TPLF allegedly conspired with radical ethnic nationalists including Jawar Mohammed

October 25, 2019

News emerging from Ethiopia allege that Getachew Reda, TPLF spokesperson, has been conspiring with radical ethnic nationalists forces including Jawar Mohammed against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government.

The report is from Yeneta Tube. Take a listen.

Cover photo : screenshot from video

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9 Responses to "TPLF allegedly conspired with radical ethnic nationalists including Jawar Mohammed"

  1. lulu   October 25, 2019 at 1:24 pm

    Abzagnaw Ityopiawi minim ayawkum lemin ageritu zare ezih endederesech. Tariken lemin yehone groupoch endetefeteru Ityopian lematfat matnat alebeachehu. bezarew Internet bezu neger mawek yechalal. sele ityopia huneta ewketu kelelachehu, mann endehone telat kalawekachehu ityopian madan adagach niw. beteley ityopiawi negn yemitil, yebet sirahen satisera, meno kelai endiwerdeleh tegelegaleh. ewnet Nesawchiwoch yegebachewal andand gizes.

    Tariku yemijemerew eko, ke jebha niw. min anesastory jebha ityopian lemewgat tenesa? lemin Isayas ityopian keda? endet niw dirk Welo wist dirk yetefeterw? yenezih ye dirku product mannachew? Getachew Reda minalbat? weyes Lidetu Ayalew? Eprp manniw yemeseretew? ye Eprp abat manniw/mannachew? Lemin Ityopian yemitelu groupoch tefeteru? Melsu hulgize wede Isayas yameral. Zare marugn yalachehu yemeslal? Ene aymeslegnem. Ewnet esun yemiyawku alu maninetun aynagerum enji, ye Eprp angafawochu. Enezih info yagegnehut kelal niw, edme le internet. Ityopia hagere yemil siw lemeblat endemitesera hulu, ityopian lemadan andena and eyegetatemk mawek techelaleh.

    Wedednim telanim, wechi ager yeteferaremut kalkidan nesawchiwoch, yesedkal. Lene Tplf=Shabia. Agame yemilut Ityopia yemilutin Tigrayan nachew. Shabia yasamenew aydelem Tigrayen, Ertrawianen, Oromo mahbereseben niw. Helmachew Axum empire lemegenbat niw. chigir yelewim yediro glory memeles, gin bema mekabir yemeslachehual? Ahun be Amara lai, Amaran subdue karegu behuala Oromo lai. yetetenesew kezeregna wech hail, hulem yeminawkew niw. Gin Isayas ewnet meslotal. Zare Isayas Oromonena Amaran eyatalele, ye Isayas, g/aberochu demo ke gize behuala yetalela bewech hail. Wana alama eza akababi eko, Abayen, Afaren, Key Baheren lemekotater becha niw. kkkkkkkk Isayas ye melaw ye ityopian hezb kascherese/ kadakeme behuala, yewechiwochu ke areb gar honew setet bilew yegebalu malet niw. Ye isayas/Sebhat Nega beteseboch ye Misrak Afrikan tekotatrew, alamaw le wech hailu, melaw Afrikan bekign gizat lemasyaz niw. ye Isayas-Sebhan Nega Co. Afrika kentibawoch le getochachew wana alama niw.

  2. Abera Toga   October 25, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    Wushetaaam kushasha

  3. lulutultula   October 26, 2019 at 6:00 am

    hey lulu tultula yamhara wushet outlet

    kotete taweriyalesh wushetam I read all your comments from head to toe but you having nothing to tell us other than bura kereyu tultula tulu

    amharaic is nice language to insult ppl like you lulu tulu tultula

  4. aAbesha   October 26, 2019 at 9:39 am

    If the above emails are true, it is simply an evidence to lock all the conspirators behind bars. In any democracy, they would be charged with plotting to overthrow a government.

    Imagine if some of Trump’s secretaries were exchanging such emails, they would be locked up too. Why is this not a major breaking news.

  5. Dace   October 27, 2019 at 9:39 am

    Because simply this was a fake email and it was exposed before it was released to the press. The email wasn’t even jawars email it was fabricated by opponent’s of jawar.

  6. B   October 27, 2019 at 10:47 am

    Full of stupidity you haven’t any evidence this all by one ethics fabricated false story pls weakup

  7. Bejrond Y. Astatqe   October 28, 2019 at 12:58 am

    Amara had been killed in Oromia since the imperial majesty Hailesselasie the 2nd was murdered.

    The communist regime made sure Amhara gets murdered by Oromos for the first few years of the Abyot, then few years later when the communist abyot found out that Amaras would retaliate , the Oromo communist Abyot begged for pardon and preached unity with Amara insisting in forgiving or forgetting the past about what Oromo did to Amara, we are seeing it happening till this day with the Barya shanqila Mengistu Hailenariam preaching wedefit hid (forget past with pardon in Abyot Ah Eda terms) to Amara just to finish all Amaras .

    It seems Amara is only needed or not killed by Oromos, when foreigners invade, otherwise Oromo wants to kill Amara any chance Oromo gets.

    When Somalia invaded.Ethiopia then Oromo all of a sudden begged Amara to save them from Somalia’s invasion and kept Amhara in Oromia only for fear of Somalia not because the Oromo wanted Amara to live amongst Oromos but to be Oromos security zebegna from Somalia or in today’s terms Amara is wanted to fight Egypt Sudan as Abyot Ahmed wants from Amara right now.

    Oromo wants from Amara only so Amara fights the battle which Oromos themselves should fight for ..Amara is not allowed to wise up organize, so Oromo treats Amara as guard dog pets that Oromo says “Jazz” them Amara bites whoever or die fighting Oromos battle.
    Addis Ababa people got recently said Jazz by Oromo then the disorganied Addis Ababa bit the Addis Ababa ID card and Condo lottery scandal whistleblowers. Addis Ababa submitted , now Oromo is about to treat all Amara as their pets saying Jazz since Amara is disorganized since Oromo said jazz to ADP so ADP turn on Amara organizers

  8. Solomon   November 1, 2019 at 12:20 am

    T..P.L.F/Egypt /terrorist jawar and his crazy followers are the real enemies of Ethiopia and Ethiopians !!!

  9. teamjawar   November 13, 2019 at 6:06 pm

    The real enemy of neftegnas only, he doesn’t even spell it out. He can also live with them if they don’t demonize him. The lad is a commer in pain, like Christ maybe a savior. Who are Ethiopians? Neftegnas only? The country obviously needs a new identity based on ethnic politics.


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