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Ethiopian Women died mysteriously in Toronto, police investigating

Death of Ethiopian women women remains mysterious. Funeral expected this week if police released the body.

Toronto _ Ethiopian Women
The late Munite Menale. Photo : Berhan TV

October 7,2019

Munite Menale, Ethiopian women and longtime resident of Toronto, died on October 1, 2019. It is confirmed that she died in hospital. Initially, her death was reported as an “accident.”

What exactly was the “accident” in unclear. There is a rumor that she fell down from her balcony in the third floor of 57 Mabelle Ave.  building near Islington and Dundas area in Etobicoke. However, many Ethiopians seem to find that narrative difficult to accept. 

The alleged accident happened in the morning of October 1 but we were unable to find confirmation from Toronto Police.

Berhan TV, Toronto based Ethiopian Community TV,  shared news update on October 4 highlighting statement from her family. Based on the statement, Toronto Police is carrying out an investigation into the case. 

On October 7, 2019, borkena reached out to Toronto police Division 22, which is located in the vicinity of the residence of the late Munit. Station Operator Smoka told the writer that she can not release information about the circumstances of her death. As well, borkena reached out to Constable William Ross in the crime prevention unit of the Division but the phone was not answered. 

Munite Menale _ Toronto
The late Munite with Mariam Orthodox Church fathers in Toronto. (Photo – Berhan TV)

During her life time in Toronto, Munite was very active in the Ethiopian community especially in Toronto St. Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Church. 

Members of the church are shocked by her death.

Alemayhu Zenebe, secretary of community service in the church, told borkena that if her body is released, funeral is planned for Thursday this week. 

Apparently, police has not yet released her body as the investigation is not completed.

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  1. they killed her to steal her organ . Foreigners are treated like animals.


  2. What a sad story! I hope the law enforcement folks will get to the bottom of this soon. My family’s sympathy goes out to the loved ones and friends of this deceased countrywoman. May She Rest In Eternal Peace!!!


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