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Massive University entrance exam scandal compels ministry to reject results for several subject matters

Ethiopian government shut down the internet in the first week of June 2019 so as to prevent foul play as high school students in the preparatory class (grade 12) were writing the university entrance exam. As it turns out, the results of exams administered in the last two days demonstrate that there was an exam scandal, and the ministry of education is rejecting the results of those exams.

exam scandal  _ Ethiopia
Ministry of education authorities during the press conference. Source : FBC

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education announced on Wednesday that it will only accept results of only four of Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination (EHEEE) that were administered during the first two days of the exam sometime in June of 2019.

The ministry was joined by education offices of regional states as well as NEAEA (National Educational Assessment and Examinations Agency) authorities during the press conference.

The ministry is rejecting the exam results of subjects matters administered in the last two days of the exam because the results demonstrated “inflation,” in the words of the authorities in the Ministry of education and National Educational Assessment and Examinations Agency.

Accordingly, students’ entrance to institutions of higher learning will be determined based on subject matters of English, Aptitude, Mathematics, Geography, and Physics.

In the education system that is phasing out soon, according to ministry policy change announced last month, students have the option of joining either social science or natural science streams in the preparatory classes of Grade 11 and 12.

Those who are in Social Science stream take the subject matters of social studies, geography, and history along with what ministry labeled as general subjects English, Mathematics and Physical education.  Optional foreign and national languages are also offered.

And those in the natural science stream take biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. For this group, English, social studies and physical education are considered as general subjects.

The screenshot below from the National Educational Assessment and Examinations Agency website demonstrate subject matters for the two academic streams in preparatory education .  

According to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC), heads of education offices from Amhara and Oromo regional states have stated that the measures that are taken to address the problems in connection with problems that led to “inflation” are acceptable but it was unclear from FBC report if heads of education offices from other regions including Tigray did have agreed in the measure.

However, an inquiry commission that is accountable to the office of the Prime Minister (Abiy Ahmed) is established to investigate the problems “within the shortest possible time.”

Dr. Getahun Garedew, from Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Regional State (SNNPR), is named as the chairperson of the inquiry committee.

The decision from the ministry has outraged parents as well as students. It has also generated heated debates on social media. For some political pundits, the incident demonstrates how the ethnic-based system in Ethiopia has put governance into jeopardy. Others see it as a problem related to the “weakness” of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration.

An inquiry into the scandal is expected to answer the question as to what really happened and how?

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  1. As Americans say, “No matter how you slice it, it is still a baloney.” No amount of manipulation and excuses will calm this turmoil in this irreparably corrupt education system. All of this is happening because the country lost the cream of the crop in brain drain. The best have left the country and what is left is the useless residue good for nothing.

    Many of those who call themselves “doctors” are actually idiots and highly incompetent. Whatever they touch turns to ruins.

  2. Malpractice in many fields harms many people. For instance, medical malpractice may kill or harm patients, wars may devastate a whole lot, etc. But there is a limit for all of such malpractices. When a country’s education system fails, generations are lost. That is what is happening in contemporary Ethiopia.

    The most valuable resource a country can have is educated and skilled manpower. The Japanese, the Koreans, the British, the Germans, the French, the Dutch, the Swedish, and others have no exaggerated natural resource. But, all of these countries have well established education system that produces skilled manpower that moves the earth. As such, there is nothing more important for any country than a well established education system.

    A big country like Ethiopia, bigger than Germany and France combined, has a dire economy because of its ignorant education policy experts.

  3. so.we.also to find our.somalia.level Education.must be happened and programm service to civilian developed and the central government engagement through disaster for the al_Shabaab so that we also to find anounance to participate for the civilince to powering national service and level to development agenda will be improved this week.
    maney schools to destroying for the alshabaab and childers of district.baraawe are not efforts with out.Education and urburn through uneducated .

    report Baraawe
    abdirahim ibrahim

  4. Dear Editor,
    I recalled, with gratitude, the privilege that you granted me to “feel free to send submissions to “” With that background, I contemplated of doing so, but for some reason I felt comfortable submitting it for the “commentary” section!!! What do you think? I am eager to read your opinion. But one thing I am sure of is this >>>: if you find it useful as an Article I will abide by your advice. In any case, I would be happy and grateful if you would critically review it and let me know of any ‘taboos’ and corrections that you come across. Don’t worry, I would be very mindful of the insightful Ethiopian proverb: ” የለመደች ጦጣ፣ ሁልግዜም ሽምጠጣ”. Rezen
    Subject: “Massive University entrance exam scandal compels ministry to reject results for several subject matters”

    Commentary, 7 Sept 2019
    1. Preamble
    The subject matter is NOT a surprise. One can’t help being sarcastic about the overall subject matter: i.e. ‘Modern’ Western Education System to colonized Africa. What matters most is to get a paper that says the holder has gone through a system named “education” that enables one to knock the doors of employment of some sort and make money and start an existence of hustle and bustles, pretentious and real, maneuvering, cheating, zigzagging at every corner, to ‘beat the other guy’ for profit motive etc It is a treacherous Life, in Africa. And that is the Life of millions of Africans who immigrated to any green ‘pasture’, far away from ‘Dear’ Africa.

    I write about Africa because I am an African, born in Africa, “trained” [NOT EDUCATED] in Africa and eventually, irreparably, tuned [i.e. equivalent to hypnotism] by Western so-called “education” system. I survived with rich experience >>> good and bad.

    2. Africa faces NEW alien FORCE
    Now comes a NEW Force in the World with exactly the SAME aim of END RESULT as that from Western Colonialization. China, the Eastern Giant, is now the most powerful, well advanced in technology and international relationship, fully ready to erase and replace the influence of the Western Civilization over the Black African Continent. Warning: The ultimate aim of both protagonists [ Western and Eastern colonialization] is EXACTLY THE SAME. The friction among them arises from the question of who gets most, if not all. Which means, the Black African Race is being replaced, displaced and “modified” as the natural custodian of the African Continent – with all its natural richness. Please read a revealing Article on China’s long-range agenda on Africa [1]

    3. Back to the Heading of this Article
    At the risk of veering off from my intention with this paper, let me point out a fact that ETHIOPIA, one of three independent countries in Africa, was the HOPE and PRIDE of Black People anywhere around the Globe. That PRIDE, after consecutive three dictatorial regimes, was eventually deflated and Ethiopia was nothing more than another African nation with all the sadness and demeaning negative image of all the independent States of Africa. There is no point in denying what is real. If critical observation/commentary for the benefit of the recipient is a taboo then I am, as the saying goes, ‘guilty as charged ‘. Still, that being the case, I might as well pour my heart out.

    And so, it is sad when a country of ancient admirable culture is still lagging behind and oblivious of [or refusing to admit] the inherent disease that drags it for over one hundred years since the institution of the so-called “Modern” education system was established. Let me be absurd and take the question to its limit: If the resultant of “Modern” education is what we see in Ethiopia today, a question nags us for an answer:>>> in what absolute significant and essential way does “modern” education differ from the education system of ancient Ethiopia? Call me crazy, absurd, lunatic, stupid etc. and STOP reading right now.

    But, one way or the other, Ethiopians must answer the obvious question as to: >>>why one of the oldest countries in the world, with rich admirable History and with its own written language – grammar and all – is left behind; paralyzed without being ‘here’ nor “there’. To stretch the question to its limit [or call it absurdity]: why is it that Ethiopia didn’t move forward, for the benefit of its PEOPLE, in tandem with advanced nations? More question >>> why is it that Ethiopia, with its “ modern” educated population up to the top most academic level of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) is categorized as one of the UNDERDEVELOPED countries? Last question: Why is it that it is NOT possible for top notch admirable sector of the Ethiopian society to make any ’difference’ to the development and advancement of a well known country in history? Could it be that the institution of the so-called “modern” education system was not ‘education’ at all but a culture of mimicking and memorization to get a passing grade and ultimately to write a piece of paper and get Doctor of Philosophy Degree,13 by 15 inch paper, and with an additional pride of ‘Dr. label’ with one’s name. And that is the end of it ALL!!!. No wonder that one of the ancient countries in the world wound-up at stand still without advancing anywhere to a meaningful economic and political destination. It is just like ‘merry go round’ circling round, round and round with superficial changes and eventually the country becomes dizzy and stagnant. Please do not mention the skyscraper buildings in Addis Ababa and in other cities as a sign of ‘educational ’ level in the country. Doing so is an affirmation the shallowness of intellect of the VICTIM.

    4. Ethiopia’s accomplishment during 1930 to 2019
    Let us be specific. What did Ethiopia accomplish in the last ninety (90) years for the advancement and benefit of the Ethiopian PEOPLE. It is a period which started from the Imperial Dictator; to an outright military vagabond; to the hardened self-claimed liberation dictatorial front; and now under the custody of seemingly brilliant, hopeful, hard working, youngest leader (aged 42) with a Ph D Degree, and (importantly) with outright image as a commoner to the people with a streak of democracy in his approach. In any case, in one-year time he excited the country and became a familiar young figure to African leaders and others for his comradery and conciliatory effort in all his dealings (national and international). For sure, he painted a positive image in just one year. Despite this rosy image the future of Ethiopia is frightening.

    5. Future expectation and development
    With the above background, let us see where Ethiopia is heading. Without wasting words, it must be admitted that the Ethiopian People were manipulated by slick politicians with their own self-serving objectives – NOT for the benefit of Ethiopia. We are seeing, for the first time, the distinct possibility that Ethiopia may be disintegrated into pieces based on “REGIONALISM, TRIBALISM etc. Hence, a mushroom of self-appointed individuals, with hungry appetite, to make themselves instant millionaires [2].

    By the way, Ethiopia seems to be free from another deadly notorious disease of Africa: RELIGION. However, further disintegration of Ethiopia, based on that cancerous disease will not be avoided when the time comes to use it, by sleek manipulators for their own profit. The people – illiterate and literate with University Degree – will succumb to sleek manipulators. WE have seen it; we are seeing it; and we will keep on seeing it until the end of our road. It is only the maneuvering tactic that changes. THE END
    [1] Please read the REVEALING news item in this website, entitled “ China granted 228 graduate and post-graduate scholarships for Ethiopian Students” AMAZING

    [2] Did you see (on TV) the boxes of 100-Dollar Notes belonging to an honest looking African leader who is now disgraced in court. It is not new and strange phenomenon in Africa. An old comrade dictator just passed away, at the age of 95, in his Estate in Asia far away from from his beloved country that he ruled for over forty years No doubt, the lesson will NOT be learned by other new ‘hungry’ ones, who take the risk for their eternal happiness >>> though, that will not happen in the face of LOVING GOD, UP IN HEAVEN, PERMANENTLY PROTECTING THE OBIDIENT PEOPLE OF THAT BLESSED CONTINENT CALLED AFRICA.

  5. During TPLF volunteer slave’s turned political cadres named Abiy and Hailemariam medemer time cheating on exams is being considered normal .

  6. ዩኒቨርሲቲዎች መንግሥት የማያውቃቸውን ተማሪዎች እያስተማሩ ከፍተኛ ገንዘብ እየሰበሰቡ ነው ተባለ

    August 23, 2019 – .
    DW : በሕገወጥ የመማር ማስተማር ሥራ ላይ ተሰማርተው የተገኙ የመንግሥት ዩኒቨርሲቲዎች እና ባልተፈቀደላቸው የትምህርት መስክ ላይ ተሰማርተው ተገኘተው እገዳ የተጣለባቸው 18 የግል ኮሌጆች የሀገሪቱ የትምህርት ጥራት ላይ አሉታዊ ጫና ማሳደራቸውን የከፍተኛ ትምህርት አግባብነትና ጥራት ኤጀንሲ አስታወቀ። ኤጀንሲው በዚህ ሕገወጥ እና የማይጠበቅ ሥራ ተሰማሩ ያላቸው ባሕር ዳር ፣ ጅማ ፣ ሀረማያ እና ደብረ ማርቆስ ዩኒቨርሲቲዎች የተቋማቱን ሃብትና መምህራን በመጠቀም ከሌሎች ተቋማት ጋር በመሆን ተገቢነት የጎደለው ሥራ ላይ ተሰማርተው መቆየታቸውን ፣ አሁን ግን የሳይንስና ከፍተኛ ትምህርት ሚኒስቴርን ክልከላ ተከትሎ 3ቱ ከድርጊታቸው የተቆጠቡ ሲሆን ጅማ ዩኑቨርሲቲ ግን የሚኒስቴሩን አቅጣጫ ወደጎን በማለት አሁንም አስተምራለሁ እያለ ተማሪዎችንም እየመዘገበ እንደሚገኝ ኤጀንሲው ዛሬ አዲስ አበባ ላይ በሰጠው መግለጫ አመልክቷል።

    ዩኒቨርሲቲዎቹ መንግሥት የማያውቃቸውን ተማሪዎች እያስተማሩ ከፍተኛ ገንዘብ እየሰበሰቡ ነው የሚለው ኤጀንሲው በተለይ ጅማ ዩኑቨርሲቲ የሚያስከፍለው ገንዘብ የተጋነነና አዲስ አበባ ላይ አብሮት እየሠራ ያለውንም ተቋም እውቅና የተሰጠው ባለመሆኑ ተገቢው እርምጃ በሳይንስና ከፍተኛ ትምህርት ሚኒስቴር በኩል እንዲወሰድበት ተይቋል። በእነዚህ ተቋማት የተመረቁም ይሁን እየተማሩ ያሉት ተማሪዎች እጣን በተመለከተ አስፈላጊውን ማጣራት በማድረግ ወደፊት እርምጃ እንደሚወሰድና ግልጽም እንደሚደረግ ተገልጿል።

  7. ከደ/ብ/ብ ሰረትፈከቲ በብሪ mestet jemiro ametatin askotiroal sibal alfo besertfiketu mengisti timirt edili seto yastemarenew yibalali ehe indet new


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