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Ethiopian Airlines adds innovative App feature ‘Feel Addis’ to elevate passengers’ layover Experience

Feel Addis application intended to ease transit experience of Ethiopian Airlines passengers

Feel Addis _ Ethiopian Airlines App
Photo credit : Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines
September 13, 2019

Passengers flying Ethiopian with layover between 8 and 24 hours in Addis Ababa are set to have their end-to-end layover experience transformed in a whole new way with the launch of the airline’s digitized transit package dubbed Feel Addis.

The enhanced service brings convenience to passengers’ fingertips allowing them to get their hotel voucher and transit visa card with their mobile devices.

“As an airline continuously adapting our services to the evolving needs and expectations of passengers, we always look for opportunities to enhance passengers’ end-to-end travel experience as they fly Ethiopian,” says Mr Tewolde GebreMariam, Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines. “Our digitized layover package, Feel Addis, is unveiled with customers’ convenience in mind. Thanks to the enhanced service, we have digitized all customer touchpoints avoiding the need to contact airport agents to process hotel voucher and transit visa of passengers with a layover of 8 hours or more in Addis Ababa. The launch of Feel Addis is also part of our efforts to further boost Addis Ababa’s stature as a preferred transit hub into and out of Africa by facilitating seamless end-to-end experience for the travelling public.”

What passengers need to do to enjoy Feel Addis is, enter their booking code on ‘Feel Addis’ tab option to check eligibility through Ethiopian Mobile App after they are done with check-in. Once they check their eligibility for the service, passengers are required to enter their email address in the app and hit the ‘Get Voucher’ button at the bottom of their screen. They will then get their hotel name with all services on offer; the boarding time for their next flight from Addis; pick-up time from their hotel to the airport; and their visa.  

It is to be recalled that Ethiopian has been taking different measures to enhance the transit experience of passengers including the launch of free transit tour of Addis back in January.

For more information about this report and to download “Feel Addis App” , check out Ethiopian Airlines website

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  1. Subject: “Ethiopian Airlines adds innovative App feature ‘Feel Addis’ to elevate passengers’ layover Experience, Ethiopian Airlines, September 13, 2019”

    Commentary, 13 Sept 2019
    I wish to ask an HONEST question. Call me naïve or any other similar adjectives.
    Here is my question:
    If Ethiopian Airlines, with Ethiopian Management and ENTIRE Ethiopian Staff and infrastructure, located in Ethiopia, can make admirable progress with efficiency in its field of endeavour, in tandem with other international advanced countries, WHY IS IT THAT OTHER ETHIOPIAN ORGANIZATIONS ARE FAR > FAR > FAR BEHIND IN THEIR RESPECTIVE FIELDS and carry the name of UNDERDEVELOPED Country??? WHY?


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