Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Holy Synod resolutions

September 7, 2019

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Holy Synod has completed its two day emergency meeting.

The Holy Synod discussed current issues affecting the Ethiopian church including mounting attack and pressure, and the movement to create an ethnic oromo Orthodox Church administration.

Regarding leaders and structure of the movement to create oromo church were given the opportunity to appear before the Holy Synod to explain their case but the leader of the movement, Kesis Belay Mekonnen, failed to do so. Two representatives from the movement appeared before the Holy Synod and insisted that they will continue with their plan to form an ethnic Oromo Ethiopian Orthodox Church structure on their own. For that reason, the Holy Synod has outlawed them.

On Friday, members of the Holy Synod had a meeting with prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in the office of the prime minister. Ethiopian church fathers told the prime minister that government has failed the church. Abiy Ahmed wanted to make the attack appear as part of the challenges in the aftermath of “change.”

On Saturday, the Holy Synod has issued a statement regarding the resolution of the emergency meeting.

The statement, which highlighted the contribution of the Ethiopian Church in the history of Ethiopia, clearly pointed out that some government officials are using their government power to attack the church and give political cover for those who want to attack the church.

The Holy Synod has called on law enforcement bodies to defend the constitutional right for practicing religious faith.

Abune Mathias , Patriarch of the Ethiopian church, read out the resolution for the Holy Synod meeting. Watch the video below.

Video : embedded from Andafta media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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