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Canada to donate $1 million to strengthen democracy in Ethiopia

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Global Affairs Canada
Published on August 26, 2019

The Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs, today announced that Canada will provide $1 million in funding to support the 2020 elections in Ethiopia. The funding will be provided through the United Nations Development Programme and will be drawn from the $10‑million Promoting and Protecting Democracy Fund, which Minister Freeland announced during the Global Conference for Media Freedom in London, United Kingdom, in July 2019. 

Canada’s support for this project will help Ethiopia’s electoral management body increase its capacity in areas such as voter registration and post-electoral support; put in place transparency measures, for example by establishing appropriate dispute resolution systems; and build trust with the electorate, including through voter education. The project will have a special focus on ensuring the inclusive participation in the electoral process of women, youth and ethnic groups in all regions of the country.

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  1. Subject: “Canada to donate $1 million to strengthen democracy in Ethiopia Canada
    Global Affairs Canada, Published on August 26, 2019”

    Humble Commentary, 27 Aug 2019
    “1 million dollar” is NOT a peanut — especially when it is public money (out of Taxes).
    It is absolutely essential that the money is spent to “strengthen democracy in Ethiopia”.
    As Representative of the Canadian Government, which in turn is responsible to the PEOPLE of CANADA, the Dynamic “Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs” must make sure that the money is spent well for the tooted mission for the benefit of the Ethiopian PEOPLE.

    One hopes that the new dynamic admirable young Prime Minister of Ethiopia will react to the generous help and institute a democratic machinery so that the Canadian benevolence — and others like Canada — will be utilized for the democratic process of free election for the ultimate benefit of the ORDINARY PEOPLE. One may even hope [with prayer] the ELECTION may very well be a glaring success of democratic process for our Dear “Dark” Continent of Africa upon which we would be proud of — for a change. One can only say to THAT >>> AMEN or INSHALAH.


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