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Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to open consular offices in 4 regional states

Why the ministry of foreign affairs opted for opening offices in selected ethnic-based regions in the country rather than expanding its services in the capital Addis Ababa seem to raise questions for some.

Ethiopia _ Ministry of Foreign Affairs

August 23, 2019

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that it will open consular offices in four of Ethiopia’s ethnic-based regions.

According to Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) report on Friday, Oromia, Tigray, Amhara and Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s region are the four regions that will have consular offices.

The offices will be tasked to verify educational and other legal documents, and the ministry says it is intended to overcome delays of document verification. 

Yohannes Shade, who is consular affairs director-general within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reportedly said that overseas work deployment document verification work created workload in addition to education, birth, and marriage document verification services.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Head office in Addis Ababa anticipates a reduction in workload as a result of the opening of these offices.

Inquires from foreign countries, which are signatories of agreement with Ethiopia, for document verification will also be processed in these consular offices. 

These offices will be operational within two months, according to the FBC report.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia introduced numerous reform measures after Abiy Ahmed became prime minister.

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  1. I hope they have all the controls in place before opening the branches. I remember one of CBS documentaries in the 1980’s how it was easy for the reporter to obtain every documents imaginable (school transcripts, state ID’S, citizenship certificate and a passport) in just a matter of few hours. That was in Nigeria. The reporter was none other than the late Mike Wallace. I remember how took all such documents he got with just a small amount of money to one of the officials in the foreign ministry there and that official quipped ‘Congratulations Mr. Wallace. You are a Nigerian citizen now’. Someone in the department that was assigned to issue such documents must have passed along all the tools to his hommies for scanty handout or he would get a cut from the sale. Market economy African style, baby!!!!

  2. Lets not be alarmed by every thing the govt. does. It is not uncommon to have fedral govt offices in different states in the US. So too this move by the govt is for good intention and we should take it at that.

  3. Why not that four main with Sonali region ? Is it second large region of Ethiopia?

    I think this system is only the EPRDF members not consider other ethiopian etnics.that is not fair .

  4. Not sure why the Somali region is not included as many from the region tend to travel a lot more than those in Amhara or Tigray region. On the other hand there has to be a federal office in all regions not only with the services of passport or related issues, but any other bureaucratic needs offered only by the federal government.

  5. Wardi & Bilal, don’t try to second guess the wisdom and rationale behind the decision, simply accept it. Believe that there is no ulterior motive other than doing something good. You need to come out of the thinking ‘the glass is half empty’, instead adopt ‘the glass is half full’…it makes a difference.


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