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Mamushet Amhare sees Amhara Democratic Party vulnerability

October 14, 2019

Mamushet Amare was a member of All Amara People’s Party and has worked with prominent people like the late Professor Asrat Woldeyes who was the leader of the party.

He joined political party at a young age and has been arrested a number of times by the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Party (EPRDF). In total, he has been in jail for more than 12 years.

Currently, he is among the leaders of All Ethiopian People’s Party. In an interview with Andafta Media, Mamushet talks about coordinated attacks on ethic Amhara.

He also pointed out about what he thinks is the vulnerability of Amhara Democratic Party (ADP).

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  1. A very accurate account of current and last 27 years of EPDRF period. Good to watch for those youth who has been brainwashed by ethnic zealots that have filled their hearts with hate. Ethiopian peolpe must uproot this cancerous organization EPDRF for once if it aspires to have peace and stability at last. And it shame in all international organizations about their silence of the scale of things that happened under EPDRF and they still pumper this nefarious organization of bandas. The only explanation is the defeat of white colonialism by proud black nation. God will give Ethiopia the final redemption.


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