Endalegeta Kebede talks about”difference between Shimeles and Takele Uma”

October 9, 2019

In the context of the Ethiopian society and in light of the enormity and dangerous nature of the situation Ethiopia is in, whether making serious political issues material for comedy and related arts production is right thing to do or not from the point of view of creating a determination and creating a character in the generation is questionable in the eyes of this blog writer at borkena.

That aside, in the eyes of Endalegeta Kebede, there is a difference between two leading Oromo Democratic Party officials – Shimeles Abdissa and Takele Uma. The former is acting president of Oromo regional state and the latter is acting mayor of Addis Ababa city.

Apparently, his views are informed by the speech both officials made at the Ireecha celebration in Addis Ababa, which is believed to be the first in history. But is there really a difference between leading ODP officials? Not even ODP officials, is there a fundamental difference between all ethnic Oromo opposition parties?

Watch the video below. (For your information, Oromo Democratic Party – the former OPDO-has issued a statement sort of explaining Shimeles Abdissa’s speech at Irreecha).

Video: embedded from Andafta Media YouTube channel
Cover photo: screenshot from the video

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