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Police capture unauthorized ammunition loaded trucks as they attempt to cross Sudan border

ammunition _
Some of the Trucks. Photo source : VOA Amharic

August 19, 2019

Police captured five heavy trucks that allegedly belong to the “Ethiopian Defense Forces” loaded with ammunition as they attempt to cross the border with Sudan, VOA Amharic service reported on Monday.

The trucks were moving without the knowledge of commanders of the Defense Forces stationed in the region. Security forces operating in the region were not aware of it either.

And it was youth groups from the town of Metema Yohannes who first identified and captured the trucks, according to VOA Amharic report.

At this writing the origin and intended destination of the trucks are unknown.   Commander of the defense force stationed in West Gonder, Colonel Solomon Ashagre, reportedly said that police is undertaking an investigation into the matter.

Security officers and members of the defense forces in the region are also involved in the investigation process.

Colonel Shewagegne Abeye is a commander of a battalion within 33 Division of the defense force posted in the region. He told VOA Amharic that he would know ahead of time in the event of movements like that but he had no idea about his one.

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  1. Such large quantity of Ammunition is impossible with out knoweledfe of the nieighbouring countries officials
    and top officials of the destination country.
    We need special inquiry and investigators
    Commutee as an Adho sub-commettee to solve this investigation.
    Best regard!
    Mohamed Uso.

    • I agree with you 100%. Where is the destination and for what purpose? I sense illicit arms trade but I could be wrong and hope I would be found to be wrong in my assumption. With such tense environment the last thing that country is illicit arms(heavy weapons) trade.

  2. This smells a rotten egg. TPLF with ADP. Lessing was transporting the ammunition to Sudan. TPLF has army training camp to attack the Amhara region.


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