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TPLF and the beginning of the end in Tigray

October 5, 2019

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has committed a number of mistakes in relation to the people of Tigray the least of which is not the effort to create a pro-TPLF political world view among every single ethnic Tigrean.

Needless to say, political parties work towards that end and TPLF is not an exception. What is not right about TPLF is that it has consistently employed a combination of brute force and political intrigue to make TPLF appear as if it is the only way that an ethnic Tigray should pursue. For example, it has projected the view that Tigray would be in danger if TPLF loses power.

Tigray has been an integral part of Ethiopia for many centuries with an indelible record of positive contributions in the history of Ethiopia.

Now many ethnic Tigreans seem to be more and more realizing that fact. Apart from the fact that the number of opposition parties has reached six, albeit full-fledged repression in the region, the emergence of new breeds of articulated politicians in Tigray seems to suggest the onset of the beginning of the end of TPLF in Tigray region.

Nebiyu Sihul Michael seems to be one of such breeds. An author and a lecturer at Mekelle University, he seems to reflect the view that Tigray could not be and should not be reduced to TPLF. He also emphasized the importance of making distinctions between the two entities. At the same time, he seems to understand that Tigray has a glorious past for hundreds of years before TPLF. Disenchantment among ethnic Tigreans in Tigray and interest in having an evaluative engagement with TPLF to discern its crimes is also something that he highlighted.

Based on an interview with Andafta media, he was arrested for about a month and beaten.

If you haven’t watched it already, his interview is must watch. Please consider sharing it with your networks.

Video: embedded from Andafta TV YouTube channel
Cover photo: screenshot from the video

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