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Endalegeta Kebede talks about”difference between Shimeles and Takele Uma”

October 9, 2019

In the context of the Ethiopian society and in light of the enormity and dangerous nature of the situation Ethiopia is in, whether making serious political issues material for comedy and related arts production is right thing to do or not from the point of view of creating a determination and creating a character in the generation is questionable in the eyes of this blog writer at borkena.

That aside, in the eyes of Endalegeta Kebede, there is a difference between two leading Oromo Democratic Party officials – Shimeles Abdissa and Takele Uma. The former is acting president of Oromo regional state and the latter is acting mayor of Addis Ababa city.

Apparently, his views are informed by the speech both officials made at the Ireecha celebration in Addis Ababa, which is believed to be the first in history. But is there really a difference between leading ODP officials? Not even ODP officials, is there a fundamental difference between all ethnic Oromo opposition parties?

Watch the video below. (For your information, Oromo Democratic Party – the former OPDO-has issued a statement sort of explaining Shimeles Abdissa’s speech at Irreecha).

Video: embedded from Andafta Media YouTube channel
Cover photo: screenshot from the video

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  1. Irrechha was celebrated in Addis for fear of possible stampede, history repeating itself, as stampede at Irechha costed many hundreds of lives few years back.Insurance experts advised PM Abiy the possible stampede threat if Irecchha was celebrated at it’s usual place by putting into co sideration the current state of lawlessness in the country.Words from those insurance experts is next year Irechha is planned to be celebrated in Hawassa since the Addis Ababa beautifying project will be underway fully by this time next year.

  2. must watch video

    amhara is very concerned for its fate as a leader of this fragemented nation , ethiopia. Amhara is producing fake prophets , mehimran , religious leaders and magicians like ehte mariam, daniel kibret, bahtawi gebremeskel who are genuine amhara messengers deceiving the gullible men and women.

    Gebremeskel was telling to the foold ethiopians for decades that Jesus will come in 1992 and there will be god chosen king et c which is completely false and revealed to him by evil spirits and devil himself. Eventually he told to his fans that GOd had told him to mary a lady aged 16 . He continued to tell that his children are decended from heaven . He is a businessman , false prophet reciting demonic book stolen from debteras .

  3. they will poison Jewar those neftegna mahra debtera ganen gotachoch and then they will claim God send his angel and scourged him.

    What afunny story

    aamhara neftegnan pristes and debteras are metetam , demon possssed ones

    becarefull if they couldn’t reach you out with temenja they will send demons and poison you with infected meals mixing serpents and lizards

    be aware of that

    God donot kill you just in favour of amhara , killers

  4. Serenity Now!!

    There are two kind of problems in these world.

    1. Problems that can be corrected/fixed.

    2.Problems that cannot be corrected/fixed.

    Look at it this way when people get into a cat accident they see the damage and decide whether to get the car fixed/corrected or they decide to call it totalled and cut their losses then search for another car.

    Having a wisdom to know the difference between the above two kind of problems, is what our country is not yet capable of, for example the current con institution of Ethiopia drafted by con artists Meles Zenawi & Co. need to be changed not corrected. The current con institution got too many flaws it is beyond repair, it is better to draft a new real constitution rather than trying to correct Meles Zenawi & Co.’s con institution.


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