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NaMA says government violating political parties’ covenant

National Movement of Amhara,NaMA,wants government to release its members arrested with the pretext of the June 22 killings (government calls it coup d’etat) and security officials arrested in Amhara region

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August 20, 2019

National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) has issued a statement on August 19, 2019 upon completing its 4th congress of the first year.

In the statement, it accused the government has violated covenant signed between members of political parties council in the country, including the ruling coalition. The party warned that it could withdraw itself from the council if the government continues to violate the agreement.

NaMA substantiated its claim by pointing to the arrest of NaMA members in different parts of Ethiopia and that is impacting the party as the government is making peaceful movement difficult for NaMA. “Therefore,” said the statement, “We ask the government to stop a backward step so as to stifle  Amhara voice.”

The party vehemently criticized the government for the arrest of members of ethnic Amhara communities outside of Amhara region, Asrat TV Journalists, senior security and intelligence leaders in Amhara region and Amhara activists.

The party went on to say that the arrest is “an extension of anti-Amhara sentiment.”

NaMA also stated its stand on the killings of the June 22 killings of Amhara region leaders and Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force; it wants an independent inquiry into the killings.

The statement also conveyed the message that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government, without mentioning Abiy Ahmed’s name, is exploiting the June 22 incident as a pretext to pursue political malice against NaMA. 

Apart from that, the statement highlighted as to what the 4th congress of the party accomplished. Performance evaluation of the party in the past year and identifying the direction for next year by discussing current political affairs in the country were among the key agenda item.

Inside the country, NaMA plans to work extensively in the countryside to ensure that its political view is entrenched.  The party has also made public its intention to take part, with all its power, in the upcoming national election to ensure that it is a reliable voice for ethnic Amhara, and is planning work in that regard.

Outside of Ethiopia, the plan is to mobilize Ethiopians in the Diaspora so as to garner support and also mobilize ethnic Amhara with the aim to get them involved in the struggle with a sense of ownership.

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