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“Amharic is not Amhara ” Dr. Arsido Lendebo

August 27, 2019

The use of Amharic language in governance and provision of social services like education, among other things, is generating an impulsive reaction, to say the least, from radical ethnic-nationalists quarter – especially among radical Oromo nationalists both within government structure and outside of it.

The issue has stirred conversation on social media and outside of it. Ethiopians from outside of ethnic Amharic background are offering their views on the matter.

Mustafa Mohammed Omar, the acting president Somali regional state, expressed, as reported on social media, that there is nothing wrong if Ethiopian students take Amharic lesson in schools. He drew from his own experience that he has benefited from speaking fluent Amharic in that he could communicate with many Ethiopians. He thought that those who politicize the use of Amharic language in school are in just using it for political purpose.

There are also others who are speaking out against radical ethnic nationalists’ campaign to demonize Africa’s ancient language with its own script – Amharic.

Emerging news on social media says radical Oromo Nationalists, backed by government structure, are closing down even private schools that offer Amharic class in Oromo regional state.

In an interview with Andafta Media Dr. Arsido Lendebo, whose ethnic background is Wolaita, says “Amharic is not Amhara.” He seems to be responding to those who tend to see the Amharic language within the context of raging ethnic politics and in connection to ethnic-Amhara – an ethnic group that has been painted as “oppressor” in the hundred years before Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) came to power in 1991 leading a coalition of ethnic-based political organizations.

Watch the interview with Dr. Arsido Lendebo below.

Video: embedded from Andafta media
Cover photo: screenshot from the video

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  1. Subject: “Amharic is not Amhara ” Dr. Arsido Lendebo, borkena, August 27, 2019″

    Mini and humble commentary, 27 Aug 2019
    Unless Ethiopia is determined to go into pieces by any means available [which seems to be the tragic trend] the use of the Amharic language, as a common language, would not be — should never be — a problem. It is an excuse to mutilate Ethiopia into pieces, since as Dr. Arsido Lendebo said it beautifully: “Amharic is not Amhara.”

    OK, Ethiopia! What is your choice? : DISINTEGRATION or UNITY as an ancient Country?

  2. Rezen, self-educated analyst

    , you are idiot !! !If Tigray , Oromo and other tribes , referred as minorities and denigraded in many ways by neftegna amhara, donot use amharic as teh medium of instruction , ethiopia will likely be in a state of division, bloodshed and annihilation, total destruction.

    What a funny proposition is that ? how long does it takes for you to come up with this ridiculous idea ?is that your Phd or other academic credentials that empower you in such a way ?

    Try to think over and over outside this damn box that crippled your menatlity!!!!

  3. I am not ORomo, but I believe Oromigna should be abtional language; If amhars claim that they have alphabet and amharci could meet all the conditions to be an international langauge ; it is a complete fabrication.Amhara emperors,maliciouly believe they were cosen by God , made amharic national language by suppressing the entire ethnics and nationalities; Amharas are themselves minorities? Oromo,people outnumber amharas . Ethiopia is the only country using amaric, language of minorities such as amharas.

    This should be boycotted. amharic should banned no only in Oromia and Tigray but in any region.
    We donot need to suppress and damage the future of our children by teaching amharic which is useless.

    Amharas lived for centuries in Oromoa region begging and working but they always lookdown at oromos and other tribes and insulting and symblize oromia as sth inferior. I know many amhars living in debrezeit, nazret being chased by drought from Amhara region like gojam Gonder and other amhara cities. Amharas is a prototype of superstion and feud, killings in the neighborhood.

    Wake up all tribes and nationalities!!!

  4. So sad to see this. What other option do they bring to the table?
    If they want to use English, that equally shows their inferior complex. If they want only their language, that will surely drag them back as they will be isolated. So why can’t they just have one common language to communicate with other tribes. Forget the ethnic bias which is the result of TPLF dismantle strategy.

  5. Amharic has been used for centuries in Ethiopia. Other languages can be spoken, however the country needs one official language. Amharic is a written and ancient language with its own alphabet and in fact the only written language in Africa besides Arabic which is not an African language. It is important to have one national language to keep the nation bonded. All other language can be used this does not prevent the country to have an official national language whereby the different ethnic groups are connected in this very connected world. The past can not be reversed it is important to move forward and build on Unity which is strength. While the EU is united and the United States has many states under a Federal System, it is narrow nationalism that promotes division.

  6. Amharic, good only for one tribe. The rest tribes will be roasted.
    In Ghana used to be one tribe country, one language, one culture. No one feel Ghanaian except this tribe.
    Nukruma had changed all these painfull parasite one tribe to multi by adopting English as national language.
    Everybody today proud.

  7. I am Oromo and I fully agree with Dr. Arsido.
    The problem with these activists is they are not honest to those Oromos they seems to care while their children learn Amharic in expencive private schools, at the same time they deny the poor Oromo people the opportunity to learn Amharic language that’s widely spoken by almost all Ethiopians, denying this opportunity to the Poor Oromo children means; you Oromos you born in Sendafa, live all your life in Sendafa and die in Sendafa while the privilege children of the Oromo activists like Jawar could travel and work or do business wherever he or she wants in Ethiopia and beyond. Tplf were smart at times, to let their tigrai children to learn Amharic at early age, they do know the power of knowledge and they used it both in good times and bad times.
    OH ! My poor people (Oromo) ” you should know better ” I wish all the keros were my children I would have pulled you out of these selfish and power hungry activists circle to show you (Keros )the right path that eventually enables you to have a better life, Jawar his likes playing on your daily frustration while their children gets out most of the good things life has to offer.
    Shame on you Jawar and your likes and your disgusting plan.
    It’s time to take action by our honorable pm.Abiy against these evils.

  8. OK you don’t like Amharic (because of the Amhara). What language would you Oromo speak with a tplf thug to kill a ‘neftegna.?
    Ehglish – hell no, both of you are illiterate.


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