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Ethiopian parliament reopens,Sahle-work highlights focus areas for this year

Ethiopian parliament has reopened for its fifth year – the last one before the next national election. President Sahle-Work Zewde made a speech

President Sahle-Work Zewde making speech at the Ethiopian Parliament. Photo : EBC

October 7, 2019

Ethiopian Parliament has reopened on Monday for in the 2012 Ethiopian New Year. The House of Federation and the Ethiopian People’s House of Representatives held a joint meeting. 

It was the president – Sahle-work Zewde – who made an opening speech.

In her speeches, she highlighted the situation under which Ethiopia is going through while hinting what the government is intending to do to fix political, social and economic challenges.

As well, she touched upon focus areas of the 2012 (2019/2020) Ethiopian budget.

Reflecting on government performance in the 2011 Ethiopian year, she said: “Last year was marked by an effort to ensure that the change started is implemented in a multifaceted and inclusive way.”

It was a year during which, she continued, improvement in the areas of equitable redistribution of resources, democracy, the justice system, economic activity, and politics was started.

However, the shortcomings in those areas are not yet fully addresses – she added. The reason, for the president, some of the shortcomings were institutional in nature. Fixing problems in those areas reasonably requires longer than a year.

Speaking about the current budget year, she said that 2012 (2019/20) will be a year during which “the change” gets more foundational works.

In terms of direction, she said that “the change will continue to move along the path of medemer thought which is initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.”

Three core national objective areas are identified in that regard, according to president Sahle-work.

1) Preserving and broadening political and economic activities that are deemed to be positive

2) Redressing mistakes committed in the past

3) Ensuring that the interests of the incoming generation are considered and that the generation is beneficiary. 

Maintaining Ethiopian Unity, ensuring that the dignity of Ethiopian people is raised and the Prosperity of the Ethiopian people are the overarching goals.

She also talked about the national election to be held next year and the skyrocketing cost of living across the country.

Needless to say, the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has lost significant public support over its leniency towards radical ethnic-nationalist groups -especially in the Oromo region of Ethiopia- which some analysts tend to see as political expediency.

His government is also criticized due to the inability to maintain the rule of law in the country.

Ethnic-Oromo party he is leading, Oromo Democratic Party, has now emerged as a dominant party in the ruling coalition despite talks that the party the coalition party is transforming itself to a single unified party before the next general election.

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