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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in Russia to attend Russia-Africa summit,will meet Sisi

Ethiopian Prime Minister will hold talks with Egyptian president on the sidelines of Russia-Africa summit

Russia-Africa summit _ Abiy Ahmed  _Sisi
Photo credit: EBC

October 22, 2019

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed arrived in Russia on Tuesday afternoon to attend the Russia-Africa summit which will take place in the city of Sochi.

It is scheduled to happen between October 23 and 24 at the  Sirius Park of Science and Art. And the summit is said to be the first of its kind in the post-cold war era.  An economic partnership including in the areas of construction and agricultural sectors are among key agenda items in the meeting.

Leaders from 35 African countries will attend it, according to Ethiopian state media, EBC.

Abiy Ahmed is expected to meet with President Vladimir Putin and other African countries including Egyptian leader Abdul Fetah el-Sisi who is also currently chairperson of the African Union.

Sisi will be co-chairing the summit along with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  In a message to the participants, President Sisi said “The African nations and Russia share a common understanding of international relations based on the principles of respect for the rule of international law, equality, non-interference in the internal affairs of states and the peaceful resolution of disputes.”

His country, however, is pushing for international mediation to resolve differences with Ethiopia on matters of the Grand Renaissance Dam. And Ethiopia is accusing Egypt of disrespecting the sovereignty of Ethiopia as the North African Arab nation proposes to open an office in the Ethiopian project site to monitor the operation and water filling of the Dam, among other things.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s meeting with the Egyptian President, on the sidelines of the summit, will focus on the impasse in connection with the dam.

There seems to be mounting pressure in Egypt for military action against Ethiopia which Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sees as an unproductive approach.

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  1. Subject: “Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in Russia to attend Russia-Africa summit,will meet Sisi” borkena, October 22, 2019

    Commentary, 23 Oct 2019
    Quote: “President Sisi said “The African nations and Russia share a common understanding of international relations based on the principles of respect for the rule of international law, equality, non-interference in the internal affairs of states and the peaceful resolution of disputes.” Unquote

    Thirty-nine (39) cheap hollow words!!! Yes, words can be cheap to one who refuses to remember past History in which two countries [Egypt and Britain] discussed on a subject matter of direct interest to an Ancient African Country, but WITHOUT an inkling of consulting the source of the subject matter >>> ETHIOPIA. It was the most treacherous racist history that can never be forgotten. And yet, here we are with a looming madness “mounting pressure in Egypt for military action against Ethiopia”!!! The young, wise “Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sees the warning as an unproductive approach.” It is an example of WISDOM from a Young Son from that Ancient African Country that was foolishly and irresponsibly denigrated by Egypt based on the ugly racial issue. The current President of Egypt is not better than his racist predecessors in his country. With such an attitude, the world will always be a source of ‘nonproductive’. Egypt will be better off to cleanse her attitude and benefit from amicable solution for the benefit of ALL. THE END

    • Rezen,

      yante comment a breath of fresh air ke tsinfegnoch akrari groupoch tplf/shabia/ofl/jawar Yihe plan yetederege niw. Saudi Yemenin atka endalew ingliz, eneho Gibse demo ityopian atku ahun ageru dekama niw bemalet teseno madreg niw. bezih mehal, tplf/shabia, besemen yebelai lemagnet sayhon, yemiserut lewich hail gin lik ende Saudi negusoch, Tigrayen Ertran yaand beteseb Isayas/Sebhat Nega yihonalu. Enezi yewich mercinari enji mechewem ende ager honew aynorumim aygezumim, masrekeb becha niw. Debubin demo le Areb empire lemestet niw, bandiraw Oromia yetekebelew ye Areb empire niw.

  2. “Foreign intervention and corrupt elements have made the task of protecting the Ethiopian Orthodox church very challenging” per Patriarch Abune Mathias.

    It should be noted that foreign intervention and corrupt elements are making the protection challenging not only for the church, but also for the whole country .

    Naturally President Sahle. Z. was expected to talk to her foreign counterpart President Vladimir Putin,as Prime Minister Nobelity-Abiy expected to hold talks with his foreign counterpart the Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev.

    But since ODP & Co. the ruling dictators are negotiating to sellout Ethio Telecom, EAL and other Publicly owned properties with corruption inorder to gain personal bribe, Nobelity-Abiy himself dealt with the richest business man in the world that got over $200 billion USD networth- President Vladimir Putin.

    To cover up the daylight scandal Abiy &Co. held with Vladimir Putin the Jawar drama “standoff” protests were ignited , successfully distracting many from paying attention to the personal business meeting that took place under the cover up of “international relations between foreign countries” ,this is a pure example of how foreign intervention and corrupt elements actions that is taking place which making the duty of protecting Ethiopia extremely challenging.

    • Ye Abiy accepting money from foreign elements whether as donation/loan/private is not new eko. Besides, the issue is to make sure whatever the finanance, they don’t use it for against Ethiopia is the issue. Having money as long as it is for good cause would benefit the country and leadership to do development. considering they have good intentions for the country. News says that the uprising was designed by tplf/jawar, not sure if what you say is true except that, it is odd for dr Aby at the time when he was leaving to Rusia, he gave a strong speech and against Jawar indirectly. Why would he do it when he know he is leaving out of the country, and why?

  3. Ityopia wist yalew rebsha, kemanim gize yebasew bemeknyat aydelem: Andand gize ye dr aby ajenda mindin niw? Lemin lihed sil rusia lemejemeria gize tiru meglecha bisetim, Jawaren mastenkekya mestetu, ityopia wist rebsha meta, tplf/jawar yeityopia hezben chefechefu.

    Ye Ityopia ethnic cleansing Oromia wist yeketilal, ITYOPIA yemil tenkaara mengist kaltefetere. Ahun minim bihon wetatum hone azawintu Oromo negn bilo yemiyamniw, ye Shabia, Tplf yihew erasachin eyegezan niw, enantem gizu maletachew, ye Oromo lib lehulet tekeflual. Yih malet either Ityopia yemil eske mecheresha metagel, alebelezia goodbye malet niw. Ahun 27 amet yaltenkesakese mahbereseb (ityopia negn yemilew), eta fantaw ahun niw. Ahun Lema Megersa tesfa neberegn, enesu Oromoumma alu. Ergetegna negn, tplf/shabia ajendachew, Shewan be Oromia atfitew, Oromon le 10 amet siltan keyazu behuala kamaraw gar eyabala, huletum Oromo ena Amara kedekemu behuala, tplf/shabia hulunim ager berasachew ajenda kutitir sir Axum empire yemilut yehew niw. Oromia kegize behuala ye Islamawi Oromia be Jawar/Junedin sado melk mehedu aykerim, silezih, tplf/shabia eskeza dires yetenekiralu, Oromia eslam honech bemalet mezmetachew ayakerim. Kulfu yalew Shabia/tplf lai enji, Oromia wist aydelem.


    • Egypt can not claim current share based on past agreement in which Ethiopia never signed. Isbin moral also for Ethiopia not to give Egypt a reasonable share to support it’s people and the country until their dependency on Nile for basic needs is complemented from other sources like desalinization or underground water. Egypt stands on current share while developing water intensive farming in the desert is inmoral as well as Ethiopians are dying of starvation. If Egypt want a good relation with Ethiopia they should focus their industries in non water insentive farming sectors and secure preferencial agricultural export from Ethiopia if needed. Egypt’s war threatening is also dangerous for them selves as well. Apart from the consequences of war, Egypt can forget to get even a drop from Blue Nile if the engage in war. I. Not sure how Egypt thinks to attack landlocked Ethiopia that even European power could not subdue. The only option is flying and bombing the dam in construction. In exchange Ethiopia could do the same to the Egypt’s Aswan Dam and furthermore Ethiopia could put cheap dynamite in key place of the Blue Nile including the Abay gourges explode it and change the Blue Nile path for ever. Then Egypt will have what it deserves if stars a war. Ethiopia does not even need a million solder March the PM is pointing unless there is ulterior motive from ODP to engulf Ethiopia in open to weaken her and declare their pipe dreamed Oromia in the back of it.

  4. Gibsena merabawian aand nachew. Ityopian ende lela afrika niw yemiyayut. ke Gibse gar lebezu amet sertewal ityopoian abyen endatitekem. ityopia endatadig. Al jazeera sele ityoopia yeminager ale wey sele Abay gudai. endet niw inglizoch sile abay wenz tebeka honew yeminagerut? Meles Zenawi endet wesene Abay endigedeb? Gisenena Ityopian lemagachet tazo niw le tsionawian sibal egna linitefa. Tikur Afrikan atfitew Arebina Merabawin echin alme lemegzat ajenda niw. lezih niw Afrika endatadig le bezu ametat eyeseru yeneberut. arebochin bekrari islamoch ityopia wist hedachihu ityopian diferu yemilut ye Areb/merab ajenda niw.


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