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Ethiopia seized over 7.6 million birr, 53k US dollars from black market currency exchange

black market currency _ Ethiopia
Photo credit : EBC

September 9, 2019

Addis Ababa police commission disclosed on Monday that it has seized over 7.6 million Ethiopian Birr and 53,000 US dollars, as reported by state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate. 

According to the report, the money was seized in a foreign currency black market as “individuals were in the business of conducting illegal foreign currency transactions.” 

Lafto Sub-City Police in Nifas Silk area of Addis Ababa said that it got information from the public regarding and it conducted a sudden search the residences of the suspects.

Ten suspects are arrested and currently, under investigation, Commander Awol of Addis Ababa Police is cited as saying.

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  1. MOA ANBESSA “FEUDAL ADHARI” families had been looted , murdered and many many more crimes commited against them by DERG and EPRDF governments for the last 40+ years until now. MOA ANBESSA “FEUDAL ADHARI yemeret balabat ” had suffered many many losses and are still suffering by the hands of the government who took all their properties then EPRDF sold it to “private investors” while discriminating against them on hirings for jobs, leaving them no other choices but to become homeless beggars. Now the Abiy government is contemplating to start denying them their right to beg also. Supposedly the Addis Ababa’s beggars are going to be put in temporary rehabilitation centers before being released in the public since authorities in Addis Ababa are making moves to clean up the capital city, with rehabilitation centers and a possible ban on begging .

    In a city where over 90% of the population proudly eat only one meal per day, all the people got the human right to proudly beg for basic necessities. Criminalizing poverty should not be an option for the proud people of Addis Ababa, since being poor is not a crime to be ashamed of.On the contrary the middle income and the upper income people in Addis Ababa are full of shamefull criminals unlike the proud poor beggars people of Addis Ababa. If anyone need rehabilitation in Addis Ababa it is the shamefull rich and their shamefull diaspora returnee friends that need to get rehabilitated not the proud poor beggars of Addis Ababa.

    Let us keep in mind the proud beggars donot have anyone to file missing person report and look for them to see whether they are voluntarily or involuntarily commited to the rehabilitation centers, while atleast the shamefull upper income rich people usually got concerned people to inquire about them if at anytime the shamefull rich rehabilitated individuals decide to leave the rehabilitation centers, mind you rehabilitation is not a prison sentence it is mostly a willingly partcipation by those that need rehabilitation since forced rehabilitation always backfires with the person going back to the old ways when finally released from the rehabilitauion since the person wasnot willing to give up the old ways to begin with, while commited to rehabilitation unwillingly , just like the DERG SOLDIERS national service declaration backfired at DERG itself ..

    The real criminals are the corrupt EPRDF senior officials and their looting partners not the poor . If OPDO/ODP wants to really clean up Addis Ababa OPDO/ODP should criminalize looting not begging plus OPDO/ODP should start by cleaning up Quoshe, the artificial garbage mountain which keeps on landsliding and burrying people alive over and over again while spreading disease allover the city for decades . Quoshe is the ever growing disease breeding ground of Addis Ababa that is responsible for the death of thousands of people each year eventhough not given the attention it needed by “the Anti-Addis Ababa, federal and local government senior officials/EPRDF senior officials” for decades until now.


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