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Somali region president Mustafa Muhammed talks about planned EPRDF unity

Somali region party that is partner to the ruling coalition seem to have opposing views with TPLF on matters of unity within the ruling coalition.

October 22, 2019

The issue of transforming the ruing coalition, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), continues to generate different reactions.

Some political entities and individuals tend to see it in a positive light as move in the right direction. Others no so.

Last week, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has issued a statement following a seven day central committee meeting in Mekelle. In it, it condemned the plan to transform the coalition to a unity party as a move to pose threat in the Federal system and also warned that it could lead to the disintegration of Ethiopia.

The statement went further in advising “sister organizations” ( they are referred to as agar parties in Amharic) that the move is against their interest.

Some ethnic Tigray opposition party leaders tend to think that it is likely TPLF could start a war while claiming that the repression in the region has become worse so much so that they are unable to carry out their functions as an opposition party leaders.

The ruling coalition itself has reacted to TPLF statement saying that the organization’s statement is wrong on two important grounds.

Other parties who work with EPRDF but with no privilege of decision making within the coalition rather seem to criticize the political arrangement that has been in place and excluded them from important decision making process.

In an interview with Walta, Somali region president Mustafa Muhammed talks about his view of the planned unity.

Watch the interview below.

Video : embedded from Walta information social media page
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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