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Ethiopian Airlines plane made an emergency landing in Senegal

All passengers reported to be safe after Ethiopian Airlines plane made an emergency landing in Senegal

Photo via AMMA

October 8, 2019

A  B767-300 Ethiopian Airlines plane that was bound to Addis Ababa made an emergency landing in Senegal after the pilot reported technical problem shortly after takeoff, Sheger FM reported on Tuesday.

ET-908 was on a scheduled regular flight from Ndiass Senegal to Addis Ababa via Bamako Mali. Ethiopian Airlines Communication Director Asrat Gashaw has confirmed that the plane was experiencing a technical problem.

The plane was carrying about 90 passengers, according to AMMA report on Tuesday which cited AFP.

The Airlines arranged another plane for the passengers and were flown to their destination.  It has also apologized for passengers for the inconvenience caused.

Ethiopian Airlines did not give any details regarding the nature of the technical problem or what caused it.

The incident came a day after Yonas Yeshanew, a former employee of Ethiopian Airlines currently seeking asylum in the United States, disclosed what some in mainstream media described as an “a whistleblower complaint” that “the airline breached the Boeing 737 maintenance records a day after the jet crashed.”

Boeing has admitted that its Max 737 plane that crashed in Ethiopia in early March of this year minutes after takeoff from Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa

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  1. The story on other websites includes the statement ‘None of the 90 passengers or crew were injured, spokesman Tidiane Tamba told Reuters.’ None!!! What does that tell? It tells every pilot at EAL is so capable that he/she is over qualified to fly any jet that is thrown at them!!! Period. Just look at the photo included in the Reuters story. It shows one of the engines kaput. It means the electronics in this model was well made and is not like that unguided missile, 737MAX. This is nothing less a feat than that of the United Airlines Pilot Chesley Sullenberger who successfully ditched the passenger plane in the Hudson River. On that one there were serious injuries but on this one there were none, bigots!!!! But our capable pilots landed it on the hard tarmac at Dakar International Airport. Smooth sailing, baby!!! They could have optioned for the splashy water landing. The Atlantic Ocean was just a stone thrown away from the airport, for crying out loud!!! I want these pilots to be declared heroes by EAL and the government over there. Boy, the last 5 or so days have had stories so uplifting for me. Those exhilarating victories at Doha and now this one? You can’t beat that!!!!

    This is for that loose lipped and so-called aviation expert who once said ‘those Ethiopians know how to manipulate’. On other words ‘those niggers don’t know and well never learn how to fly’. I tell you what! My niggaz know how to fly better than the cousins of that loose lip. They made a movie about ‘Sully’ with one of my most favorite actors, Tom Hanks and they named him in the 2009 One Hundred Heroes ad Icons. Will we hear about these countrymen heroic pilots? No!!! But they are my heroes and should yours too!!! I don’t think we will hear from the officials of the old country either because they are busy gassing demonstrators or telling us ad nauseam about some fairy tales!!!!


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