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Ethiopia has not done enough to curb violence against Ethiopian migrants, says HRW

Photo credit : AFP via HRW

August 15, 2019

Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report on Thursday regarding the abuse of Ethiopian migrants abused in the migration route.

In a report entitled “Ethiopians Abused on Gulf Migration Route: Trafficking, Exploitation, Torture, Abusive Prison Conditions,” Ethiopian migrants who cross the Red Sea or the Gulf of Aden experience torture and exploitation.  

HRW also made claims that Ethiopian migrants also experience “abusive prison conditions in Saudi Arabia before being summarily forcibly deported back to Addis Ababa.”

On the other hand, the rights organization stated that the Ethiopian government is not doing enough to “curb violence” that migrants face.

Yemen and Saudi Arabia authorities are also criticized on the same grounds.  Felix Horne, who is a senior Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch, said that  “Many Ethiopians who hoped for a better life in Saudi Arabia face unspeakable dangers along the journey, including death at sea, torture, and all manners of abuses,”  as quoted in HRW report.

The Human Rights Watch report is mainly based on research conducted in Addis Ababa.

Among other things, HRW interviewed 12 Ethiopians who were deported from Saudi Arabia.

The full report is available HERE.

Cover photo credit AFP via HRW

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  1. it is everywhere it doesn’t solely attributed to saudi arabia .we have a gov working only for its organiazational and individual interest not for its citizens.

  2. it’s so sad to see them in such horrific situation !
    but the truth isThis is the result of risking irreplaceable life by crossing a sea to the hopeless land.

    I hope ethiopian government will do everything possible to get them back safely to mother land ethiopia and assisting them to start a new hopeful life.

    God bless mother land ethiopia.

  3. When the Wahhabis come to my hoods they address both of us ‘neehna muslimeen, we Muslims’ and ‘akuwaneen as brothers’. But when I go to their joint they change it up the other way around. Now I am ‘al-abd as the nigger’ and ‘al-khadaam, a slave’. Them demons!!! Them one dumbbell door knobs!!! A bunch of lazy good-for-nothing demons!!!

    Once I am done venting my anger at the savage improprieties done to my countrymen/women, I can’t escape the fact that what we have been doing during the last 3 decades has not helped help the situation. That old country has been exploding with a runaway population growth. I am sure most of have noticed it at a close range as I had. My story goes like this. I had left 10 close relatives as 10 in the last 1960’s. All of them married and started families of their own. Those ten individuals became close to 80 in less than 12 years before they stopped breeding(naturally). By the end of the 2000’s those 10 in the late 1960’s now children, grandchildren and some of them great grand children and ballooned to close 400. I know some of may say like ‘what is new with each marrying more one wives as Muslims’. You will be dead wrong about that. Yes there are two of them married to two wives each but they are not the main ‘culprit’ for such an explosion. The ones with single wives seem to think 10 is a magic number, that having 10 children is a must. These are the lucky one since most of them are merchants that there is always money in the family. I was discussing this story with one of my warra Chercher friends. He told me he never looked into his side to see if the same scenario exists in his family. Buy, was it an awakening for him. He came very close. Small towns that used to have less than 500 people have ballooned to have populations of tens of thousands with no new ways of making a living. The land beneath their feet is worked up it does not produce enough to support and sustain the too many feet trampling it. Once in a while construction work comes to town of nearby that does not last a season or two. Now the youth and the entire unemployed family get hired to save enough money to pay for brokers that promise easy trips to the Middle East and Europe without a need for passports. And they end up in quagmires like this. That is if they are extremely lucky to survive the treacherous Bab-el-Mandeb, that sea of tears and Mediterranean waters.

    The solution for such sad reality is hinged upon how quick that country will be industrialized. It does not solve the problem completely but it will diminish it so severely that news of such suffering at the hands of demons will be so scant. With all its earth shattering industrialization, Chine still has similar illegal migration but not at such scale. Besides supporting such hapless people financially, we should all promote the old country as a ready-to eat manufacturing hub. We should call companies we know that they currently have mfg facilities overseas and promote the old country. The embassies of the old country should set up groups who will function as voluntary trade delegations and start attending trade shows and mfg symposiums. If they can find 10 out of a thousand companies they hustled that is wonderful news. I see a lingering weakness on the embassies of the old country in this respect. Especially those of young engineers and business/finance professionals bear the brunt of such blessed effort. We should all keep one reality that many of the products that have been outsourced since the late 1970’s will continue to be impossible to bring them all back. Even with the AI and automation the variables will not be there for the absorption companies need to stay profitable. It ain’t gonna happen, at least in the near future. With industries spreading and women spending more time at the factories and offices, then we can all say jackpot!!! Once our women become wage earners of the family it will be natural for them to get due respect and having a voice in the decision making process for their families. Many of you who might have read my comments in the past you will remember my experience with a Taiwanese family. The man was a manager at a manufacturing company and his wife works at another company as a junior office manager at another company. They have one child only. I asked the reason for that and if Taiwan has the same one-child policy as the Mainland China. He was blunt in his answer. “My wife said no more after our son was born’. But that was not the case with his and his wife’s parents. They have more than 5 siblings each just for the fact that then women stayed home and had no role in such decision as family planning. You take our women out of homes I guarantee you that they will be less and less trips to the delivery rooms. Because they will have the power to say NO!!! Bank on that!!!

  4. The EPRDF rebels/ the now Ethiopian government, for the last forty plus years until today , had been operating as the number one human trafikkers in the region.

    EPRDF send their citizens in exile only to ask those that make it alive to send money TO EPRDF MONOPOLIZED COUNTRY CALLED ETHIOPIA , in the forms of BOND , FUND , REMITTANCE , INVESTEMENT , CHARITY AND SO ON SO THAT EPRDF STEAL THE MONEY.


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