PM Abiy Ahmed attended agreement signing ceremony between Sudan’s TMC, opposition

Transition process in Sudan reach milestone as TCM and the opposition officially sign the agreement in their capital Khartoum. Ethiopia was represented by Abiy Ahmed in the ceremony.

Abiy Ahmed _ Sudan
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed receiving warm welcome upon arrival at Khartoum. Photo credit : OPM

August 18,2019

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, along with his Foreign Affairs Minister and Defense Minister, attended the signing ceremony of an agreement between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the opposition – Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) in Sudan, in the capital Khartoum on Saturday. 

The two sides reached an agreement in July 2019.

The agreement is said to be a step closer in the direction of forming a civilian government in the country, according to an update from the office of the Prime Minister. 

Abiy Ahmed’s office also disclosed that he had a meeting with the opposition Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) before the signing of the ceremony.

“The constitutional and political agreements lay the foundation for durable democracy and development,” the opposition groups are cited as saying. As well, the opposition groups commended Ethiopia for the role it played for the success of the agreement in Sudan. 

 “Successful discussion is the beginning. There is a lot that has to be done for the next step,” he is cited as saying. He also encouraged both sides to continue to work on nurturing forgiveness and unity.

Women participation in governance is another area on which Abiy Ahmed remarked. He encouraged the change in Sudan to be inclusive of women and shared his government’s experience of gender parity cabinet.

Abiy Ahmed was given the floor to speak during the signing ceremony.  The Sudan Tribune reported, “Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who helped broker the deal was warmly applauded by the Sudanese when he took the floor to speak.” 

Sudan’s Transitional Military Council extended a warm welcome to Abiy Ahmed upon his arrival in Khartoum on Saturday. The Sudan Tribune observed that “Sudanese gave Egyptian prime minister a distinctly lukewarm reception during the signing ceremony of the transitional authority on Saturday in total contrast of the warm welcome to his Ethiopian counterpart.”

In his speech, he called on the people of Sudan to be guardians of their peace and dignity. 

Abiy Ahmed seized the opportunity of his trip to Sudan to secure the release of over 100, according to an update from the office of the prime minister, Ethiopian prisoners, mostly women, and brought them home on the Ethiopian Airlines jet he was flying in. 

Ethiopian and The African Union played a significant role for the success of peace agreement between the two political forces in Sudan.

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