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Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church decides to use its own flag countrywide

Ethiopian church flag will be used for religious holiday celebration across the country

Ethiopian church flag _ Ethiopia

October 20,2019

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church announced on Friday that its flag the use of which was restricted in the patriarchate’s residence in the capital Addis Ababa will be in use across all the dioceses in the country and outside of it where there is Ethiopian church. 

It means that it will be in use across the regional states in Ethiopia. 

The flag is green, yellow and red (horizontal in that order) and in the middle, it bears the emblem of saints and angels along with the holy Gospel book.

The flag will also be in use during Ethiopian Orthodox Church spiritual holidays including Meskel (the finding of the true cross) and epiphany. Priests, Sunday school choir as well as followers of the church will carry the flag in different parts of the country, and the Holy Synod has called on government authorities in different parts of the country not to raise any question against the decision. 

The Ethiopian Church has been a victim of a targeted attack in different parts of the country. Dozens of churches were burned and priests killed. The church responded to that by organizing a peaceful demonstration across the country. 

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  1. Subject: “Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church decides to use its own flag countrywide,
    borkena October 20,2019

    Humble Commentary, 21 Oct 2019
    I am an Orthodox Christian by virtue of my beloved parents and by my string of families, which seems to have no ending to the beginning, which is taken for granted to be time immemorial. It is a SPIRITUAL belief — deep inside me — that I do not need artificial advertisement of a piece of cloth of tri-colour to be a little bit nearer to the Almighty God >>> the Creator of Nature. By the way, the Almighty God never dictated to display a piece of tri-colour cloth to represent Him (or Her). It was the earthly self-appointed gods [all in small letters) who appointed themselves the gods of our planet Earth. I refrain from being inquisitive about their standard of living here on planet Earth, lest doing so would condemn myself by myself to eternal hell for eternal suffering.

    I better STOP here and bless my existence here on Planet Earth. THANK YOU, for providing me a free-pace to make myself a FOOL — with pleasure too!!!

  2. It is too disgraceful for our historically rich country Ethiopia, to admit the constitutionally recognized flag had been confined to a single c impound not recognized publicly until now.

    It shows that the student movement EPRP generation communists are holding the country under their Satanic communism pentagram worshiping ideology till this day.

  3. This northern Ethiopian religion became unstable since Mengistu thought them good lesson that no one religion oppress Ethiopians lands, property, ID, livelihood, etc. But Meles brought them up from the grave.
    Now the country looks on emergency alert because the church opens their loud microphone on the people the whole day all over the country. Why they do this out of touch stuff? To get what?
    Again, they want embrace the sign of oppression flag as god’s flag in the church.
    What’s going on? Are you guys mad you did not oppress the rest 65% of the population with your faith? Why involve in politics? Do others right, freedom, equality, etc scares you?
    Anyhow, I doubted if this comment will appear here for the site is also the follower of this church.

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  5. Dear writer,
    Thank you for the article you published online that is insightful. My question is that, why did the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church flag was restricted in the patriarchate’s residence in the capital Addis Ababa?


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