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Ethiopian Dam : Experts’meeting underway in Khartoum, Sudan

National Independent Scientific Research Group discussing proposal on the Ethiopian Dam. Ethiopia will respond to Egyptian position.

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September 30, 2019

The Fifth meeting of “National Independent Scientific Research Group (NISRD) kicks off in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, reported Ethiopian state media – Ethiopian News Agency citing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia as a source.

Participants in the group represent Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan.

The meeting will discuss the proposals from the water ministers of the three countries regarding the filling and release of the water from the Ethiopian Dam.

Once their meeting is completed, they are expected to report the water ministers during the meeting scheduled to take place between October 4 and 5,2019 in Khartoum.

The tripartite talk in Cairo in mid-September of this year ended in disagreement for which Egypt has blamed Ethiopia.  In turn, Ethiopia blames Egypt for intending to violate the sovereignty of Ethiopia through its proposal on the filling and release of water.

Among other things, Egypt demanded that Egyptian engineers be placed in the Ethiopian Dam project so that they could monitor the entire project. 

Also, Egypt sought the release of  40 billion cubic meters of water annually from the dam but Ethiopian authorities did not find to be possible. Ethiopian study claims that the Dam can only release 29 and 35 billion cubic meters of water annually. Ethiopia did not like either that Egypt wants to maintain Aswan Dam height at 165 meters.

At the meeting in Khartoum, Ethiopia will disclose its position regarding the filling of the dam and release of water from it.

Egyptian and Ethiopian leaders exploited the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly to express their concerns about the ongoing talk.

President Abdual Fatah Al-Sisi,  told the Assembly that “The Nile water is a matter of life and an issue of existence for Egypt,” and he called for the intervention of the international community to play a “constructive role.”

Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde on her part reiterated Ethiopia’s commitment for equitable and reasonable use of the  Nile Water over 85 percent of which comes from Ethiopia.

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  1. The amhara man is sitting next to sudan I think he is going to sell our land and dam to them

    don’t you than my assumption is brutally right ???
    amhara propaganda is just like that

  2. Subject: Ethiopian Dam : Experts’ meeting underway in Khartoum, Sudan, borkena
    September 30, 2019 []

    Commentary, 5 Oct 2019 The problem with Egypt is one and only one: SUPERIORITY COMPLEX
    Egyptian’s behaviour and attitude toward Black Africans is well known. It is NOT new. Egypt has NEVER had a positive attitude toward the Black Race — which they call “Abid”, meaning “slaves”.

    The Nile Issue: To the Egyptians, the NILE WATER belongs to them as proved by their historical attitude, relationship and agreement with the world-wide colonial force named Britain – NOT with the custodian Black African Country!!! It is a glaring historical example that Egypt – an Arab country – was colluding with an European famous marauder, thus claiming the ownership of the NILE!!! It is an audacity without boundary.

    To the Egyptians, it did not matter that the source of the Blue Nile is an ancient independent free and proud country, for seemingly time immemorial – ETHIOPIA. But Egypt’s ultimate racial negative attitude towards Black Africa is reflected — without a trace of a shadow– when it suggested that the operation of the Blue Nile be supervised and controlled by Egyptian guardians. Ethiopia, as one of the African “Abids” is supposed to be happy, grateful and jump up and down for Egypt’s magnanimous offer to be the master of the Blue Nile. A typical negative attitude of Egypt and its clones towards Black Africa.

    With the above background, needless to say, Ethiopia is obliged, by its own ancient admirable history, to have self-respect and the respect of its Brethren Black Africans and maintain the ownership, operation and administration of the Blue Nile – with the inherent DIGNITY of the ancient Ethiopian History. It is hoped that Egypt would learn to respect the norms and civilized international relationship. THE END


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