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TPLF, Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) separation

October 20,2019

Members of the ruling coalitions, EPRDF, except Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) did have their respective meetings this past week.

Tigray People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (TPLF), still officially member of the ruling coalition, and ODP have issued a statement. While the former’s statement accuses the ruling coalition on grounds of its planned transformation to a single united party as a preparation to end the Federal System in Ethiopia, the latter’s statement made it clear that the political road that the coalition traveled is not working out.

It clear suggests that two parties are not longer in the same page regarding the future of the coalition.

The ruling coalition has issued a responds days after TPLF’s accusation, and the response statement said that the former’s accusation is wrong and malicious for two reasons (you may read the details HERE)

The age-old state-owned news papers, Addis Zemen, has also published, according to a report by Andafta Media, article pointing out TPLF’s statement which it says is informed by unfounded development within the party.

Andafta Media prepared a reportage on it ( in Amharic) and you can take a listen from the Audio file below.

Audio file : embedded from Andafta YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the audio file

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  1. I was thrilled to hear that even a big section of the ruling body of the old country has woken up from its slumber to shed this Marxism tinged so-called governance philosophy. They have been deafening us with ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ and the country to be ‘Developmental State’. You see, that is what these committed ‘Mualeems’ of this very warped ideology of Marxism/Leninism always do. They tell us that they take to the bushes and wage ‘armed’ struggle to eradicate oppression and corruption but that is their way of doing the same in disguise. Majority of them had spent their teenage years and 20’s dancing to the tunes of “Judy In Disguise’. But they were not dancers after they took the mantle of the highest office. No, they were not. They turned out to be highly polished sweet talking connivers and merciless murderers. Nobody is safe from their sweet talking. Even those highly sophisticated intellectual giants at The World Bank, IMF. EU and others near afar had fallen victims to those wise alecks. Even Obama was taken for a long ride by them to a point of embarrassing himself in calling the 2010 election there democratic. His lieutenants were seen jumping thru the palace roof dancing to the tunes of ‘laloye’ the song robbed from the noble people of Tigray for the occasion. At that very time those grief stricken mothers whose children were mowed down in the streets and alleys of Addis/Finfine in 2005 were still wailing for their sons and daughters. who did not make it home that day. O My Goodness Gracious!!!
    Momma cried;
    There was mourning in the morning
    And Momma cried;
    ‘Cause her little girl was gone
    There was mourning in the evening
    ‘Cause her young boy was gone!!!

    In the meanwhile, more than 30 billion in US dollars was pilfered out of the nation’s coffers in less than a quarter of a century. In ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ things were happening for its pushers but things were happening against the citizens of the old country. While those students of the satanic Marxism/Leninism were concreting their camaraderie among themselves, they were pitching my Oromos against our noble Amhara and Somali neighbors. Once they managed to deposit their loots at safe locations they started working feverishly to set the country ablaze. The poison they sprayed deep in the subterranean of that country is still bedeviling the nation every where. You may be tempted to ask me who these individuals are. There were Oromos, Amharas, Tigres, Somalis and those from other regions. It might have been easy to see which one was more vocal and visible was but it was not that exclusive. To think as if it was otherwise will be justice denied.

    Therefore, I say in clear and clarion call ‘Tear Down That High Popalorum/Low Popahirum Snake Oil and Utter Lie!!!’

  2. TPLF = Tigrai People LIBERATION Front
    not, of course,
    Tigrai People democratic Front.

    TPLF cannot be democratic in any form leave alone through distorting abbreviations. I recall how they were boasting about how they planned to rule Ethiopia under a communist regime similar to that in Albania in the 80’s.


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