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Ethiopia unveils traditional medicine research roadmap

Ethiopia seeks to integrate traditional medicine into the health sector. It will be regulated.

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September 30, 2019

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health disclosed on Monday a five years’ traditional medicine research roadmap, reported state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate  (FBC).

It was unveiled in a ceremony in the capital Addis Ababa, which was attended by the minister for health, health professional and traditional medicine practitioners.

And the ministry has allocated 90 million Ethiopian Birr for the traditional medicine sector. And the roadmap will be implemented effective today.

Among the goals that government eye are to verify the effectiveness of traditional medicine and utilize them in modern medicine, according to the minister for health, Dr. Amir.

FBC also said that the existing traditional medicine policy will be revised, regulations and legislation will be enacted so as to reinforce the existing regulatory regime in the sector.

Inclusion of traditional medicine in the education system and training traditional medicine practitioners are also identified as relevant steps for the health sector. 

The five year’s roadmap also emphasized on the importance of preserving indigenous traditional medicine knowledge and plants.

The government also intends to coordinate with the pharmaceutical industry so as to enable proven traditional medicines to enter the production process. 

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  1. This is the best project you have conducted in the health sector. Donot waste public funding to buy tablets and the socalled modern medication .they are all chemicals and poisons to human body . There is a false belief in ethiopia that a medicine coming from the western world, germany ; US etc is best one than that of the medicine from India etc which is totally wrong.

    Try to do some vigorous research and use your own medication other than relying on western mind,and spending millions for chemicals destroying your health in the long run,premeditated suicide.

    Modern medicine are pernicious than you could think of as fertilizers cause damage t our fertile soil.

    I donot think that we have to be a certified medical doctor to deal with this issue as long as we read and investigate about it taking so long time as they do claim.

    It is all about sustaining thier livelihood along with thier partners who fabricate the medicine.

  2. Dr. Amir, Minister of Health.

    Congratulation WITHOUT bound!!!
    It is time that an African country — especially Ethiopia which has been an independent country for seemingly time immemorial — to become an example to the entire Continent of Africa in its research and useage of “traditional medicine”. After one hundred and fourteen (114) years of the institution of “modern” education in Ethiopia it is way beyond reasonable period of time for the ancient traditional medicine and modern health sector to be cooperative institution of health for the benefit of the Ethiopian people and beyond. It is way, way, way beyond the “wake-up” time for Ethiopian scholars in the health sector to wake-up and be REAL Health Doctors…………..I better STOP here., lest my anger engulf into something else and put me in trouble. But I can’t resist saying WE AFRICANS ARE OWN ENEMIES. Let us admit it.

    THANK YOU for the invaluable platform.


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