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Prominent businessman found dead at Hilton Hotel pool in Addis

Ethiopia _ businessman _ Menwyelet Atnafu
Photo credit : Addis Fortune

September 22, 2019

Menwyelet Atnafu (pictured above), a prominent Ethiopian business, is found dead in the swimming pool at the Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa, Addis Fortune reported on Saturday.

He was said to be in his late 60’s and is survived by four children.

The source cited what it called “close friends” to report that he possibly died of a stroke.

He was reportedly in the hotel in the morning of September 21, and was walking with friends.  His friends are cited as saying that he had complained about “minor pain” in the leg and had difficulty walking.

According to his friends, based on Fortune news, he wanted to have a message but the service was not available at the time, and then decided to swim.

And then, said his friends, he was “momentarily found floating.”  He was rushed to Bethesada Hospital but was pronounced dead.

Menwyelet was   one of the founders and shareholders of Star Business Group (SBG).  He was arrested multiple times on alleged grounds of corruption and was acquitted later.

 Star Business Group is engaged in business in a range of sectors and is also a major shareholder in Bank of Abyssinia.

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    Condolesence to his family and relatives. It is could have created enormous remorse famong his family if he had been killed by those gangester.

    It is blissful death . God took him peacefully .



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