than half of those are expected to get displaced more than one time within the next decade , unless by some miracle EPRDF is overthrown with it’s ethnic regionalism system constitution abolished , the displacent and religious tensions are expected to worsen.

    The above knowledge should be provided to the victims so they don’t feel what happened to them is an isolated incident.

  12. Ye Dr Aby action seltan siwesd, betam strange neber. Betam naive niw wiy weyes eyasmesele niw biye asib neber. Beteley yeterekebew ager Tplf/shabia hailegna dictator yezo kalsebesebat betam adegegna huneta niw. Lezih niw eko yewech hailoch kene Tplf/shabia gar eyeseru yezare 5 amet ityopoia “failed state” tehonalech yalut eyaweku yaregut enji, tnequai honew aydelum, kuch belew le tplf/shabia/olf yihen yihen adrgu selemilu niw. dr aby gin betam relax siyaderg, beteleyem behezb mewedeun siyay, keuahalw guarantee yaderegelet manniw, Shabia endehone yemifelgutin kaladerege ke Tplf gar, endemishewedut niw. Selezih ahun medenget jemere. Lemindin niw Jawaren keskiso yehedew? Ewnet kehual endi adirg yemilew ale?

    Ityopiawiw guaro yaleksal, yesadebal meret lai tebabro minim ayaregem. Ahun yalew mircha Tplfen mamtat niw meliso. Esti asbut, Tplf yaw eyegedel yinoral, bandira, akrari eslam, wezete addis abeba mekotater yichilal. Tplf yegenebaw serat bicha niw enji erasu mafresim, metebek yemichilew, lela aychilim. Weyane ke Amaraw gar tederadro shabian abaro beselam megzat yichilal. Jawar bilt niw, lezih niw ke Weyane gar yetederadrew, yemifelgewen agegne.

  13. My friends, we have to be ready. Civiliztions come and go, the great Egyptians have also gone, the Mayans, the Aztecs, now the Americas are on the decline with china rising.
    Let’s make it less painful a decline. For those who are non Oromo, please understand it is our time to rule. Why do you resist us? Why are you so stubborn when it comes to Oromo interests? We Oromo made everyone part of our family. We went to the Amhara and made the Raya in Wollo. We went to Damot in Wellega and made them Oromo. We went to Harrarge Somalis and made them Oromo. We are all human beings at the end of the day. But you have to accept us and our rule too and accept our Gaddaa system and culture which has a wonderful way of assimilating other cultures. So please, don’t resist or else you will die painfully. Wats wrong if you become Oromo? That is what Medemer means. The Amhara made us speak Amharic and we look like Amhara. Now it is your time to become Oromo. It is an honour to be part of the Gaddaa family. You can also come and live in Oromia and intermarry with us. We can celebrate Irreecha as a common heritage. Please be reasonable.

    • Chigiru eko, Oromo yemiketelew endale yager sayhone ke ityopia endale wechi, ke kign geziwoch/areb yemeta bahel Oromo mahberese tekebelual. Yih malet, lelaw hezb tefa malet niw. Ye Areb Bandira ye geda bandira aydelem/ protestant ena Wahabi ye ityopia aydelem/ latin yegna aydelem. yechi ager benestanetua Oromo sayker tegadlolatal ende endale ye ityopia yalhone Ityopia mahbereseb lai olf yechanan? abzagnaw mahbereseb oromia wist eko ye ityopia bahel enji ye kign gizwoch/areb bahel yelachewem.

    • Son of Abamichu

      you look like you are inspired bythe story of Red Indians and others who get killed inhumanely to set up a new country such as US, newzeamand, &Australia .

      We are not in a modern era. You cannot impose your culture and language like that sir. I donot insult you , beacuse I am not wild vagabond and savage killer.I donot adhere that answering back and forth will avail us.

      Please try to use your brain . Holding papers from US universities or other schools is nothing if you use it to conduct organized crime against non-oromos and any one who resist to accept your ideology.

      You must simply be proud of your own culture not a western identity .

      Personally, I do respect any ones culture and language , not by coercion as you are trying to put it here.

      “So please, don’t resist or else you will die painfully. Wats wrong if you become Oromo? That is what Medemer means. ” This is still a painful word for me , since it reminds me a person who donot regret for what he has done against fellow innocent people.

      If you are educated use your brain not a weapon against old men , kids, and women.

      run to get elected and win our vote and become our spokesperson but not a killer. THis message is to you and your felllow educated Oromos, brothers in the past !


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