TPLF, Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) separation

October 20,2019

Members of the ruling coalitions, EPRDF, except Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) did have their respective meetings this past week.

Tigray People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (TPLF), still officially member of the ruling coalition, and ODP have issued a statement. While the former’s statement accuses the ruling coalition on grounds of its planned transformation to a single united party as a preparation to end the Federal System in Ethiopia, the latter’s statement made it clear that the political road that the coalition traveled is not working out.

It clear suggests that two parties are not longer in the same page regarding the future of the coalition.

The ruling coalition has issued a responds days after TPLF’s accusation, and the response statement said that the former’s accusation is wrong and malicious for two reasons (you may read the details HERE)

The age-old state-owned news papers, Addis Zemen, has also published, according to a report by Andafta Media, article pointing out TPLF’s statement which it says is informed by unfounded development within the party.

Andafta Media prepared a reportage on it ( in Amharic) and you can take a listen from the Audio file below.

Audio file : embedded from Andafta YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the audio file

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