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Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Holy Synod resolutions

September 7, 2019

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Holy Synod has completed its two day emergency meeting.

The Holy Synod discussed current issues affecting the Ethiopian church including mounting attack and pressure, and the movement to create an ethnic oromo Orthodox Church administration.

Regarding leaders and structure of the movement to create oromo church were given the opportunity to appear before the Holy Synod to explain their case but the leader of the movement, Kesis Belay Mekonnen, failed to do so. Two representatives from the movement appeared before the Holy Synod and insisted that they will continue with their plan to form an ethnic Oromo Ethiopian Orthodox Church structure on their own. For that reason, the Holy Synod has outlawed them.

On Friday, members of the Holy Synod had a meeting with prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in the office of the prime minister. Ethiopian church fathers told the prime minister that government has failed the church. Abiy Ahmed wanted to make the attack appear as part of the challenges in the aftermath of “change.”

On Saturday, the Holy Synod has issued a statement regarding the resolution of the emergency meeting.

The statement, which highlighted the contribution of the Ethiopian Church in the history of Ethiopia, clearly pointed out that some government officials are using their government power to attack the church and give political cover for those who want to attack the church.

The Holy Synod has called on law enforcement bodies to defend the constitutional right for practicing religious faith.

Abune Mathias , Patriarch of the Ethiopian church, read out the resolution for the Holy Synod meeting. Watch the video below.

Video : embedded from Andafta media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. leboch tikmatikim yikeribinal gizatachin yikoresal bilew new hulum papasat be gubo yeteshomu nachew mendegna iregnoch

    just investigate how they come to power and they all agreed to inherit their money and property to their relatives after thier departure from this earth they were leading luxrious life by stealing money from the alms .

    Some of them even donot believe in God just they work as any employee in the public office for personal gain.

    You could also hear and observe that many of them have wifes and concubines behind the scene.

    What other a strange has Kesis Belay did to the church ?

    They are the one amassing wealth from the church donated by poor people selling dried fire woods upto a wealthy muslim merchant in Merkato and other places.

    They are in favor of amharic and amhra ruling and suppression.

  2. All the way inbetween from Finfine to Debre Berhan and Bahir Dar the reformed team are putting an end to Amara hegemony.

    The timkhitegna Amara is getting rehabilitated, thanks to Abiy, Meaza and the rest of the true children of law enforcement who stood for justice declaring an end to the free food and free cloth begging traditions all year round, from now on begging us permitted in Ginfine only during the Ramadan Zaka season.

  3. This week, there is one thing that give me a big smile out loud. The amhara administered Church has exposed the personal life and background of Kesis Belay, the patriotic oromo Church leader.

    However, who is innocent in the church, bishops or archpriests ?? hahahhaha !enormous laughter!

    Let me tell you amhara is wellexperienced in defaming,degrading its counterparts and devising fake story and producing fradulent archives to mislead generations for the past millineium and it continues until it exisit on earth.

    Most of amhara clergymen, bishops were appointed by bribing the socalled holy synod excutive secretary and teh patriach . Many of them have enormous wealth and property, hotels and private enterprise selling cars which they robbed from the church.

    What is anormal with Kesis Belay who is working to liberate Oromos from amhara hegemony rooted in the church. Church was used to numb the subjects by amharan empereors who claim they are chosen by God. These emperors were killing many innocent people by being an extreme narcissist.

    The other thing that makes me to brust out laughing is one amhara lay man was saying why are you insulting as “”adgi=donkey” Jesus chose to sat on her?

    How many donkeys we have here in this planety God donot chose every adgi , donkey, . Doneky was a symbol not a donkey is chosen to serve God.let alone donkey we humanbeeings are of various deeds and characterstics. Among us we have damn killers , like amhara and blessed ones; Not all of us are chosen. We are speaking about the donkey braying all the time , nop action no change except introducing superstition, metet, tinkola , division, nepotism, suppressing other tribes and committing genocide.

    Corruption was introduced by amhara who claim that Jesus was also offered Gold, frank incense and Myrrh by Magicians, three kings.

    Amahra has a ridiculous story that he or she devised to justify his her actions .

    Amharaic should be banned in the church and all ethnics and nationalities should pray and conduct church services using thier own language if not in Geez.

    Amaharic has no its own alphabet !!!!

    Amahar is now marching and working actively allnight long to restore and maintain its hegemony using its fake historians and Tv figures spreading lies and propaganda.

    There is alogic in philosophy that politicians and businessmen use all the time: repititon, appeal to authority which implies the fact that if one famous artists, politician or bishop speak up about a certain thing it should be accepted as truth which is not true. Taye bogale or Tamegn beyene or Daniel kibret are not the mouthpiece of God rather fradulent and fake personality who became renowned in the media because of thier amahara blind supporters.

  4. Chaltu,if you read the travel logs into Abyssinia from the 1880s and before you can see what travelers wrote about tigrean the tigrean behavior. Most give descriptions of tigrays being great liars, power-grasping, distrustful in policitcs, treacherous, and withstanding their proximity to the sea, were more ignornt then Amaras about the world around them! Sorry we don’t suffer from tribalism and are a free peope who believe in harmony and dont posses a despicable mindset like you- worthless and shameles,vile, deranged fool.

    • Part of The head of tplf snake , gate keeper le tplf aba mateos, erasachew teleko yalachew ortodoxen yemiyabeyabetu sayhonu aykerum. Selezih b/kerestianua selam atagegnem ye tplf operative elai tekemitew. Ahunim yihe taktik ke tplf weyane plan yemeta niw aby lai teseno lemefter. Ene kesis belai kadrewoch enji, aba mateos chimir, haimanetegnoch aydelum.

  5. Chaltu,if you read the travel logs into Abyssinia from the 1880s and before you can see what travelers wrote about tigrean behavior. Most give descriptions of them being great liars, power-grasping, distrustful in policitcs, treacherous, and withstanding their proximity to the sea, were more ignorant then Amaras about the world around them! Sorry we don’t suffer from tribalism and are a free peope who believe in harmony and dont possess a despicable mindset like your endowe with.

  6. Oromia’s churches or streets cannot sustain or support the millions of beggars Finfinne is in the process of deporting/ expelling from Finfinne.

    Oromia’s churches will not drain the limited resources just to support the beggars Finfinne is preparing to send our way.

    Dangerous journey of exile to foreign lands is not an option for most of the Finfinne magets anymore, so the Finfinne officials are trying to dump the Finfinne magets on Oromos, we will not accept.


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