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Ethiopia, The United States Sign Agreement to Exchange Terrorist Screening Information

United States Embassy in Addis Ababa - Ethiopia - Security Alert - Travel warning
US embassy in Addis Ababa Photo credit : US embassy

US Embassy in Addis Ababa
August 20, 2019

The United States and Ethiopia recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the Exchange of Terrorist Screening Information. Signing for the United States was the Assistant Director for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Director of the United States Terrorist Screening Center, Charles H. Kable, and signing for Ethiopia was the Director General of the Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Services, Demelash Gebremichael.

The agreement establishes procedures for access to and exchange of information in order to strengthen the ability of both nations to protect against acts of terrorism. This agreement demonstrates the commitment of both governments to strengthen bilateral cooperation to prevent and address terrorism and advance the security of both countries.

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  1. In today’s Ethiopia we are all victimized by the Constitution that was imposed on us ,by the people we didn’t elect to draft the Constitution.

    TPLF exercised mass shootings both in Ethiopia and in Somalia by defying the national and international laws.

    Wallelign Mekonnen wrote the Constitution decades ago then decades later few EPRDF thugs imposed the Constitution on whoever they chose to impose on, while leting themselves be above the Constitution and leting who they like become above the penal codes of Ethiopia.

  2. And of course, the United States of America, the symbol of Liberty, Equality, Tranquility, Freedom ,Peace, Justice, Constitution for the People, drafted by Representative of the People, will NOT be bothered by these principles for other nations. USA’s intention is to concentrate on issues directly impinging on the Life Line of America — A Land for All, by All, to ALL. AMEN.

  3. I thought such exchange of crucial security information was already in place many years ago. They have too. The old country is right there in the thick of it. It has been very lucky to escape the brunt of the savagery that its neighbors Kenya and Somalia have been dealing with for many years now. It shows that the people of the old country are together in fighting the scourge effectively. Its citizens especially our Somali brothers and sisters have shown tenacity and skills in denying foothold or passage to these demonic groups, ISIS and Al-Shabaab. Kudos to them! This is great news.


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